What Makes the Catamaran Rental BVI So Commendable?

Sunshine, fun and a horde of crewed yachts to choose from, you couldn’t have picked a better tropical destination for your sailing venture than the BVI. The Virgin Islands are considered the best sailing grounds, courtesy its many bays, anchorages, and crystal blue water.

Also, the equilibrium climate makes catamaran rental BVI, the best choice for a sailing expedition in the Caribbean.

Moreover, you must have heard about the excellent reputation of some of the yacht charter agencies. But, are you aware of what makes the BVI yacht charter agencies one of a kind? Well, they offer excellent all-inclusive packages to clients chartering catamarans. Let’s take a quick glimpse at what’s in store for all-inclusive packages.

Why Choose BVI Catamaran charters all inclusive for your sailing expedition?

  1. Your preference is their priority!

After selecting your preferred agency and all-inclusive catamaran service, expect your captain to provide you with a preference sheet. You can fill in the sheet, and if you feel the need to request customised assistance, your crew will take every possible step to fulfil your criterion.

Moreover, the BVI’s charter agencies cater to owning the largest fleet in the continent; hence, it’s vital on their part to live up to their reputation.

  1. You’ll get a responsible crew!

As you’re opting for an all-inclusive service for your catamaran rental BVI, you can always ask the following questions to your crew:

  • What is your general itinerary?
  • What service can you get from the crew?
  • Can you request personal routes for exploring selective islands?
  • How much should you carry for the ancillary cost?
  • Would choosing BVI Catamaran charters all inclusive cut down ancillary costs?
  1. Get excellent service!

The day you and your family arrive at the marina, expect world-class treatment if you’ve chosen a crewed boat. Your crew will first introduce themselves and promise you a memorable journey. Furthermore, they will deliver timely refreshments along with adequate entertainment to keep you satiated throughout your sailing vacation.

Additionally, your safety is also paramount to them. Hence, expect a secure yet fun-filled voyage within the budget provided.

Note- If you tend to get seasick, carry enough medicines. Although you will be docking in different islands now and then, you have to spend almost 24 hours at sea every day.  Therefore, before you start sailing catamaran BVI; discuss with your captain the plausible medical help you can avail atop your vessel.

  1. Guess what? You can request customized meals!

While on a cruise, you mostly choose the meal plan given on the menu. However, when you decide on an all-inclusive service, you can request personalised meals. Therefore, whether you want to try a customised Lobster cuisine or crave a double cheese hamburger, all you need to do is let your captain know beforehand.

Now, here are the additional benefits you can expect from your crew while sailing aboard catamaran BVI:

  1. You can request a charter specialist for helping you hire a vessel or picking the best deal catering to your budget.
  2. Your charter’s crew will assist you with innumerable water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and sailing. Moreover, it’s safe because professional sailors will always supervise you.

So, contact a sailing expert today, and hire your catamaran rental BVI to embark on an unforgettable sailing vacation in the Caribbean.



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