North Sardinia sail – The perfect way to spend your vacation!

North Sardinia sail will take you to the place, where beauty is a ‘thing of joy forever’ and it will certainly never pass into ‘nothingness. During a yacht charter in Sardinia there is so much to witness and cherish in the beauty that will relish your senses and bind your soul with tranquillity. Leave the stress behind and sail in the beautiful water of Sardinia!


North Sardinia Yacht Charter Guide

Sardinia offers you the rugged raw beauty of landscapes and a beautiful coastline following a long stretch of beaches. What makes this place such a desirable vacation spot, is its emerald waters with fine sandy beaches. The sheer glory of this place connects with all of your senses.

If you are sure to be here for your next vacation, here are few things that you must know!


Why go for North Sardinia sail?

Here, you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries and amenities of a hotel and still enjoy the breeze flowing through your hair. Wake up to the sound of the gushing waves and stand in the aisle of your yacht, letting the sea drops touch your skin. If you don’t want to bore your body and mind; then you should simply opt for Charter Yacht North Sardinia.

If you think this is all; then wait, there is more!

What extra will you get in Charter Yacht North Sardinia?

There is no denying the fact that everyone loves something a bit extra, and in your Yacht travel, you can certainly get a lot more extra!

  • Private Yacht Party
  • Great food with onboard chef
  • Some alone time with closed ones
  • A perfect peaceful time
  • Private cabins (you can also share if you want)
  • Crewed Yacht Charter
  • Amazing drinks and wine
  • The fresh breeze!

After this, the next thing for you to know is, ‘which places to go?’

A quick look – Where will North Sardinia Yacht Charter Guide take you?


This is certainly a beach haven, and the Yacht charter tour will certainly take you to the best of the beaches. If you want to what are those places, here you go –

Recommended embarkation points for your charter in North Sardinia: Cannigione, Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Palau, Santa Teresa di Gallura.

  1. Portobello

‘A quite beach, sandy coastline, tourist village and good company’ – If this is what you want then Portobello is the beach for you. Its location is in the Olbia, Tempio. Plan for a hiking trip in the pink granite and also try windsurfing to splash more fun!

North Sardinia sail – The 3 other must-visit beaches in Portobello

As you can take a boat from your Yacht (yes, even this is included in the package), here are 3 more places you need to explore in Portobello.

  • Lu Litarroni: Long stretch of fine sand, pebbles, and rocks that you will love.
  • Monti Russu: A bright red granite rock emerging from the sea. People also call this as the sunset rock.
  • Vignola: A crystal clear sea with beautiful pebbles that will simply take your breath away!

Once you are done in Portobello, it’s time to visit the next beach in your Charter Yacht North Sardinia.


  1. Santa Teresa Gallura

Imagine visiting Sardinia and not shopping! Once you are on the beach, stroll around and sip some amazing cocktails along with authentic Sardinian cuisine. To add a cherry on top, there are several shops on the beach and ethnic accessories as well as souvenir stores for your pockets!

  1. Spiaggia Rena Bianca

This is the main beach of Santa Teresa and also one of the best Charter Yacht North Sardinia destinations. This 200 meters of pristine sandy beauty is also known as the ‘Blue Flag Beach’ because of the sea’s inky hue.

There are amazing shacks, water sports, hiking, rock climbing and so much more!

  1. Rena Majore

This is a small seaside village with a long thick stretch of pine forest. Not to forget, this place also serves with great food as there are several restaurants and bars. If you are a sporty person, there are three tennis courts, two soccer fields, and a swimming pool.

In the beach, you can do surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving and hiking too!

When is the best time for North Sardinia sail?

Spring and autumn, both the time are great. So, you should plan your trip in May, June or September. It is best to avoid visiting North Sardinia during August as the Italians spend their vacation them, which makes this place pretty crowded.

Now that you have the perfect North Sardinia Yacht Charter Guide; plan your next vacation to this beautiful beach soon! Contact us now and receive our free instant quotes for your next sailing charter in Sardinia!



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