North East Sardinia Boat Itinerary: The Best Beaches from Portisco to San Teodoro

If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, this itinerary is for you.

We will sail from Portisco, a comfortable and well-equipped tourist port in north-eastern Sardinia, sailing south, in search of some of the best seaside resorts and beaches of this beautiful Italian island.



Marina di Portisco is a modern and enchanting tourist port located in the Gulf of Cugnana, near Costa Smeralda, in one of the most beautiful locations between Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo which are only a few kilometers away.

This port is easily reachable from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is about 20 minutes by car or arriving at the port of Olbia with one of the many ferries that link Sardinia to the rest of the Mediterranean.

Portisco Marina offers its customers a quality service and an enviable geographical position.

With its 589 berths for boats up to 90 meters in length and depths on the quay reaching 10 meters, it is also able to accommodate mega yachts with a high draft. It also adds excellent ground assistance guaranteed by its highly trained staff and above all the excellent quality of its waters and seabed, awarded since 1996 with the Europe Blue Flag.


How to reach Portisco?

Sardinia is well connected with Italy and Europe both by air and ferries. There are three main airports on the island: Cagliari-Elmas airport in the south of the island, Olbia Costa Smeralda airport located in the northeast, and Alghero-Fertilia airport in the northwest. Alternatively, it is possible to reach the island by ferries from one of the many tourist ports located in the nearby Italian regions like Tuscany and Liguria or from French Riviera and Corsica island.

7 Days Boat Itinerary from Portisco to San Teodoro

  • Day 1: from Portisco to Golfo Aranci

Set sail from Portisco, the first stop is one of the most famous coastal resorts in the area,

Golfo Aranci, a very well-kept town with a historic center full of trendy shops and a modern promenade with well-equipped and served beaches. It is really worthwhile to spend your first day of travel here to better prepare ourselves for the tour that awaits us.

  • Day 2: from Golfo Aranci to Tavolara Island

Not far from Golfo Aranci is Tavolara, an island emerging from the sea like a granite colossus dotted with greenery and Mediterranean scrub. An excellent destination for climbing lovers, Tavolara is a mountain 560 meters high and four kilometers long, characterized by impervious rocks and splendid chromatic shades like the green of juniper, rosemary, and mastic, in combination with the blue and emerald green of the waters around. Tavolara island is the symbol of an unforgettable spectacle: the marine protected area of ​​Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo.

  • Day 3: from Tavolara Island to Molara Island

Part of the marine protected area of ​​Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo, Molara island is a jewel of rock and Mediterranean scrub set in the​​Gallura sea.

A few kilometers away from the mainland, Molara is unfortunately not freely accessible as it is privately owned. The island can only be visited by contacting the Molara Cultural Association which manages the tourist flow.

Different speech for the sea that surrounds it, stormed especially in summer by boaters who stop in front of the island, in particular in the waters called pools, where the sea is certainly one of the most beautiful in the whole Mediterranean.

  • Day 4: from Molara Island to Capo Coda Cavallo

One of Sardinia’s symbols, the Capo Coda Cavallo promontory is one of the most spectacular stretches of the Sardinian coast, between extraordinarily white beaches and crystal clear waters that bathe a land rich in nature and biodiversity.

This small peninsula is characterized by sandy coves and cliffs covered by Mediterranean scrub that gives off juniper and myrtle scents, creating one of the most suggestive coastal scenarios in the Mediterranean. The Coda Cavallo beach, which gives its name to the promontory, is famous for its particular shape and for its stretch of sea that resembles a various blue colors lagoon.

During summer, navigation in these waters is almost guaranteed with any type of wind and the sea is generally calm.

Finally, the marine area of ​​Tavolara-Capo Coda Cavallo is also ideal for diving. There are many submarine itineraries that can be practiced among caves, schools of colored fish, and red starfish.

  • Day 5: from Capo Coda Cavallo to Cala Brandinchi

Probably the most coveted beach in San Teodoro, a great Sardinian resort, and one of the most famous beaches in Gallura.

The feeling that Cala Brandinchi leaves to its visitors is that of being in the Caribbean, not surprisingly, it is called ‘the little Tahiti’.

Its exotic beauty has allowed it to be included among the 15 most beautiful in all of Sardinia by all the major tour operators.

It is characterized by a long and narrow strip of white, fine, and compact sand, which plunges into the clear and crystalline water, surrounded by sandy dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub. The seabed is very shallow for tens of meters with a ‘pool effect’, ideal for swimming and children’s games. Here the rocks emerge from the sandy bottom, which acts as a habitat for a rich marine fauna, a snorkeler’s paradise.

  • Day 6: from Cala Brandinchi to Isuledda beach

Staying in the San Teodoro surroundings, we discover another fantastic beach: Isuledda. A jewel of the north-eastern coast representing the southern limit of the marine area of ​​Tavolara. It is an expanse of light and fine sand that plunges into infinite shades of blue with a dense Mediterranean scrub behind it

A spectacular beach, about half a kilometer long, which perfectly summarizes all the characteristics of the other ‘pearls’ of San Teodoro: white and silky sand, waters with shades ranging from turquoise to emerald and crystal clear waters.

  • Day 7: set sail to Portisco Marina where you’ll relax and enjoy your last day on board.

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