A Mykonos Boat Party in Yacht Charter for a Party worth a Lifetime

If you’re a party animal, a night owl, and an adventure junkie or if you want to be all of these together, a Mykonos boat party in yacht charter is a must-do before you grow too old to rave. Yes, you can stump it for Ibiza or New Guinea, but Mykonos is not just about the party. It has come up quite innocently as a beautiful little Greek isle, but you don’t want innocence, do you? You want a party. You want THE party.

If you’re looking for a party beyond anything you’ve experienced so far, a Mykonos boat party in yacht charter will let you live your wildest dreams. This is an upcoming trend, chartering a whole yacht or a sailboat and taking your mates along through the island. Here’s to filling you in with everything you need to know to keep your party on and on and on!

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Planning a Mykonos Boat Party in Yacht Charter:

The best way to enjoy a party trip to Mykonos is with a gang of people. You can take your family or your friends along. Rest assured, there are quite a few parties and locales on the island. Taking your family along is not out of the question, there are party scenes strictly for a resort-like experience. But then again, there are parties meant for having fun and just ‘Fun.’

Either way, planning to charter boats Mykonos starts with the headcount. Think of it this way; you don’t need much of a lodging, your yacht’s your accommodations solved straight up. Sail to Mykonos on your yacht basking under the calm, warm Mediterranean sun.

Avoiding the winters from October through to February applies for both families and friends. Other than this, the resorts are perfect for an unspoiled family time in the languid beaches, coming to which later. But if you’re looking to hit the peak of the party scene, hit the beaches between July and September. Here’s helping you out with a bit more info for a perfect trip.

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Best Beaches and Resorts for Families:

If you’re taking your family along, you obviously want a bit more leisure and lethargy than a continuous party atmosphere and so on. Here are a some of the best places to make sure of it.

Just 10 minutes away from the proper Mykonos town, this is perhaps the best beach around if you’re thinking about a nice leisurely time with your family. Plenty of resorts by the sands, crystal clear azure blue seas, sunshades available straight up and more than enough beachfront watering holes.

  • Platis Galois –

Deep golden brown sands, ample shades, beach-side taverns and cafes – a perfect zone to let the younglings play along. Platis Galois is just a few minutes away from the prime Mykonos marina. It’s as good as it gets for a laid-back Mediterranean experience.


Take your party to –

  • Paradise –

If you want to let it loose, Mykonos has two perfect beaches to make sure you get to do the deeds. Charter boats Mykonos and set sail straight for the Paradise and Super Paradise beach as that’s where the party crowd hangs out. The breeze flows right through the night, and so does the booze. Bring the best parts of the party back to your boat and keep doing it till sunrise.

  • Paraga Beach –

If you’re looking for some sunbathing before going all crazy later on, hit Paraga beach. Take a stroll on its crystal shallow waters perfect for some skinny-dipping, and you’ll find the right crowd full of gods and goddesses to enjoy your time. But it all takes a sudden dramatic post 4 o’ clock at the Kalua Beach Bar. Anchor your Mykonos yacht charter a few minutes away at the harbor. Rekindle the party back at your boat right from the bar, don’t let the lights go out or the drinks dry out!

  • XLSIOR Festival –

If you time your Mykonos yacht charter boat party right (August that is), you’re in for one the best party scenes in the world. Forget Ibiza, Formentera or Barcelona, XLSIOR is the place to be if you and your friends want a no-frills all-thrills experience. Nothing matters except having the best of times. It spreads across various beaches and clubs, and it’s always jam-packed.

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Plan your Mykonos trip right now. It doesn’t matter who you’re going with, family or friends. All you have to do is make sure you have a Mykonos boat party in yacht charter and know the ‘where’s and the ‘when’s. You’re already sure to have a nice time. Do share your experiences below.



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