Sailing the azure waters of Porto Rotondo in luxury yacht charter

The most popular tourist destination in Coast Emerald, Sardinia is Porto Rotondo located between Gulf of Cugnana and Gulf of Marinella. The place is famous for its breathtaking architecture, magnificent harbor, warm local people and amazing gastronomical delight. This is a village port, perfect to cast anchor and cherish the best of natural scenic beauty. Porto Rotondo in luxury yacht charter can be an experience of lifetime.

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Natural beauty in Sardinia:

The water surrounding this port is transparent, crystal clear and of iridescent color. The sea is still untouched by earthly pollutants. With its inviting natural look, sailing across Porto Rotondo in luxury yacht charter is a lucrative proposition. A fusion of old aesthetics and wilderness, beaches are the top attractions of this place.

If you are a private person looking forward to enjoy your holiday in seclusion, Porto Rotondo in yacht charter is the best option. You can be away from the crowd savoring the small beaches and isolated inlets with the guidance of yacht crew.


The harbour provides shelter to all types of boats and yachts. The large marina has an accommodation capacity of 642 yachts with length of about 60m. Hop on board to the yacht charter of your choice and go on sailing across the beaches. The friendly yacht crew will welcome you on board the charter where you will spend the next 7 days of your cruising.

Why should you choose yacht charter over hotels?

Porto Rotondo motor yacht charter is a better option than staying at hotels because:

  • A charter can take you to different destinations like secluded beaches, rugged landscapes (cliffs and grottos), various boutiques and local markets.
  • Prevalence of sense of freedom owing to exclusive accommodation.
  • Experienced crew offering to show you all that the beaches have to offer and flexibility to make the trip at your own pace.
  • Explore the colourful underwater world using professional divers’ assistance.
  • You get your own professional chef and get to savour your favorite gastronomical delicacies.
  • Amenities and activities filled yacht life that gives you access to high speed internet along with a library of good movies and books that can be read on a sun pad enjoying sea breeze.

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Porto Rotondo in luxury yacht charter: Specifications of some vessels

A wide range of yacht charters are available, tailor made to suit your needs and affordable for your pocket.

Filippetti yacht

  • This has a length of about 23m for accommodating 8 guests
  • It has 4 cabins with 3 crew members
  • Weekly rate varies from £ 28,000-33,000

Benetti yacht

  • Length of this yacht charter is about 42m
  • Number of guest it can accommodate is 10
  • With 5 cabins, number of crew on board is 9
  • Weekly charter expense is £180,000-185,000

Perini Navi Fidelis

  • This has a length of 56m accommodating 11 guests
  • Numbers of cabins are 5 and total crew on board is 10
  • Weekly charter expense is £180,000-200,000

Perini Navi Heritage M

  • Length of this charter is 34m
  • It accommodates 8 guests
  • Numbers of cabins are 3 with 5 crew members on board
  • Weekly charter expense is £50,000-65,000

Sunseeker Hero

  • The length of this yacht charter Porto Rotondo (Sardinia) is 21m
  • It can accommodate 8 guests in its 4 cabins
  • Numbers of crew on board is 2
  • Weekly charter rate is £30,000-32,000 (approx.)

You are likely to start your trip to Porto Rotondo in luxury yacht charter from Olbia, the most convenient starting point. Olbia has stunning features of medieval monuments, thermal baths and beautiful local crafts.

Activities and Sight-seeing:

As the cruise sails from Maddalena Archipelago, you inch towards Cala Coticcio beach which is a feat for tiring eyes. You can go for a swimming session in the sun soaked sea and swim across towards your Porto Rotondo motor yacht charter. This beach is termed as ‘private swimming pool’ because of its natural facility.

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Marinella beach in Sardinia is particularly known for its various water sports and a must-visit place. Owing to its natural magnificent beauty, this beach effortlessly made its place as most Romantic Island among others. Porto Rotondo in Sardinia, Italy looks like the brightest pearl in a necklace. You can relax by the beachside bars and restaurants serving exotic food.


You can explore Porto Rotondo in yacht charter while it hosts the biggest game tournament of Mediterranean. While atop the yacht charter, you will see the rocky hill-tops and small roads branching out towards the beaches. Church of San Lorenzo which resembles an overturned hull is a visual delight.

Sailing to Porto Rotondo in luxury yacht charter is filled with fun activities like pedal boating, windsurfing, and snorkelling. Not a single day goes by without feeling rejuvenated and recharged. This trip to this exotic destination will easily be one of your most memorable trips for years to come: Sardinia yacht charter.



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