Ibiza Boat Party

Take pleasure in the breathtaking sunset of Ibiza on board the most exclusive sailing and motor yachts in the Balearics for your Ibiza boat party! Among the very best approaches to relish and experience Ibiza is by sea. Find the breathtaking Ibiza shoreline and see the island from an entirely different perspective.
There are guided tours and you can have fun in the sea with water toys or you also could just take a dive into the large drink. It’s possible for you to hire a boat for a day or on a weekly basis, so take a look about and see what suits you.


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Our place has very renowned areas for luxury Ibiza yacht party, the Balearic Islands are considered a paradise on earth in the Mediterranean Sea, so if you are seeking the right boat charter, please get in contact with us, we’re specialists in our waters and the very best areas, we’ll provide you the best charter vacation ever.
The Balearic Islands are a great yacht charter destination, every year thousands of happy customers share on the internet every season them impressive photographs covering a huge place of the Isles and revealing our diversity that is fabulous and also showing them unforgettable experiences.

What could possibly be better when compared to a wonderful day out at ocean with a large group of fun loving folks, incredible music with the best Dj’s as well as live music & onboard amusement?
Wild, hot and crazy is the best method to spell out the Ibiza yacht party! 

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Ibiza and Formentera are a natural wonderland onshore, since The hayfield of Neptune grass which lies within the marine reserve between both Islands and as result we have transparent and very turquoise waters, like the Caribbean Sea.
During the spring, summer and fall the temperatures are warm and hot, we’ve got amazing beaches, great restaurants, awesome clubs and beach clubs, enormous variety in local gastronomy and four and five stars hotels and privates villas to stay at and the most significant, Your Boat Holiday have chosen for you the finest crewed yachts, luxury yachts charter and super-yachts charter which you can lease and have a extraordinaire holiday and Ibiza yacht party around our Isles.
Our business objective is easy – to supply first class customer service and amazing value to the top yachts. We are aware how vital your holiday are for you, and we will do our best to ensure you like the experience and we need you will return again. 

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You have to do it on a luxurious yacht charter if you would like to truly experience the very best of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands (check our Balearics Sailing Itineraries for day cruise, week-end and weekly charters and 14 days yacht rentals). The area offers 125 miles (200 km) of breathtaking coastline and around 50 of some of the world´s most pristine shores. When you combine being close to wonderful nearby isles like Formentera, you’ve got access to an endless array of special, sun drenched points of interests and actions that comprise shopping, dining, exploring historical sites, sunbathing and partying.

A cruise around Ibiza normally carries a stop over at Santa Eulalia, a tour of the regions North Coast and its amazing, tranquil shores as well as a stop in Sant’Antonio, famous for its stunning sunsets and vibrant nightlife and stop over in the Old Port of Ibiza, all amazing places that every visitor takes time to investigate. Due to the regions tough, exceptional beauty, the isle is also a favourite destination for the movie industry.

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While Ibiza has the reputation of being somewhat of a “party” island, it actually offers the yachting enthusiasts a wealth of brilliant natural beauty to explore, lot of tranquil coves to find and plenty of outstanding cultural activities to enjoy. As a matter of fact, major sections of the island, including “God´s Finger” which is situated in Benirras Bay, have been registered as World Heritage Sites, which shields them from development, making it possible to retain its natural beauty.

Ibiza is the best destination for all forms of boat charters to chartering a high-end super yacht that is gorgeous, researching the breathless Balearic Islands in Spain and Ibiza in extravagant fashion from conventional sailing. One of many reasons a high-end yacht charter in Spain is a popular vacation alternative is the places consistent easterly winds, making Ibiza the perfect, year round sailing destination. Another advantage of yachting in the region is that in only 4 to 12 hours most can be reached from Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza along with the Spanish mainland.

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Ibiza offers all of the primary aspects for a crewed yacht charter in Spain including, amazing ports, world class restaurants and shopping and exciting day trip destinations like lovely Formentera. A favorite family escape charter includes joining the visit with a stop over in magnificent Mallorca, experiencing two of the Balearic Islands on an identical holiday. Be sure to contact ProYachts for ideas and itinerary suggestions; It will be our pleasure to help you plan an unforgettable vacation experience in Ibiza and also the Balearic Island on the luxury yacht charter in Spain of your choice together with introduce you to all of our charter options that are diverse.

A luxurious charter in Spain, in addition to all of the other places we service, will supply you with endless opportunities as well as a memorable experience to view the exceptional landscapes from the warm pure waters of the West Mediterranean. We really service several amazing destinations in the Mediterranean Sea as well as our representatives will probably be happy to help you decide on the very best ones predicated in your personal preferences.



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