How much does a St Barts yacht charter vacation cost?

White sand beaches are surrounded by coral reefs, lush vegetation that slopes down to the sea, spectacular views, and a truly vibrant nightlife: Saint Barts is this and much more. One of the most exclusive destinations in the Caribbean, it has become the exclusive vacation spot for the wealthiest, who often land here, mooring their majestic superyachts offshore.


Among the islands of this corner of the Caribbean, Saint-Barthélémy (this is its full name) is certainly the most exclusive destination to organize a charter yacht holiday. Located south-east of Saint Martin and north-west of Saint Eustatius, the island, more familiarly called Saint-Barts, consists of the main island in the shape of a boomerang (with a total length of about 10 kilometers and a total area of ​​about 25 square kilometers), surrounded by smaller and uninhabited islets.

On 22 February 2007, the island became part of the Overseas Collectivity of France and is considered a luxury destination; for this reason, hotels and resorts with less than four stars can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

A very important aspect, Saint-Barthélemy is a free port, which is exempt from taxes. Prices in stores are, on average, 15% lower than in Europe and the United States. However, not all businesses follow this trend, as they calculate their prices on American purchasing power. The same goes for the restaurants, which, given the chic setting of the island, mainly offer refined dishes at a fairly high price.

In this article, we try to understand how much a boat trip in St Barts costs or, better, the costs that make up this kind of holiday.

To do this, we have defined some questions that we usually ask our customers to answer to allow us to select the boats that best suit their requests, evaluate alternatives and dispel any possible doubts:

What costs are included, and what is not in the charter fee? 

The price of chartering a yacht with a crew usually includes using the boat for the agreed period and the crew service. 

When renting a boat, you must always consider the supply costs, the so-called APA (advance provisioning allowance).

It is a lump sum payment that covers all your onboard expenses during your yacht charter fuel, ports, food, drinks, etc.).

Another cost concern the VAT, which is usually considered separately from the indicated rental cost.

St Barts yacht charter prices

Those one listed hereunder are the average costs for a one-week charter in St Barts, divided by boat typology:

Motor yacht

Cost of renting a motor yacht for a week in St Barts:

  • Yacht with maximum length from 55 to 60 feet: 15,000.00 € / 30,000.00 € per week + extra
  • Yacht with maximum length from 62 to 70 feet: 20,000.00 € / 40,000.00 € per week + extra
  • Yacht with maximum length from 70 to 90 feet: 30,000.00 € / 70,000.00 € per week + extra
  • Yacht with maximum length over 90 feet: from 70,000.00 € + extra


Cost of chartering a catamaran for a week in St Barts:

  • Catamaran with maximum length from 38 to 42 feet: € 3,000.00 / € 8,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 42 to 44 feet: € 4,500.00 / € 10,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 45 to 50 feet: € 10,000.00 / € 25,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 50 to 60 feet: € 15,000.00 / € 60,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length over 60 feet: from € 25,000.00 per week + extra

Sailing monohull

Cost of renting a sailboat for a week in St Barts:

  • Sailboat with maximum length from 38 to 42 feet: € 1,500.00 / € 6,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 42 to 44 feet: € 3,000.00 / € 8,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 45 to 50 feet: € 4,500.00 / € 12,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 50 to 60 feet: € 6,000.00 / € 20,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length over 60 feet: from € 12,000.00 per week + extra

Payment terms:

50% of the charter rate must be paid upon the contract signature, and the balance within 30 days before departure. Alternatively, 30% of the charter rate upon confirmation and 70% within 45 days before boarding.

Finally, in the case of full-crewed charters, the A.P.A. is always due together with the balance (30 or 45 days before departure).

When will your St Barts yacht vacation take place?

Saint Barts is an island with a tropical climate, therefore hot all year round and with temperatures generally between 28-32 degrees Celsius during the day and minimum temperatures of around 21-23 ° C, ideal for a perfect sea holiday to experience aboard a charter yacht.

Regarding rainfall, tropical showers are generally felt in May and throughout the summer, especially in August and September, when hurricanes are also possible. On the other hand, a pleasantly dry climate is found during winter and early spring.

