Party or Proposal – Yacht Charter in Miami is the Spot-On Idea!

Are you planning to present a marriage proposal to your beloved soon? Then you must be on the lookout for a romantic spot to execute your plan. Well, a secluded yacht on the water below a starlit night sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? A yacht charter in Miami can help you out with this brilliant plan!


Having devised such a proposal idea, mention must be made of all exclusive celebrations one can plan onboard. Be it a birthday or bachelorette party, a wedding reception or simply a fun-day on water, yachts by the Miami shore is always the best idea!


If ideas have already started crowding your brain for planning the next big event on a cruise deck, go through all occasions that beach lovers can celebrate on water.

  • For a love-ly affair- Party yacht charters in Miami

As mentioned earlier, party yacht charters in Miami appears to be the most romantic spot to propose love or marriage to your beloved. Both the deck and cabins are exclusively furnished. He can choose to surprise Her with a solitaire under the open sky with soft music playing or propose in the privacy of the cabins. While the yachts’ decks host high quality sound systems, the cabins and the lounge are furnished in cutting-edge upholstery.

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Note – For occasions such as this, it is best to rent a skippered boat to enjoy maximum privacy.


  • The mandatory “fun” before tying the knot-

That’s an apt way to frame bachelorette party in a sentence. Invite all your friends to enjoy an ultimate bachelorette on a yacht! You can either have the boat anchored or keep it moving at a speed of 5 to 6 knots while the deck echoes with loudest sounds; and smell of beer and fries!

It is better to hire catamarans for bachelor parties for they have a wide deck that can accommodate a large audience. Moreover, party yacht charters in Miami have seasoned chefs and bartenders on board. So, your party is all set for “fun”!

  • Wedding reception party- 2018 Miami yacht party

Board a super yacht right after the wedding rituals are over at the church. Alfresco seating, furnished lounges, courteous attendants and seasoned chefs- these are some of the basic facilities one can enjoy on board and will make a wedding reception most enjoyable! Eat, drink and make merry, while the skipper sails you through the dreamy waters of Biscayne Bay.


  • Birthday bash! Yacht party Miami!

Birthdays are what people wait for throughout the year; although that’s no more the truth after 25! So, turn the depressing day of aging into a blast with a party on a yacht! You can dive into the day or dip your feet into the water while feeling the cosmopolitan wind in your hair- your choice! Moreover, these yachts have services at the Haulover Sandbar, the coolest party destination in the city.

Are your events not a part of the above type? Well, a truly good yacht charter in Miami will have provision for hosting all kinds of events including, office parties, family gatherings or anniversaries. Only, look for some basic party amenities before you book.



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