How much does a South of France yacht charter vacation cost?

Eager to get to know the beautiful South of France? If you want to take a trip a little different than usual, discovering beautiful places, cities, and villages full of charm, often off the beaten track, then a charter yacht holiday in the South of France is just the thing for you.

The French Mediterranean coast offers its visitors a large number of opportunities from all points of view: naturalistic, scenic, and historical, and most travelers agree that the most beautiful villages in France are located in the southern regions.

On the other hand, France is diverse, with cities and towns that allow you to enjoy the sea, nature, historical monuments, and entertainment in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, all accompanied by excellent gastronomy.

Visiting the South of France aboard a charter yacht is a fantastic option for any tourist: young couples, families with children, or company of friends. The Côte d’Azur and Provence guarantee magnificent views, a crystal clear blue sea in which to dive, and an infinite number of entertainment options, including beach parties, casinos, and clubs.


Those listed hereunder are the average costs for a one-week charter in the South of France, divided by boat typology:

Motor yacht

Cost of renting a motor yacht for a week in the South of France:

  • Yacht with maximum length from 55 to 60 feet: € 15,000.00 / € 30,000.00 per week + extra;
  • Yacht with maximum length from 62 to 70 feet: € 20,000.00 / € 40,000.00 per week + extra
  • Yacht with maximum length from 70 to 90 feet: € 30,000.00 / € 70,000.00 per week + extra
  • Yacht with maximum length over 90 feet: from € 70,000.00 + extra


Cost of chartering a catamaran for a week on the French Riviera:

  • Catamaran with maximum length from 38 to 42 feet: € 3,000.00 / € 6,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 42 to 44 feet: € 4,500.00 / € 8,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 45 to 50 feet: € 6,000.00 / € 18,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 50 to 60 feet: € 8,000.00 / € 30,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length over 60 feet: from € 25,000.00 per week + extra

Sailing monohull

Cost of renting a sailboat for a week in the South of France:

  • Sailboat with maximum length from 38 to 42 feet: € 1,500.00 / € 3,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 42 to 44 feet: € 3,000.00 / € 4,500.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 45 to 50 feet: € 4,500.00 / € 8,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 50 to 60 feet: € 6,000.00 / € 20,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length over 60 feet: from € 12,000.00 per week + extra

Payment terms:

50% of the charter rate must be paid upon the contract signature and the balance within 30 days before departure. Alternatively, 30% of the charter rate upon confirmation and 70% within 45 days before boarding.

Finally, in the case of full-crewed charters, the A.P.A. is always due together with the balance (30 or 45 days before departure).

What costs are included, and what is not in the charter fee? 

Charter crewed yacht prices usually include the use of the boat for the agreed period and the crew service. 

When renting a boat, you must always consider the supply costs or, better, the so-called APA (advance provisioning allowance).

It is a lump sum payment that covers all of your onboard expenses during your yacht charter, like fuel, ports, food, drinks, etc.

Another cost concerning the yacht rental is the VAT which is usually considered separately from the indicated rental cost.

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South of France yacht charter prices

Although this French region is often associated with expensive tourism and exorbitant prices, the cost of a yacht charter can also vary considerably depending on various factors, including the rental period, the type of boat chosen, etc.

To answer the question: “how much does a boat trip cost to the south of France?” we wrote the following article where we will discuss, point by point, the various factors that make up the final price:

When will your S.o.F. yacht vacation take place?

The best time to travel to France runs from spring to early autumn, from late April to late September.

In southern France overlooking the Mediterranean, the climate becomes mild, with not particularly cold but rainy winters and sweltering and dry summers. Here the wettest period is autumn, and temperatures drop away from the Côte d’Azur and head west due to the frequent presence of the cold “mistral” wind.

The best time to visit Provence is the months of spring, especially May and June when nature is in bloom, and the climate is mild and sunny. Summer is also a great time, although the heat can sometimes be oppressive, especially in inland areas.

One of the most spectacular moments of the year in Provence is the flowering of lavender. To witness this marvel in its maximum splendor, which every year attracts thousands of visitors to the endless countryside covered by expanses of lavender, the best month is July.

If, on the other hand, yours will be a trip based only on sea and fun, the months of July and August are by far the best both in terms of weather, with low rainfall, and in terms of the vitality of coastal cities.

Booking a boat trip during the high season (July – August) will result in higher rental commissions, while doing so during less touristy periods can mean better conditions and discounts.

Early booking offers are also an excellent choice to save money. You can save up to 20% on the price by booking an insignificant advance.

Similarly, choosing a last-minute booking, i.e., within three weeks from the departure date, can be an excellent way to save up to 30% of the list price. However, in this case, there is generally little choice regarding the type of boat and accommodation on board.

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What kind of boat do you need?

According to the number of guests onboard, you will need a different kind of boat. This will highly affect the cost because a higher type of boat generally corresponds to a higher charter fee.

The type of boat you want to charter must meet your needs in terms of comfort and space required.

In general, there are two main types of boats, as follows:

  • Motor yacht
  • Catamaran
  • Sailboat

It may seem obvious, but much of the cost incurred for renting a boat (anywhere in the world) depends on the type, size, and age of the vessel you want to rent. 

In general, we can say that motor yachts are the most expensive boats, followed by catamarans. The average weekly rental price for a medium-sized catamaran is between 2,000 and 3,000 euros per day, based on its size and whether it is a power or sailing catamaran.

Finally, it is essential to consider that, for the same size, a newly built boat will have a higher rental cost than the one already dated, with price differences that can sometimes be quite significant.

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Will you be sailing alone or with a crew onboard?

Whether to have a crew onboard or not and, if so, what kind of it is a crucial aspect that affects the charter’s final cost.

It depends on two main factors—the first concerns whether whoever hires the boat owns a nautical license. The second is instead linked to the size of the chartered yacht.

Generally, self-steering a boat is allowed only for small sailboats or catamarans. This is because, as a rule, for larger-size boats, brokers require a crew on board even if you are an experienced sailor (even if only a skipper).

If you do not have a skipper license or, in any case, you do not want to be engaged in the vessel navigation; you will have to budget a fixed daily amount for a skipper and (if necessary) an on-board crew who takes care of the boat management at sea and in port.

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What will be your South of France spot itinerary?

The Côte d’Azur, but in general the French Mediterranean coast, holds a series of beautiful places in a perfect combination of corners of luxuriant nature, art, history, and worldly towns.

The stretch of coast from Menton to Cannes is one of the most famous in Europe. Sunny beaches overlooking a splendid turquoise sea, limpid and crystalline, inaccessible mountains behind the coast, in which picturesque villages nestle clinging to the steep rock. All are accompanied by lively and fashionable nightlife on the legendary promenades, on which every summer, movie stars and the numerous VIPs have made this stretch of coast walk.

The Côte d’Azur is undoubtedly the flagship of the French maritime regions. An ideal destination for those who love the sea, the sun, the beach life, and the nightlife of clubs and parties. But it is also a place capable of offering unprecedented itineraries, which range from the exceptional art galleries of the great Impressionist masters, who found inspiration here for their works in the vivid colors of Provençal nature, characteristic villages full of charm, and historical centers. that oscillates between the elegance of the luxurious villas of the 1920s and the medieval features, all immersed in a luxuriant nature. We are talking about places like Nice, Cannes, Antibes, and Saint Tropez, without forgetting the magnificent Principality of Monaco, the small but super exclusive kingdom home to the best yacht clubs in the area.

Speaking of yacht clubs and marinas, the cost of your charter boat holiday will suffer changes, even considerable ones, depending on the ports you decide to stop, mainly due to the required commissions.

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