Miami Beach Day Charter – Witness USA’s lone living coral reef

Nothing can be more intriguing that spending your summers on a yacht charter. And when the destination is Miami, what more can you ask for? Devoting a day to a Miami Beach Day Charter can be memorable especially when cruising along the Biscayne Bay or Miami Beach. Choice of vessel may range from a catamaran to a sailboat depending on your budget and amenities you want to afford.

Getting an overview –

Since, you are planning for a day charter. Therefore, you itinerary should be compact and precise. The most appealing destination in Miami are its beaches and coral reef which is one and only in USA. So, yachting in Miami Beach day charter will require you to set you route right so as to get the most out of this voyage.

The First half of the cruise –

You can add a bit of adventure to your voyage by sailing southwards up to Biscayne Bay gliding underneath the Rickenbacker causeway and appearing from the other side. The coast offers a breathtaking view from a Miami Beach Day Charter with palm trees and small bungalows lining the coast.

Once at Biscayne treat your eyes to some rich aquatic fauna including dolphins and colorful fish. From this point, the route down this Florida key divides itself into two sections. If you are inclined towards the ocean, then sail from outside of the keys. However, weather conditions are vital while taking this decision. Insides, however, are much calmer with clear azure waters and an indented coastline.

  • Key Biscayne –

This should be your first destination when opting for Miami Beach day Charter yachts. Once here, you have the option of anchoring at President’s Nixon’s House or sail around to dock aside. Biscayne has some amazing Cuban restaurants on its coast that offer some mouthwatering cuisines.

  • Stilts Ville –

Post breakfast, de-anchor your Miami Beach Day Charter and head south towards Stilts Ville. Located in a small channel, it is a hub for dolphin watching and bathing in the sun. Waters are deep here and enthusiasts can even opt for snorkeling if they desire. The residential colony of Stilts Ville is built on waters; a unique experience to say the least!

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Anchor your cruise or yacht and treat your digestive juices to the food prepared by your yacht’s chef. The overall experience is astounding and something to be cherished for the rest of your life.

  • Key Largo –

Post lunch, your yachting in Miami Beach day charter will take a new turn; head further south to hit the ocean side through Hawk Channel. Once there, you will be able to see the northern tip of Key Largo. It houses the famous John Pennecamp National Park. Key Largo is famous for its water sports including scuba diving and jet skiing. This is where the famous coral reef of USA abodes.

  • John Pennecamp National Park –

Established in 1963, it is the first underwater park in United States of America. Covering around 178 nautical miles, its construction was to protect and preserve its one and only living coral reef. Scuba divers will get a glimpse of colorful tropical fish, rich marine vegetation and a plethora of bird sanctuaries.

A generic swim to Dry Rocks will let you witness that 8.5ft historical statue of Jesus Christ located 25m below sea level. If lucky, you shall also get a glimpse of Sting Rays and Eagle rays.

Post this; it is now time to sail back to the shore on your Miami Beach Day Charter. It is advisable to start late afternoon and enter Miami to witness the glorious sunset over its shores.

Choice of boat –

Key Biscayne is comparatively shallow. So, if you are planning to charter around Miami, experts would recommend opting for a sailboat. They are light weight and can carry a significant number of visitors. However, the perfect Miami beach day yachts must be catamarans. Equipped with their stable design, they prove to be ideal to cruise through these azure waters.

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So gear up, get your route set and set sail on a Miami Beach Day Charter. If the weather condition is right with clear skies and subtle waves, then your Miami day charter is bound to be a memorable success.



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