Mykonos and Santorini Yacht Charter: Breath-Taking Greek Isles!

Yacht Chartering in Greece is more than just spending a night in all-wood master rooms and basking under the warm Mediterranean sun on the deck. It’s about wanderlust; it’s for those who want to master the seas and ‘sail beyond the baths of all the western stars.’ And there are wanderlusts which you can have in a Mykonos and Santorini Yacht Charter.

The Grecian Isles: Mykonos and Santorini Yacht Charter

Mykonos and Santorini are two divine Greek beauties with all the flavors and scents typical of the Mediterranean. These two islands are perfect Apollonian and Dionysian foils for each other; a true précis of the promise that these Grecian Isles have in store for you.

Within 150 km of each other, these are one of the hottest or rather the warmest tourist hotspots in more ways than one. If you’re planning yacht charters Mykonos and Santorini, you’re up for an experience worth a lifetime.


If the images of white facades and colorful terraces instilled the wanderlust in you, wait till you stroll down the marble footpaths in its capital Hora. Churches hiding behind bougainvillea trees deep purple, cafes and restaurants a few steps away from the waves – words will never suffice for the sheer perceptual delight of this vibrant white abode.

  • Must-Visit Places during your charter in Mykonos and Santorini–

Delos should be a must-visit in your Mykonos and Santorini yacht charter itinerary. Dock your yacht and spend half the day on these archaeological ruins, an integral part of the Greek mythology according to which, this is the birthplace of Apollo.

Kato Myli, 16 windmills dating all the way back to 16th century. They are a reminder of the past which Mykonians still treasure close.

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Paraportiani Church dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. You will find something eerily calming about its simplistic white design. A piece of advice, time your visit with the sunset.

Little Venice is one of the most famous places on Mykonos. Within Chora neighborhood, this is the ideal place to soak in the typical Greek flair and ambiance.

Panaiya Tourliani is a 16th century church with unique wooden wood-carving inside a charming façade. This is a not-so-popular but more-than-worth-it visit.

Paradise Beach is the most popular beach of this island and one of the best you will come across your yacht charters Mykonos and Santorini tour. A party-loving friendly crowd, you can always return to your yacht in the harbor just a stroll away.

  • Cuisine –

Avli Tou Thodori rates as the top-end eatery in Mykonos with a delectable selection including vegetarian choices other than the obvious Aegean cuisine.

Blue Myth Restaurant is famous for its seafood along with traditional Greek and Aegean delicacies. Add to that, the view overlooking the azure blue seas – this is one dining experience which you just cannot miss in your Mykonos and Santorini yacht charter plans.

  • To-Dos –

Water Sports including jet-skiing, wind-surfing and sea parachuting – this is known as the Island of the Wind. For more, you can opt for Catamaran sailing trips to nearby small islands each hiding something worth memories.


For even most avid travel aficionados, there are few places which can match the sheer charm and splendor of Santorini. Just a bit of yacht sailing southwards and you’ll find the same white-washed-walls but there’s pre-dominance of Blue over the other more vibrant colors. And this is just the start to whatever makes Santorini unlike any place anywhere.

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  • Must-Visit Places –

Akrotiri is a reminder of Minoan civilization with spectacular frescoes and accurate architecture. What’s more, archaeological excavations show advanced drainage systems, loom workshops and excellent stone masonry skills. Some suggest that this is Plato’s Atlantis. Either way, this is a must visit for your Yacht Charter Mykonos and Santorini tour.

Strolling through the eastern coasts will bring you to Santorini’s famous Caldera – the crater of an ancient volcanic eruption. Village houses and even hotels dramatically sprawl from between jutting rock faces, a one-of-a-kind experience.

Kamari Beach is the largest on this island and is famous for its pure black sands. This is a perfect beach for you to enjoy revelries even through the night for its pulsating party scene.

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Among other must visit places are Megalocori, Firostefani, Monolithos Beach, Red Beach, etc.

  • Cuisine –

Vinsanto, Santorini’s signature unfortified dessert wine is its culinary pride, a must-taste for your yacht charter Mykonos and Santorini tour.

Athenian House provides a perfect ntorini experience with a sea-side deck and a cuisine par excellence.

Meltini also rates as one of the best ones around with high deck overlooking the bay and multiple cuisine choices for you.

  • To-Dos –

Wine Tasting at the likes of Boutari or Santo Winery is a must. Megacolori is a treasure for all the sense with its deep-green vineyards on the backdrop of white-blue buildings. And there’s a wine-tasting session to follow up.

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Planning a Mykonos and Santorini Yacht Charter:

These two divine islands are a breath of vibrant pristine beauty above everything else. And there’s no better way to tour these islands than from the luxury of your yacht charters Mykonos and boat rental in Santorini. Enjoy a trip unparalleled.



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