Sail Your Way through the Saronic Islands to Refresh Your Spirit!

Looking for an exotic vacation site to experience the beauty of nature like never before? Saronic Islands in Greece is the place that is going to make you stop your search immediately.

Situated just off the Greek mainland this archipelago gets its name from the Saronic Gulf in which it is located. White sandy beaches are the main attraction of these islands. The ruins seen everywhere on Saronic Islands are proof of an enthralling history which this land has witnessed. Charter a yacht in Saronic Islands to bask in an elegance of this land.

Tick this place off your bucket list. Select from a range of luxury charter yachts and sail through the crystal clear turquoise water of the Islands. Sailing in Saronic Island is the best way to visit the 5 main islands of this archipelago.



Salamina or salamis island is the largest Greek island in Saronic Gulf. This island is best if you are planning a not so expensive trip. There is nothing pompous or grand about this island, but in its simplicity lays its beauty. Charter a yacht in Saronic Islands to sail through the historic waterway which has been witness to the very strategic Battle of Salamina. The Northern Psili Ammos beach and the Southern sandy pebble beach Kanakia are a must visit while you are there.



This Island is known for its organized beaches. Clear water and white sandy beaches create a relaxing environment that will relief your stress and calm your nerves. Do not miss out a visit to the Church of Agios Nektarios while touring this Island. Sailing in Saronic Islands to visit the archaeological sites and temples of this Island makes for a rejuvenating trip. To experience culture and beauty together visit Aegina island during the Fistiki Festival for an added bonus.



This Island is known for the eye-catching view it presents. The Hydra Island looks like it’s come out of a postcard.  Charter a yacht is Saronic Islands to experience a romantic evening in the waters while enjoying a breathtaking view. Agios Nikolaos, Bisti and Kaminia are the beaches you must visit.



This picturesque Island is known for its lush greenery and its nightlife. Askeli and Neorio beaches offer a large variety of water sport centers as well. Love Bay is a small secluded cove where you can enjoy a private dip.



Skala, Halikiada, Aponissos and Dragonera are must visit beaches on this island. The minimal population of this island gives it an isolated feel thus making it the perfect place to be in if you are looking for a break from your busy city life.

A visit to this heavenly island is going to be an experience you can never get over. Charter a yacht in Saronic Islands to accentuate your feel of wild nature!



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