How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Italy?

We are pretty sure that at least 90% of the bucket lists of each of you are marked at least one Italian destination. Is it not so by chance? Boat charters in Italy are a unique experience to enjoy with both family and friends and if you are now ready to turn your dreams into reality and you are wondering how much it costs to rent a yacht in Italy, well this is the right item for you.

Before reading this article, don’t miss our summary of prices for yacht charter in Italy aboard motorboats, catamarans and sailboats:

  • Prices for yacht charter in Italy from 55 to 90 feet: 10.000,00 € / 70.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Prices for catamaran charter in Italy from 38 to 55 feet: 3.000,00 € / 20.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Prices for sailboat charter in Italy from 38 to 60 feet: 1.500,00 € / 20.000,00 € per week + extras

All you have to know about prices for chartering a yacht in Italy


The Italian waters assure their guests many opportunities in terms of destinations, atmosphere, and taste. Starting from the northern area, you can start enjoying the “Italian Riviera”, we are talking about Liguria, Cinque Terre, that continues in Tuscany (Isola d’Elba, Argentario and so on). The most famous and requested areas are definitively the Amalfi Coast (worldwide known for Capri, Ischia, Napoli, Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, etc), Sardinia (the most visited part of Sardinia are the northern one, called the “Emerald Coast” with her Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, La Maddalena, the Bonifacio Strait that you meet sailing between Sardinia and Corsica, Olbia, Portisco, Cannigione and so on) and Sicily, with her vulcanic archipelagos (like the Aeolian Islands and the Aegadian Islands, and also for Palermo, Taormina, Siracusa and more amazing spots to explore aboard a boat).


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Depending on your interests, in terms of activities, atmosphere, etc you can share with YourBoatHoliday‘s Charter Brokers all your preferences and needs, in order to accomplish them and so that our Managers can recommend you the best Italian sailing areas for your crew.

Few important notes to consider:

– The charter season in Italy can start around mid-April and it usually ends at the beginning of October. The high season period goes from June to August;
– The standard charter period is 7 days, with fixed dates from Saturday to Saturday, especially if you’re aboard to charter a sailboat or a catamaran. Aboard a crewed motor yacht you could have more flexibility in terms of dates but the minimum duration is usually always a week. In Italy, most of the motorboats can usually be rented with skipper/fully crewed, while catamarans and monohulls (always depending on the dimension of the vessel) can be rented also in bareboat. Another option is the gulet charter, that can be available for exclusive charters (when you rent the whole boat) or for cabin charter.
– The types of charter available in Italy are bareboat, skippered or crewed;


If you want to know more about prices for a yacht charter in Italy continue reading.

What type of boat (sailing or motor yacht)


If you want to know all the possible boats to rent in Italy, here is a list of the models

  • Motor yacht charter
  • Catamaran rental 
  • Sailboat charter 
  • Gulet cabin / exclusive charter

If you are an experienced sailor and you would like to drive the boat by yourself, then you can decide between monohull or multihull sailing boat, that are the only available for charters without skipper in Italy. A catamaran is more spacious, both internally and externally, more stable but surely slower than a sailboat. A monohull has less space, but it’s faster and more lending.


On the other hand, wishing to have all the comforts and luxuries of a 5 star charter holiday, then the most suitable choice for you is definitely a motor yacht, fully equipped, fully crewed to assure you top-level services.

If you are evaluating private yacht charter in Italy, then you opt between bareboat, skippered or crewed rental in Italian islands and waters.


Prices for crewed, skippered, and bareboat charter?


If you are not an experienced sailor and you don’t have a valid sailing license, then you will have to opt for a skippered/crewed charter. Knowing the type of cruise you will join is the starting point to allow our Managers to take care of your inquiry and assure you the best assistance for your charter. When you decide to enjoy a yacht charter in Italy, after contacting our brokers by email, phone or texting, they will immediately start selecting the most competitive and appropriate boats for your group. Keep in mind that you can customize the sailing itinerary and that our Manager is always available for replying to your questions, sharing alternatives and transparent explanations.

So let’s start from the type of charter:

  • Crewed charter;
  • Skippered (Bareboat + skipper) charter;
  • Bareboat charter;
  • Cabin charter;

When you rent a yacht that has a full crew aboard (not only the captain) you’re about to enjoy a crewed charter. Depending on the dimension of the boat and on the services provided by the charter company and required by the customer, a crew can be composed in different ways:

Up to 80 feet yacht:
– Captain and deckhand;
– Captain and hostess;
– Captain and cook;
– Captain, deckhand, and hostess;
– Captain, deckhand, hostess, and cook;

Over 80 feet yacht, the crews are usually more complete and numerous and may include mechanics, more than one hostess, cook(s) and kitchen assistant, babysitter, and so on.


Naturally, all these services have a cost, that aboard a fully crewed yacht are usually included in the charter rate, while for sailboats/catamarans up to 55 feet can be extras (so on top of the boat price).


