How to spend a lovely sailing holidays in the Philippines cruising El Nido Palawan to Coron Island

The ordinariness (and some might say the ugliness) of El Nido, in Philippines, merely heightens the contrast between the ordinary as well as the sublime. For ‘the nest’ Spanish, El Nido is the gateway to the wonderful Bacuit Archipelago. The town, sandwiched between towering limestone karst cliffs and Bacuit Bay, is littered with buildings that creep onto the beach and companies that cater to tourists. Centre stage is the looming Cadlao Island just offshore.

Sailing holidays in the Philippines

Choosing a room in town means being close to beachside taverns and restaurants, but closer to the regular sights and sounds you can remain in one of many nearby communities, or splash some cash for accommodation in the archipelago itself. Something of a French invasion is occuring amongst lodging, restaurant and other tourism related companies.

Being a real province situated in the west part of the Philippines. Palawan is included for about 1780 islands and islets. The capital and most populated city is Puerto Princesa, situated in the east coast of the main island, Palawan.

This coastal municipality is home to stunning beaches, islands and lagoons. Coron, in the north of Palawan is among the most important diving places in the world.

Cruising El Nido Palawan to Coron Island

Coron is most likely the best diving spot in the Philippines. WW2 japanese wrecks could be visited all year round. Shores, isles and islets around El Nido are the principal atraction of Palawan. The tourism in El Nido has experienced a big climbing in the last years, but still keeping many desert beaches.

Palawan has a dry season from December until May followed with Norh East widns. The temperature runs.

Domestic flights are operated by the airports of Busuanga and Puerto Princesa to the primary cities of the Philippines. Daily flights link Palawan with Cebu Manila and Iloilo. The key airlines operating in Palawan are Air Asia, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air.
There’s a service operated by the Shipping line 2GO Journey joining Puerto Princesa and Coron City with all the capital, Manila.

There are hotels and resorts all around the state of Palawan. El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa are the main tourist destinations. Go to the booking web site to get costs and availability for your dates.

Sailing Holidays in the Philippines: 

El Nido is important tourist destination and a coastal settlement on the Philippines island of Palawan. El Nido consists of 45 isles and islets; limestone cliffs are found here, which form a Karst backdrop similar to those found in Krabi, Ha Long Bay and Guilin. El Nido is a popular destination for locals during the long holidays of Holy Week but, until lately, has been comparatively unknown to foreign tourists. Beaches, clear waters (away from the principal town), jungle, steep limestone cliffs and gorgeous inlets make for amazing seascapes.

Before El Nido became saturated with tourists, fishing and picking swift nests (“Nido”) were the chief source of income. Now tourism is now the major source of earnings in the municipality. The beachfront place has exploded in popularity through the years and is largely a celebration place with overpriced food and beverages. However tremendous tour groups are nowhere to be seen. El Nido is, in addition, known for water sports such as snorkelling, diving and kayaking. Water quality round the primary beach is inferior, with garbage collection in the main shore and boat oil. Swimming isn’t recommended.

Breathtaking views of nature are the main reason to go to with El Nido. Bacuit Bay composes of limestone islands, where its potential to hike, snorkel or dive.

The easiest method is on an island. These boats take 8′-15 people and certainly will visit four or five isles in a day. The boats usually take set routes named A to D, but can change depending on tides and weather. Easy to conserve cash! The trip takes one day (ca. 9:00-16:00), normally comprises a good lunch and can be arranged from most guesthouses and travel agencies in El Nido. El Nido municipality additionally charges P200 as an Environmental fee that is valid 10 days.

For those who have time, go for overnight island hopping (3 days 2 nights is a good alternative) where you get to camp on deserted isle ala Survivor fashion. (Though most areas you are able to be dropped at are comprised in the daily island hopping tours.) It provides you the most excellent option to visit lots more isles that are contained in those bundle package tours but at your own leisure time. Find a few more people to get a far greater rate. Urged place a booth at Aplaya Restaurant, look for Nhel who’ll give you the top prices and arrangements.

“The Philippine Experience” offers an insight into The Philippines & it’s folks. More than only a “cultural tour”, there is a chance to get off the beaten track with boating / fishing, trekking, a mini cooking course, making coconut oil, coconut tree climbing, attempting local crafts, skills & games. It runs Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm.

Mountain Biking
There are numerous destinations to see… even Nacpan beach is possible for the adventuresome. “Discover El Nido”, next to Jointly Pension, on Calle Amboy street offer good rates and provide a map/guide detailing 12 routes. Taking the funding, wholesome solution to see El Nido rewards travellers with paths through traditional villages along forest trails, roads and dirt tracks. For the daring, rivers, rice fields, coconut groves, hot springs, mangroves, waterfalls, caverns and off-the-beaten-track beaches expect.

The western side of El Nido township can be found in the darkness of an impressive steep cliff face which is just the visible portion of an even more remarkable headland. Though as you have to climb over sharp rocks, the hike is rather daring. Good footwear is crucial. As it can be very hot on top, it is advisable by 7am or at 2pm. Make sure to employ a licensed tour guide. One may be availed by you at the El Nido Tourism Office or at Artcafe. “Canopy Walk” At Barangay Maligaya behind the Barangay hall there is El Nido’s Canopy walk for the less seasoned hikers, still giving you a great view over town and the bay. There’s an entrance fee. Pass to book this by El Nido Tourism Office in calle Hama.

Most beautiful beaches
From where you’ll be dropped off, itis a brief walk down a dirt road. There is likewise an island with some OK snorkeling which can be reached readily wading through waist deep water.
There’s a generally empty shore right north of the El Nido airport if you are trying to find some isolation (tricycle ride :P150). Choose a tricycle taxi to Nacpan beach (P1000-1500).

El Nido underwater
Bacuit Bay consists of islands with limestone cliffs which are perfect for climbing.
Diving and snorkelling: The most popular task is island hopping costing from P1200 a day including snorkel equipment and BBQ lunch. There are 4 basic day trips to choose from could be reserved from all over town and called Tour A to D. The quality of the boat, guides & tour depends on who you reserve it through.

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