How to plan and customise your Aeolian Islands Itinerary for Sailing Holidays 2021

The Aeolian Islands: what a sensational destination for your sailing holiday! Just 25 miles from the northeast coast of Sicily. This volcanic chain of seven islands is named following the wind god, Aeolus. Some of the islands have a rich history others are sparsely populated.


The Aeolian Islands are a favorite destination for Italian stars today. On your own yacht charter holiday visit Stromboli, the isle Dolce & Gabbana call house. As the sun sets, giant fires and molten stone spray from Stromboli’s crater-like special effects in a Hollywood hit. Vulcano also has a volcano that belches sulfurous smoke.

This is really a popular sailing vacation destination with harbors and anchorages. The food is exceptional and the local people are extremely hospitable.

Sicily has an area of 25,426 kilometers² and is the largest island belonging to It is divided from the Italian mainland by the Strait of Messina. Sicily has a mostly mountainous landscape and is the house of Mount Etna – the tallest, biggest, and most active volcano in Europe. The north and east coasts are made up of high cliffs with numerous bays and sandy beaches. Going south the land is the shores become more and flatter. The coastline measures a total length of 1152 kilometers. The city has many historical attractions, important church buildings, palaces, squares, and museums. Other major cities are Syracuse, Messina, and Catania.

Sailors frequently prefer the region between the northern coast of Calabria, Sicily, and the Aeolian Islands. Cefalu, Palermo, Sant’Agata, Milazzo, and Porto Rosa are perfect places to start a yacht charter in Sicily. On a sailing trip between the harbors, bays, and capes, you can explore the northern shore of the island thoroughly. On the east shore, there is the port of Catania, which is a convenient starting point due to the nearby airport. You can also start a trip from Syracuse or Taormina. Those who want to sail to the Aeolian Archipelago, or who start from the east and sail to the northern shore must not underestimate the Strait of Messina. This sea place is difficult to navigate, chiefly due to strong, constantly changing currents. In addition, the frequent ferry and ship traffic requires plenty of attention. The Strait of Messina is not suited to beginners and could be problematic for less experienced crews. The most important ports in the area are Trapani, Marsala, Marina di Ragusa, Marzamemi, Syracuse, Catania, Taormina, Reggio Calabria, Tropea, Vibo Valentia, Milazzo, Porto Rosa, Palermo, Cefalu, Sant’Agata, Lipari, Salina, and Riposto.


The Aeolian Islands are also popularly known as the Lipari Islands. They lie Northwest off the coast of Sicily and are of volcanic origin. Their geographic nature is outstanding and sailing between the isle visitors can take in the impressive rock formations, see black sand shores and live volcanoes. Marina di Portorosa is ideally positioned for exploring the Aeolian Islands, and is easily accessible from both Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Messina…
This Group of volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, are becoming ever more popular for fans of yacht charter, from the months of May to October.

The main characteristic in the charter of the Aeolian Islands, is based on its unique attribute of these islands. They are in fact seven little islands surrounded by a deep and warm historical atmosphere has stayed intact over time. A yacht charter in this unspoiled part of the Mediterranean offers an outstanding selection of options, given the particularities of the seabed and also a totally unspoilt natural environment: the principal island of Lipari, the green countryside of Salina, the wild nature of Alicudi and Filicudi the nightlife of the sophisticated Panarea as well as the capturing Vulcano and Stromboli.

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The sea across the Aeolian Islands is a wonderful cobalt blue. The mountains are covered with vines blossoms and trees, including capers, lemon and olives. Small towns and villages are classic and charming. The folks are extremely friendly and helpful, and isn’t uncommon for offers fresh fish directly delivered by boat when you arrive at the port. The islands are a paradise for hikers nature lovers and divers.
To embark on a charter to Aeolian flying out of the airport of Catania and Palermo, and a short bus transfer will get to Milazzo from here depart the catamarans rental.

Sicily, is home to majestic mountains, heavenly shores and Europe’s greatest natural wonder, Mount Etna. Located in the very center of the Mediterranean, this destination has been marked by the passing of several conquerors, each of which made their indelible mark on the island. It’s encompassed by three archipelagos: the Aeolian, the Aegadian and also the Pelagie Islands, which seem tailor made for yacht charter vacations. Some of the very agreeable climates in Europe means that each and every season holds its own special attractions for charter, not to mention the breathtaking natural beauty all year around.


Catania – Milazzo
After arrival at Catania airport, you brought to your yacht in Milazzo and can be picked up, or you can take a fast ferry to get there. Milazzo is a lovely, historical town with several attractions, including a magnificent Norman castle.
You will be taken by a short trip to the island of Vulcano, the mythological workshop of the god of fire and craftsmen. Volcanic activity on the island is responsible for numerous mud baths and hot springs, as well as amazing rock formations above and below the water. Great snorkeling is guaranteed in the rich coastal nooks and crannies.


Filicudi’s main attraction is its pure unspoilt nature. Explore the basalt caves on the west shore in the shadow of the conical volcanic peak in the island or the prehistoric village ruins on the Capo Graziano promontory. Sail over to Lipari in the evening.

As the biggest island of the Aeolian group, Lipari offers the widest assortment of restaurants, stores, and tasks. The enchanting principal town – also named Lipari – boasts a mainly reconstructed Norman-age church and fascinating archaeological remains. Trek to the top of Mount Sant’Angelo for breathtaking views.

Stromboli, the northernmost island, has incredibly kept a constantly active volcano. The eruptions are best seen at night and from a distance, your yacht will anchor out situated so that you can enjoy dinner on the aft deck whilst enjoying the views of the vulcano. Stromboli is, in addition, famous for its deep waters, which are a favourite of seasoned divers. Head over to Salina in the evening.

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Also called the garden isle, Salina features numerous walking trails as well as extensive viticulture. One of the twin extinguished volcanoes responsible for its distinctive look is the highest point in the islands. Nearby Panarea, the tiniest of the Aeolian islands, makes up in charm what it lacks in size with its absolute absence of cars, delightful jetsetting Bronze Age village and beach.

Take the time for one last dive off the coast of Lipari, Salina or Vulcano as you cruise back to Milazzo at a leisurely pace.

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