Hopefully, the above information has provided you with an overview of all the options you have for a boat holiday in Italy. So we can finally address the topic of this article: the real cost of renting a yacht in Italy. 

First of all, keep in mind that usually, all the expenses are on top of the charter rate, which includes the use of the boat for the rented period.


The best way to tell you all you have to know about prices for charter a yacht in Italy is to list the possible expenses of your charter below:

Here’s the listing of  costs to apply/consider:

  • Charter rate
  • Expenses / Extras (fuel, food, drinks, marinas, etc)
  • VAT (to be added on top of  crewed charter rate)
  • A.P.A. (to be added on top of crewed charter rate)
  • Security deposit (to be added on bareboat/skippered charters)
  • Tips (at the discretion of the client)

How much is to rent a yacht in Italy?


The price for charter a yacht in Italy mainly depends on the type of vessel and the services aboard, so per type  (sailing or motor), dimension (feet/meters), year of built, the number of cabins and bareboat or crewed rentals.

It’s possible to carry out three macro-categories to define the prices per type of charter:

  • Fully crewed Italy yacht charter prices;
  • Bareboat Italy yacht charter prices;
  • Prices to rent a yacht with skipper in Italy;

How much would cost renting a fully crewed yacht in Italy? 

If you are looking for the top-level services aboard, then you definitively have to rent a fully crewed yacht in the Caribbean: the crew will take care of everything, the internal and external cleaning, the driving of the boat, the maintenance, the cooking, etc. If you are satisfied at the end of this incredible experience then you can decide to leave a tip to the crew. We never recommend a percentage but we also prefer that the clients decide by themselves how much to reserve for this service. In some cases, it’s suggested to leave 10% of the charter rate.

The charter price of a fully crewed yacht ordinarily already includes the use of the boat for the booked period and the services of the crew (in some cases also docking in port at the main base and in this case it’s specified in the contract or in the booking confirmation). The extras not included are actually the expenses, that are always covered/anticipated by the A.P.A. (fuel, ports, food, drinks, etc) and the VAT, to consider on top of the charter rate.

Prices for bareboat boat rental in Italy: how much does it cost bareboat in Italy? 

If you already have a valid sailing license or if in your country you don’t need a license but you are an experienced sailor, then it means that you can rent a boat without a skipper. Usually, boats over 50/52 feet are available at least with skipper or with a crew. If you would like to rent a big boat, over 15 meters, keep in mind that in most of the cases there could already be captain or crew aboard.


When you rent a boat without a skipper, the charter price already includes VAT, the rental of the boat for the period required and (usually) the first and last night at base port (so if you will enjoy a one-way charter or to start/end from a different port, the port’s fees won’t be included).

All the expenses will be applied, as fuel, marinas, food, drinks, etc.

The difference between crewed and bareboat+skipper charters and the related costs

A boat available for bareboat sailing can be chartered also with skipper, which has an extra cost. Saying skippered or bareboat+skipper is the same thing. The difference between fully crewed and skippered (bareboat+skipper) charter is that a crewed yacht has a stable crew aboard, that work there regularly and as a team, while if you require a skipper then he will be hired by you for your charter. Naturally, the operators/yacht owners always assure to their customers the best skippers, to reserve them the best services and also to keep their boat in good hands.

The cost of a skipper can start from 180,00 / 200,00 Euro (+food) per day in the Caribbean, depending on the boat and the yacht owner.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Italy?


What really makes difference when you rent a boat in the Caribbean are the following topics: dimension, year of built, number of cabins, model of the boat, crewed or bareboat charter and equipments/comforts/features of the yacht) and period of the year (high/mid or low charter season).

Chartering a motor yacht in the Caribbean Sea can have approximately the following charter rates:

  • Prices to charter yacht in Italy from 55 to 60 feet: 15.000,00 USD / 30.000,00 USD per week + extras
  • Prices to charter yacht in Italy from 62 to 70 feet: 20.000,00 USD / 40.000,00 USD per week + extras
  • Prices to charter yacht in Italy from 70 to 90 feet: 30.000,00 USD / 70.000,00 USD per week + extras
  • Prices to charter yacht in Italy from 90 feet and over: 70.000,00 USD and up per week + extras

Let’s say that all the motorboats are available only with skipper/crew aboard (very few exceptions for smaller vessels, let’s say up to 55 feet) and it’s always required the A.P.A. to anticipate the expenses (A.P.A. stands for Advanced Provisioning Allowance).


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Depending on the dimension of the catamaran, the multihull (as monohull) can be rented in bareboat, with skipper or with crew aboard. Usually, catamarans have minim 4 cabins (in some cases they can have also the cabins for the skipper or the crew members and there are few “owner versions” with 3 cabins in total). As when you rent a motor yacht, the price of catamaran charter in Italy  depend on the same factors, like when you enjoy the trip, the model and shipyard of the boat, the year of built, all the comforts and equipments aboard (generator, A/C, water toys, etc) and so on. The newer and more equipped the catamaran is and the greater the cost to rent it.

