MYBA Charter Show 2024

The curtains have drawn on the 2024 MYBA Charter Show, leaving behind a trail of brilliance that’s hard to forget! This year’s event has been spectacular, marking itself as one of the most triumphant gatherings in recent memory. Here’s a glimpse into the highlights we’re excited to share.

Let’s begin with the true stars of the show – the yachts. A breathtaking fleet of 58 luxurious vessels graced our waters, with a noteworthy nine boasting an impressive length of over 60 meters, culminating in a staggering cumulative length of 2,558 meters. Alongside these majestic yachts, we had the pleasure of presenting four exquisite tenders at the Aquarium Quay.

1,030 esteemed guests were in attendance, among whom 570 were distinguished brokers. Supporting this grand affair were 573 dedicated crew members who worked tirelessly, both before and during the show, to ensure every detail was flawlessly executed.

The MYBA Charter Show

The MYBA Charter Show (MCS) is a pinnacle event within the yachting realm, showcasing the Association’s adept organizational prowess. Over its 20-year evolution, this esteemed gathering has solidified its reputation for excellence, continually advancing with sophistication. At its core, the MYBA Charter Show unites a handpicked selection of superyachts alongside a discerning audience, aiming to foster and fortify a sustainable yachting industry.

Each iteration of the show represents a culmination of meticulous planning by MYBA, considering every suggestion and proposal to benefit its members and the industry. This exemplifies MYBA’s unwavering commitment to meeting industry demands and staying abreast of the dynamic market landscape, perpetually adapting to reflect the evolving realities of the industry.

Your Boat Holiday’s Participation at the MYBA Charter Show 2024

The MYBA Charter Show 2024 saw a remarkable turnout of yachts, particularly from the coveted regions of Italy, the Balearics, and the yachts for charter in the French Riviera. These sought-after destinations, renowned for their picturesque coastlines and unparalleled luxury experiences, were prominently represented at the event. From glamorous Riviera escapes to idyllic Mediterranean retreats, the show featured an impressive array of yachts showcasing the finest maritime elegance and hospitality. This notable presence underscores the significance of the MYBA Charter Show as the premier platform for charter professionals and enthusiasts to explore and experience the epitome of luxury yachting in these iconic cruising grounds.

The participation of Your Boat Holiday’s charter brokers at the MYBA Show 2024 was instrumental in ensuring the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and ethics for our esteemed guests. Our dedicated team meticulously inspected each yacht, engaging with crews to assess their expertise and hospitality while indulging in the delectable cuisine crafted by talented chefs. Year after year, our presence at this prestigious event reaffirms our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences as we diligently vet and select the finest vessels and crews to meet our clients’ unique preferences. By actively participating in the MYBA Charter Show, we uphold our promise to provide nothing short of excellence, ensuring that every charter with Your Boat Holiday surpasses expectations and creates cherished memories for our discerning clientele.

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