It is doubtless that booking a trip during the high season (December – April) will result in higher rental commissions, while doing so during less touristy periods can mean better conditions and discounts.

Prenotando il vostro charter con largo anticipo e fissando la data della partenza tra aprile e i primi di novembre (periodo di riapertura delle strutture prima dell’alta stagione), si può riuscire a prenotare il soggiorno saving up to 20% on the full price.

Similarly, choosing a last-minute booking, i.e., within three weeks from the departure date, can be a good way to save up to 30% of the list price. However, in this case, there is generally little choice regarding the type of boat and accommodation on board.

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What kind of boat do you need?

It is clear as a higher kind of boat corresponds to a higher charter fee.

Of course, according to the number of guests who get on board, you will need a different kind of boat, and this will highly affect the price.

The type of boat you want to charter must meet your needs, both in terms of comfort and in terms of space required.

In general, there are three main types of boat, as follows:

  • Motor yacht
  • Catamaran
  • Sailboat

It may seem obvious, but much of the cost incurred for renting a boat (anywhere in the world) depends on the type, size, and age of the vessel you want to rent. 

In general, we can say that motor yachts are the most expensive boats, followed by catamarans and then sailboats. The average weekly rental price for a medium-sized catamaran is between 2,000 and 3,000 euros per day, based on its size and whether it is a power or sailing catamaran.

Finally, it is important to consider that, for the same size, a newly built boat will have a higher rental cost than one already dated, with price differences that can sometimes be quite significant.

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Will you be sailing alone or with a crew on board?

Whether to have a crew on board and, if so, what kind of it is a crucial aspect that affects the charter’s final cost.

It depends on two main factors. The first concerns whether whoever hires the boat owns a nautical license. The second is instead linked to the size of the chartered boat.

Generally, self-steering a boat is allowed only for small sailboats or catamarans. This is because, as a rule, for larger-size boats, brokers require a crew on board even if you are an experienced sailor (even if only a skipper).

If you do not have a skipper license or, in any case, you do not want to be engaged in the vessel navigation; you will have to budget a fixed daily amount for a skipper and (if necessary) an on-board crew who takes care of the management of the boat at sea and in port.

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What will be your St Barts island spot itinerary?

Arriving by plane in Saint Barts, it is impossible not to pass through Gustavia. The city, the island’s capital, welcomes you with the delicate geometry of its red roofs and the splendid bay dotted with white boats in a pleasant mix of European architecture expertly inserted in a typically tropical natural setting.

The name Gustavia derives from the Scandinavian, that is when France sold the island to the Swedish, which named the city in honor of Gustav III, king of Sweden. Subsequently, the island returned to France in 1878 while maintaining its particular name.

Gustavia Airport is located north of the city center, and the runway ends at the beautiful St. Jean Beach. Gustavia is an elegant city, full of exclusive and classy shops and excellent quality restaurants, and is an ideal place to stroll in the evening in search of a fresh breeze.

The island offers more than a dozen beautiful sandy beaches, and considering the small size of the island, this is almost a first!

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Among the fourteen beaches of the island, all strictly covered by white sands bathed by turquoise and crystalline waters, we certainly remember Shell Beach, the small beach south of Gustavia, the beautiful St. Jean, divided into two parts by Eden Rock, a promontory on which stands a well-known hotel. Another dream beach, generally less crowded, is located in the south of the island and is called Anse des Salines, so little frequented that it often welcomes practitioners of the full nude.

An excellent choice for families are the two beaches called Petit, and Grand Cul de Sac, which is very collected in deep bays, always have calm waters and are favorable for safe swimming. Finally, on the northern tip of the island, there are other splendid beaches such as Anse des Flamands and Anse De Colombier.

Speaking of a luxury yacht charter in St Barts, it is important to underline that it will undergo a considerable variation in price depending on whether you decide to stay around the island, circumnavigating it and appreciating every glimpse, port, cove, and inlet, or if your intention is also to reach the surrounding Caribbean islands, such as St Maarten or Anguilla.

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