Sail to explore pristine beauty on a luxurious Catamaran charter French Riviera

French Riviera has been a source of great intellectual inspiration for many famous personalities; Picasso fell in love with the place & made France his hometown & so did Chagall & Matisse. Captivating scenario across French Riviera attracts tourists & leaves them yearning for more. Enjoy a guided sailing tour across this coastal region on a luxurious catamaran charter French Riviera and get introduced to the virgin natural beauty from the waters.

You get to choose the luxury yacht charter suitable for your sail from among a plethora of choices.

Get ready to be pampered!

  • Private luxury yacht cruise is expensive; however, it comes with a personal skipper as a value added service. Starting at UDS $222.69, this yacht charter or boat rental French Riviera will help you explore exotic coastal destinations, beaches, creeks & celebrity villas.
  • Sunset catamaran cruise starts from Cannes & charges a meager USD $ 57.78 per person for a half-day cruise with lunch option or sunset cruise with champagne.
  • Half-day boat Riviera private boat cruise rental starts off from Nice on an original fisherman boat filled with a local food basket containing famous French loafs. The rate for the entire boat rental is about USD$ 430.02.
  • French Riviera sightseeing cruise will sail for 1 hour duration & charge you USD $20.83 per person. The cruise sails from Nice covering fascinating islands of your interest.
  • There’s an option to rent a boat from Nice instead of Cannes & you can have your personal skipper at a rate of USD $ 127.47.

*Note: All the prices aforementioned for yacht or boat rental French Riviera are approximate values.

Hop aboard the boat or catamaran charter French Riviera and start sailing

  1. Nice

First in your French Riviera sailing itinerary, this is a tourist attraction & most of the cruises choose Nice as their starting point of sail across French Riviera. Nice has exotic coasts, rugged mountains & stunning architecture, all craving to grab your eyeballs. Famous sunset on this island can be best described by Matisse as ‘absurd, amazing & delicious’. Stunning Greek architecture will make you spellbound.

You can check out the famous restaurant La Femme du Boulanger for authentic delectable French food. This one is a must in a French Riviera sailing itinerary.

  1. Saint Tropez

This is your next destination of exotic locales where you will find super snob tourists getting sun tanned on the beaches. The town experiences roughly about 10000 visitors every summer owing to its popularity.

If you sail more towards the west & down the coast from St. Raphael, you are to reach St. Tropez. The port town is famous for beach bars & is always abuzz with tourists. The look of the city is somewhat rugged with bustling local markets & narrow streets giving it a queer look of a village.

  1. Cannes

This is where your luxurious catamaran charter French Riviera will take you now. Cannes is not only famous for organising plush & lavish film festivals but also has carved its niche in old Greek architecture & beautiful buildings. Its natural scenic treasure of golden sands & lush palm trees are worth seeing.

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  1. Antibes

Fourth on your French Riviera sailing itinerary, Antibes lies midway between Nice & Cannes. It was built in 19th century on a Greek city Antipolis. The unique concept of Etruscan meeting modern cinquecento is a thing of glory. The famous artist Pablo Picasso lived in a chateau in Antibes which was later transformed into Picasso museum. The spell bounding aesthetics of the city is something you cannot afford to ignore.

  1. Saint Raphael

Situated up the coast of French Riviera, this has achieved its repute out of magnificent red rock mountains, small avenues lined with trees on both sides & crystal blue water. This place is a must visit while touring on your yacht or boat rental French Riviera.

  1. Fre¢jus

The blue water will sail you to Frejus which is little larger in area in comparison to St. Raphael. Julius Caesar is said to have laid the foundation stone of the city among the Roman ruins & Frejus is considered one of the largest marinas of the French Riviera. The city is served on a platter accompanied by tall monuments, Gallic amphitheater & a chapel all surrounded by lustrous olive groves.

  1. Villefranche-sur-Mer

Now the last in your French Riviera sailing itinerary, this is the ideal location for the love struck doves. Long beach strewn with pebbles, a town hall with upscale vibes & old Mediterranean charm provides a vibrant yet private space for the two of you. Have a cozy lunch at the beach & take a long romantic walk.

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Feeling motivated to take the long walk on the beach or sailing through waters visiting exotic locales on a plush catamaran charter French Riviera? It’s high time you book your sail itinerary across the lush destination & taste the unique combination of old Mediterranean charm & modern vibrant culture before you bid adieu.



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