Ready for a Dream Called British Virgin Islands? Jump on a Boat and Follow our Route from Road Town!

The British Virgin Islands are attended by sailing lovers from all over the world who find here the ideal conditions to practice their loved sport throughout the year. Trade winds guarantee acceptable temperatures for most of the seasons and it’s impossible not to be charmed by the thousands of colorful fish that you can encounter while swimming or diving over its coral reefs.


Where are the BVIs located?

We are talking about a paradisiacal archipelago made up of about 40 islands, some of them small dimensioned, with white sand beaches, quiet bays, and rich sea life.

They are part of that band of islands that ideally separate the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. The British Virgin Islands are located precisely east of Puerto Rico and they should not be confused with another group of very close islands that instead compose the US Virgin Islands.



How to reach Road Town?

Our destination, as you can easily guess by their name, is part of the United Kingdom overseas territories but it is not possible to land here directly with a scheduled flight. You need to stop instead in a neighboring state such as Puerto Rico or Antigua and then take a charter flight.

It is curious to note that the local currency is not the British pound but the US dollar instead.

Where will our journey start?

The largest and most populous of the islands is Tortola which is also home to the capital, Road Town. Our itinerary will start right from this city.

The international airport and the country’s main airport, Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, is located on this island.

Following the Your Boat Holiday proposal for a tour of the BVI to be completed in 14 days of sea, sun, and lots of fun.

Of course, each itinerary can be customized according to the wishes and needs of our customers. If you are interested in this type of tour or if you want to offer an alternative one, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal!



Here are the steps of our boat itinerary from Road Town

  • Day 1: Road Town

Your first day in the British Virgin Islands will be spent in this city, savoring a bit of local life and enjoying some typical dishes while waiting for departure.

The following morning, after a short briefing with the crew, you will be ready to raise the anchor.

  • Day 2: Pelican Island “The Indians”

Set sail from Road Town, we sail the waves in a southwest direction to reach the westernmost area of ​​the so-called “Little Sisters”, an archipelago of Islets that extends in a straight line towards the Atlantic Ocean.

After sailing along a short stretch of the sea we reach our first destination, Pelican Island, known for the so-called “Indians”, a series of rocks arranged in a row in front of the island where the sea teems with life. Here we make our first dive to discover underwater caves.

In the evening we head to Norman Island, a short distance away, where we can find shelter for the night.


  • Day 3: Norman Island

After completing the Sir Francis Drake canal crossing, we arrive at the popular anchorage of “The Bight”, located along the northeast coast of Norman Island, just in front of the US Virgin Islands and renowned for being a well-protected anchorage where practice snorkeling.

After spending the day here, in the evening we head to the next stop.

  • Day 4: Peter Island

Peter Island offers 5 beautiful white sand beaches where you can relax or swim with turtles that are very numerous here.

This island is famous for hosting some luxury resorts where, alternatively, you can spend the day taking care of yourself in one of the available wellness centers.

  • Day 5: Rhone Marine Park

We spend the fifth day of travel in the open sea. Starting early in the morning from Peter Island, we skirt the Salt Island until we reach the famous shipwreck site of “The Rhone”, which sank in 1867 due to a hurricane. This place is considered one of the best diving spots in the world where marine life has populated the remains of this ancient ship.

Tired after a busy day, in the evening we head to nearby Cooper Island.


  • Day 6: Cooper Island

Let’s drop anchor in Manchineel Bay. A relaxation day awaits us.

The beach and calm waters make Manchineel Bay suitable for water sports while nearby Cistern Point offers excellent snorkeling and turtle watching.

Alternatively, you can go ashore and spend the day at the Cooper Island Beach Club, a small, well-stocked resort with a bar, restaurant, and lounge area.

  • Day 7: Devil’s Bay (The Baths) National Park

Our BVI experience comes to life as we arrive at Virgin Gorda’s main point of interest, the famous “baths” located in Devil’s Bay National Park.

This spectacular place is made up of paths that wind through a labyrinth of giant boulders, tunnels, caves, and natural pools with crystal clear waters.

We spend the whole day getting lost discovering this wonderful paradise corner.

  • Day 8 – 9: Virgin Gorda

We spend two intense days circumnavigating Virgin Gorda, spending our time looking for hidden bays and snorkeling spots. You cannot miss a visit to the Dog Islands, a group of small islets not far from Virgin Gorda where marine life offers its best show.

We then complete the visit by reaching the characteristic Spanish Town, the second-largest city in the BVI.


  • Day 10 – 11: Anegada

Sparsely populated and rural, Anegada is the most isolated of the BVIs, located about two hours sailing east from Virgin Gorda. The island is about 11 miles long, low, and flat, quite different from any other island in the British Virgin Islands, characterized by wide and long sandy beaches usually windy.

In addition to the beautiful white beaches, you will fall in love with the pink flamingos and in general with the varied fauna that populates Anegada, from the rare rock iguanas to the splendid plant species such as sea lavender.

The fantastic outer reef called Horseshoe is rich in marine life and perfect for snorkeling.

  • Day 12 – 13: Jost Van Dyke

Early in the morning, we sail west for what is the longest stretch of sea of ​​the entire trip. Our destination is Jost Van Dyke.

With a population of just over 200 inhabitants, its character is decidedly rural but a holiday in the British Virgin Islands cannot be complete without a visit to this island.

Among the points of interest, White Bay is one of the most popular places. From here you can explore Jost Van Dyke’s ancient inland paths and reach Bubbling Pool, a popular natural pool.

  • Day 14: back to Tortola

We return to the main island of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola, where we end our fantastic itinerary!

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