Indulge in Water Sports on Your Honeymoon Trip aboard a Yacht in Male

Just married? Or looking for a second honeymoon? Well, you can opt for a yacht charter in Male! Yachting while you are on your honeymoon – for adventurous couples, can truly be a great way out! Rather than those candlelight dinners and romping in the room, you can dedicate those few days exploring the wild side of yourselves and cruising around on the Indian Ocean.


The capital city of the island of Maldives, Male is built in a grid fashion with the turquoise lagoon completely blowing away your mind. A crewed catamaran is the best model to ensure that you don’t miss out on those water activities.

Male offers you a range of fishes (tuna and bonito), breadfruit, and coconuts. Known as the King’s island – it has some of the best reefs, alive and kicking!


Play with the Male waters

Why not hotels but a catamaran from boat rental services in Male? Well, the multiple water sports that the Indian Ocean has for you are one of the many reasons. Launching directly from the catamarans, you need not make any extra preparation.

  • Snorkeling:

Not a swimmer? Snorkeling is your sport! The Maldives has a number of trained professionals to guide you in this trip beneath the shores as the lionfish, snappers, oriental sweetlips, and angelfishes await you! 

  • Kayaking:

If you are traveling on a catamaran, you must have an extra boat aboard. Just unlock and detach it from your vessel and ride down the turquoise seascape. Male waters are no less heavenly!

  • Kite surfing:

If you plan to give underwater activities a break for the day – kite surfing is a great option. Anchor your catamaran near the coast and rise in the sky like a kite. To see the blue waters from up above the blue skies has its own charm!

  • Scuba Diving:

It is one of the best activities to try out when you rent a yacht charter in Male. Keep your oxygen mask in place and dive down into the deep blue waters with your partner. From seahorses to anemones to barrier reefs – there’s a wildlife haven in the waters of Maldives.

  • Underwater walking:

What if you get a chance to view the ecstatic underwater creatures in their original habitat? Underwater walking will give you a chance to get that feeling. Change in your catamaran and dive down with your partner – the lagoon triggerfish is waiting for you!


Why yachting in Male – and that too on a catamaran?

Sail in the pristine blue waters of this island with your partner by your side is the best and the most unique way to enjoy your honeymoon. Add to that, some lip-smacking seafood with a bottle of red wine offered by your onboard chef. Also, you can plan out the itinerary with the captain and prepare your day accordingly when sailing aboard a catamaran. 



In case you wish to visit the floating market of Maldives or check out the marine life with a dinghy trip, you can simply anchor your vessel and take a break. Clearly, you have ample reasons to choose boat rental services in Male for your honeymoon trip.

There’s just one point that you must be careful about. If you wish to have a skippered catamaran for this trip, then do contact the respective owners in advance. After all, you can add that perfect charm to your special days with your preferred yacht charter in the Maldives. Wish you a safe journey!

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