Indulge in a Mediterranean affair in Italy

‘When life gives you twist and turn chique yourself up in Italy!’ 

While the great poet Shelly rightly remarked Italy as the Paradise of exiles, it is surely much more than that. Tourists around the world have regarded Italy as the most celebrated destinations on the planet. A 7-day yacht tour to Italy goes on to be one of the most breathtaking experiences that you can ever associate yourself with. Yacht Charter Italy along the Amalfi coast opens your eyes to the truth, wipes out that feeling of tiredness and adds colors to your boring everyday ventures.

The land of Volcanoes and Good food:

While some remember Italy for its volcanic galore, others regard it as vibrant and restless. Particularly if you are a foodie, you will absolutely fall in love with the plethora of delicacies that Italy presents you. Book a yacht charter along the Italy coast now and dip yourself in a sumptuous breakfast.

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The Italian city of Naples presents a charming atmosphere with a colorful side to it. Hospitality is at its best and an Italy yacht charter will ensure clutterless daunting. Look for the yachting itinerary and select the best suitable holiday destination in this city. Italian people are cordial and know to treat tourists with perfect compassion.

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The Amalfi Coast may offer endless possibilities:

While tourists around the world regard this coast as stunning and appealing, it is often difficult to select where to start from. A yacht charter Italy opens room for possibilities and is one of the reasons why you want to come back to Amalfi very soon. The Amalfi Coast stands on the western coastline and it has got some pretty impressive cliffs and deep blue sea as an icing on cake.


Irrespective of whether you are or are not a photographer, the superb view of the entire coast will force you to pop your camera out from the closet. Travelling in a yacht has its own leverage. But how to explore the rest of the mainland?

Right after you get down from the yacht, you may enjoy a pretty bus ride to Amalfi. Experience the best of Italian scenery along this ride while you may travel further down to Maiori and Salerno. Taste the Limoncello in Sorrento and refresh your travel bugs as you get back to y our yacht for a more thrilling journey ahead.

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Be the Voyager of Venice

Tourist attractions along the Mediterranean coast are plenty, and this is exactly why a yacht tour around the Mediterranean is a must. Claimed to be one of the most romantic places on earth, a yacht trip to Venice signifies tales of narrow streets, the sight of gondolas, and the intricate web of canals and waterways.

A vacation in Italy will present you a unique opportunity to experience the sight of the lovely Palazzo Grassi and Accademia Bridge. But the prime attraction, however, is offshore. Get down from your yacht and make a short trip to the Saint Basilica Church. Legend has it that the intricate architecture has borrowed resemblances from Byzantine and early Venetian types.

When is the perfect time to take a trip to Italy?

To appease the crazy travel bugs, anytime is a good time for a Luxury Yacht Charter in Italy. The Mediterranean region, however, can best be enjoyed from April to October. Due to the huge demand for yacht travel, permissible weather conditions of July and August are the most suitable. Before even planning for a yacht tour, make sure that you have a thorough idea of the weather conditions there and carry out the necessary arrangements.

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Choice of yacht travel itinerary:

While tourists normally prefer the catamaran or crewed chartered boats, smaller groups can even opt for sailboats and super luxurious yacht charter.

Shop with utmost passion and compassion anywhere around Italy. Get the best deal for Intarsia Sorrentina, a wooden music box that only a perfectionist can understand the beauty of. Italy is immensely relaxing and what is even relaxing is a yacht tour around Italy. Be rest assured that if there is anything you would like to cherish till your end, it’s a Yacht Charter Italy tour.



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