Would you like to have an idea of the costs for catamaran charter in Italy? You are in the right place, just have a look below:

  • Catamaran charter prices in Italy from 38 to 42 feet: 3.000,00 €/ 6.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Catamaran charter prices in Italy from from 42 to 44 feet: 4.500,00 € / 8.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Catamaran charter prices in Italy from from 45 to 50 feet: 6.000,00 € / 18.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Catamaran charter prices in Italy from from 50 to 60 feet: 8.000,00 € / 30.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Catamaran charter prices in Italy from 60 feet and up: 25.000,00 € and up per week + extras

As you can easily understand reading the above, most o2f11wcatamarans from 45 feet usually have higher prices (and don’t forget that multihull from 45 feet always have the fly-bridge).

The extras (mandatory and optional ones) are always on top of the charter rate. Don’t miss all the helpful information about all the costs and prices for charter a catamaran in Italy.


Extras (that usually are) mandatory on top of Italy catamaran charter price:

  • Final Cleaning (from 100,00 Euro to 250,00 Euro per booking);
  • Bottle of gas (from 20,00 Euro);
  • Bed linen and towels for guests (from 10,00 to 20,00 Euro per persons per week);

Optional extras you can choose from during your catamaran charter in Italy:

  • Outboard engine (from 100,00 to 250,00 Euro);
  • Beach/Sea towels (from 10,00 to 20,00 Euro each);
  • Skipper/Captain (from 180,00 to 280,00 Euro per day+ food);
  • Hostess/Stewart (from 180,00 to 250,00 Euro per day + food);
  • Cook/Chef (from 180,00 to 300,00 Euro per day + food);
  • Wi-fi;
  • SUP (from 130,00 to 200,00 Euro per week);
  • Transfers from/to airport;
  • Refundable security deposit;


Monohulls are for sure the best choice for sea lovers. Starting from 30 feet (10 meters) up to 100 and over, you can choose between bareboat, skippered and luxury fully crewed rentals. Also in Italian waters, sailing charters aboard monohulls are available in bareboat up to 55 feet. All the sailboats over this dimension, captain and/or crew are mandatory aboard.

Don’t miss the below approximate charter rates to have a clear idea of how much does it cost renting a monohull in Italy:

  • Prices for sailboat in Italy from 38 to 42 feet: 1.500,00 €/ 3.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Prices for sailboat in Italy from 42 to 44 feet: 3.000,00 € / 4.500,00 € per week + extras
  • Prices for sailboat in Italy from 45 to 50 feet: 4.500,00 € / 8.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Prices for sailboat in Italy from 50 to 60 feet: 6.000,00 € / 20.000,00 € per week + extras
  • Prices for sailboat in Italy from 60 feet and up: 12.000,00 € and up per week + extras

Obligatory extras (usually) on top of Italy sailboat charter prices:

  • End cleaning (from 1000,00 Euro to 200,00 Euro);
  • Gas bottle (from 20,00 Euro);
  • Set of bed linen and towels per pax (from 10,00 to 20,00 Euro per week);


Not mandatory extras that you can add aboard your sailboat in Italy:

  • Outboard engine (from 100,00 to 200,00 Euro);
  • Beach towels (from 5,00 to 10,00 Euro each);
  • Skipper (from 150,00 to 220,00 Euro per day+ food);
  • Hostess (from 100,00 to 180,00 Euro per day + food);
  • Cook (from 100,00 to 180,00 Euro per day + food);
  • Wi-fi;
  • SUP (from 100,00 to 150,00 Euro per week);
  • Transfers from/to airport;
  • Refundable deposit;

Payment terms, tax and charter conditions


Below the most  common terms and payment conditions:

  • 50% of the Yacht Charter Price upon signing the contract (at confirmation). The balance is then due within 30 days before the departure. Alternatively, 30% of the Charter Rate upon confirmation and 70% within 45 days before the charter embarkation;
  • Extras and deposit upon embarkation;


In case o fully crewed charters the A.P.A. has always to be paid together with the balance (30 or 45 days before the departure, as per contract).

Special offers and discounts


In order to get the most competitive deals on the charter market for yachting holidays in Italy, contact our staff and rent your boat in Italy with Your Boat Holiday:

  • Early bookings discounts for yacht charters in Italy;
  • Last-minute discounts for Italy boat charter;
  • Prolonged period discounts for sailing the Italian waters;
  • Yourboatholiday special discounts for Italy yacht charter holidays;

Important note: Usually, discounts are not combinable.


Your Boat Holiday is the charter company leader in worldwide private yacht rentals, with 5-star reviews and top-level services, 24/7 assistance, extremely professional charter brokers, that always reserves the most competitive deals to her new and repetitive customers.

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