Make your next vacation perfect with Naxos Yacht Charter

What makes Naxos Islands special? Stands like a pearl in the turquoise Aegean Sea, this place is a perfect combination of history and beach culture. As the legends and myth say, this beautiful island is the home of the king of gods, Zeus. As you enter, hike your way over the causeway leading to Palatia. There you will see Portara – a huge stone gateway to an ancient temple.

Though the temple does not exist now, still the beautiful stone is enough to make a mark; how beautiful this temple was! If you love to travel or looking for a vacation, Naxos Yacht Charter is all you need to explore the resonance of this majestic historical beauty.

Why choose charter travel in Naxos?

Sail in the breathtaking beauty of Naxos.”

Considering the size of this island and beaches you need to cover, road trips and hotel stays are boring compared to this. But when it comes to Naxos Yacht Charter, it is the perfect way to celebrate the ancient ruins of Naxos with the breeze and sand of the beach. These luxurious Yachts will take you to the very best locations and beaches that tourists can only do while sailing.


Local places like Moutsouna village and its beach has little waterfront taverns. This place will give the feel and warmth of living in the 50’s again.

If you want to add some more fun in your Naxos Vacations, trekking is one more thing that you must try!

Places you must stroll around during your Naxos yachting charter

If you believe that sailing in yacht only means that you will have to stay amidst the azure water; then my friend you are wrong. Once you are down from the Yacht, here are few things that you must visit –

  • Start with your sail in Naxos Islands and first step down to explore the local villages which has so much to offer regarding cultural provenance.
  • Hike to the tallest mountain in Cyclades, Mount Zas (1000 m height).
  • Face the wind wrapped in adventure while surfing
  • If you want to fly high up; then there is kitesurfing too!
  • Also, try your hand at fishing with the local fishermen and take it back to the Yacht for the chef to cook your seafood

Along with all these, you must know that Naxos Islands have an amazing diving experience. Near Agios Prokopios; during the World War II a British bomber aircraft, name ‘Lost Beautifighter’ sank in the water. Since then, this place is a delight to tourists.

The only way you can reach this place is via boats. Naxos Yacht Charter has all these facilities on hand to ensure that you don’t have to waste time planning your vacation.

This dive is 30 meters deep, and you can enjoy this for one and a half hour. All these will make your Naxos Vacations even better than the best.

Know more about the Naxos Yacht Charter best-suited climate

To set sail, you must have an extensive idea about the climate of Naxos. It is a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and windy pleasant winters. Hence for the vacations, winter is the best time (December to early February).

How Naxos Island manages to appeal you?

When planning for such beautiful Naxos vacation, you also should have a clear idea of how this place defines beauty. To start with, the beaches and crisp sand with water reflects different colours like turquoise, blue and emerald.

These long beaches are perfect to get some privacy or enjoy with family. Among all these places, there is one stand out beach for everyone; be it a couple, friends and of course for family – Agios Georgios.

How to treat your taste bud?

There is always something great about Mediterranean cuisine. Just to add more to it, here are few dish suggestions that you must try –

  1. Freshly prepared seafood in a yacht with aromatic herbs.
  2. Have Kakavia soup on the fishing boat.
  • Taste the rich wine
  1. Fresh vegetable salad with Mediterranean dressing.

You can literally taste the freshness at the tip of your tongue.

With all these vacation planning, here are few things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Carry sunscreen
  • The waves are strong and high. So, it is better that you dive in the water when you really know swimming.
  • Drink a lot of water

Visit different beach locations like Best Naxos Islands Beaches Grotta Beach, Agios Prokopis, Agia, etc.

These are the best things that will happen to you on your Naxos Vacations. So, plan your Greece yacht charter soon!



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