Out of All, Why Go for Sailing in Corfu Aboard a Yacht Charter?

Whenever you talk about yacht charter in Greece, natural surroundings adorned with gorgeous sea shores become regular companions of your thoughts. Beautiful archipelagos and coral blue coasts define Greece’s inherent culture of placidity. Corfu, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, is such a place where tourists flock every year to admire the sapphire sea. Sailing in Corfu therefore becomes a surreal experience.

Places like Paleokastritsa, Acharavi, and Sidari can be best explored via a boat rental service in Corfu. There can be unique experiences waiting for you!

Corfu has over 57 beaches and as you whisk across the Mediterranean Sea on a catamaran or a motorboat, you unravel new places on the sea route.


Why should you go for Yacht Charter in Corfu?

With ecstatic horizon in the backdrop, sailing on yacht in Corfu proves a great venture.

Reason 1:

Between Corfu and Kefalonia lies the Ionian Sea. It offers best spots for cruising in Greece. The islands are picturesque to admire, covered with gorgeous beaches and isolated coves.

Reason 2:

Lakka Paxos is an island popular for its scenic landscape and supreme quality olive oil extracts. So, a Lakka Paxos yacht charter will provide an opportunity to get some of these exclusive olive oil bottles for your home.

This place is a large bay situated on the island’s north coast and is known as a great place for touring yacht charterers. It proves popular for windsurfers as well. Moreover, its always bustling quayside possesses plenty taverns.

Reason 3:

Sidari is another place to hop in. It has well-known coves of the Canal d Amour situated at Sidari’s west which is on the north-western side of Corfu. If you go for sailing in Corfu, then this sure is a place for enjoying impressive nightlife as well.

Reason 4:

Another major attraction is Mandraki, a historic town on the island. It is filled with architecture of the bygone eras nestled within the town’s narrow alleys. Forts, churches and museums make it a must-visit place.

Reason 5:

About 40 km North West of Corfu lies Agios Georgis Pagon, a small bay. The place sports a sandy shore with crystal clear water. It is a natural oasis surrounded with cliffs and villages ideal for hiking too. Shiny large pebbles cluster the beach awarding a calming environment for your yachting vacation.

Reason 6:

The coast of Greek mainland, Levkas has Parga, a beautiful little village settlement hidden under the Venetian castle which lies on the east of the Ormos Valou bay. Parga is known as the “eye and ears of Corfu”.

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Further, there are two bays on either side of this village area which are promising must visits while on a yacht charter in Corfu.

In a nutshell…

Going on a charter vacation in Corfu can become more exciting when yachting. A Corfu yacht charter gives you a chance to visit islands like Ithaca known for extremely generous inhabitants. Furthermore, it presents both northern and southern Ionian Islands. Navigating is easy and straightforward as the tidal range is not more than 1 to 2 feet making tidal currents almost non-existent.

So, this holiday season, gear up for an exotic sailing in Corfu; adventure set amidst the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea.



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