How much does a Bahamas yacht vacation cost?

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During our work, one of the most frequently asked questions is: how much does a sailing or yacht vacation cost? What is included in the rental prices and what is not?

Since Your Boat Holiday pays great attention to offering its customers extreme professionalism and transparency, we have prepared this article dedicated to this topic, focusing on a sailing holiday in the Bahamas.



In order to answer this question, several aspects and factors must first be evaluated.

Knowing the type of rental that the customer wants is certainly the most important (and primary) point to allow us to assist him adequately. Our managers will thus be able to work for you by selecting the most suitable boats for your requests, evaluating alternatives, and answering all your related questions.

Let’s see what these aspects are:


When do you intend to travel to the Bahamas?

A first fundamental factor in determining the cost of a rental in the Bahamas is certainly the time of year in which you want to take your vacation.

In this regard, it must be considered that the high season (i.e. the most expensive) in the Bahamas is from mid-November to mid-March since in this period the climate is ideal and the weather conditions are optimal for navigating these waters.

This does not mean that you cannot choose different periods, such as spring or summer, but the risk of running into some passing thunderstorms increases.


What type of boat can be rented in the Bahamas?

Equally important in order to determine the price of a sailing holiday in the Bahamas is certainly the boat type choice.

The type of boat you want to charter must meet your needs, both in terms of comfort and in terms of space required based on the number of guests expected.

In general, there are four main types, as follows:

  • Motor yacht
  • Catamaran
  • Sailboat
  • Gulet

Each boat has its own characteristics and comforts, its advantages, and its trade-offs to keep in mind. Catamarans and motor yachts certainly offer more comfort in terms of indoor and outdoor spaces, entertainment, and water games and for this reason, they are usually more expensive than classic monohulls.



Do you need a skipper or a crew on board?

Closely related to the choice of the boat is the choice of the crew on board. Let’s see what are the options:

Choosing a crewed charter means chartering a yacht (sailing or motor) with crew members on board, not just the captain. The number of crew members depends on the boat size and the client’s needs. It can be very numerous but generally consists of at least one skipper, a sailor, a hostess (who usually takes care of the internal cleaning), and a cook.

The difference between the full crew and skippered charter (bareboat + skipper) is that a crewed yacht has a stable crew on board, who work there regularly just as a team, while a skipper is hired by you to your specific rental. Of course, travel brokers like Your Boat Holiday are able to provide their customers with the best skippers. So you don’t need to find one by yourself.


The cost of a skipper is around 180.00 / 200.00 dollars (+ food) per day in the Bahamas.

If, on the other hand, you already have a valid boat license and you are an experienced sailor, then the bareboat is the one for you, that is, renting a boat without a skipper.

Generally, this possibility is valid for sailing boats or catamarans, up to 50/52 feet in length, because a crew on board is usually required for larger boats.

Finally, if you want to combine this charter with the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy new experiences, then you can simply rent a cabin, share the boat with other people and share the costs. This option is often chosen by those who love to travel alone and is called “cabin charter”.


Where do you intend to cruise once you arrive in the Bahamas?

Another very important aspect to consider is the chosen itinerary.

The Bahamas is an archipelago of hundreds of islands that offer endless routes and alternatives as destinations for your charter. Hidden coves and bays, deserted islands and beaches, atolls lost in the crystalline sea, are at home in the Bahamas.

A destination example could be the Bimini archipelago, easily accessible from nearby Miami. Or the wonderful Exuma Cays, reachable starting from Nassau and sailing south.


How many days do you need to rent the yacht for?

When planning your Bahamas sailing vacation, don’t forget that the minimum number of charter days is 5 and that during the Christmas and New Year periods it is very likely that operators require a minimum of 10 charter days.

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What expenses are NOT included in the rental cost?

Chartering a crewed yacht price usually includes the use of the boat for the booked period and the services of the crew (in some cases also the mooring in the port at the main base).

Among the extra costs, the main ones concern the A.P.A. and VAT, to be considered in addition to the rental rate. (A.P.A. means Advanced Provisioning Allowance and is a lump sum payment that covers all of your onboard expenses during your yacht charter like fuel, ports, food, drinks, etc.).

To these costs must be added the security deposit (on bareboat rental) and tips for the crew (at the customer’s discretion)

Now that we have focused on the main aspects to consider when estimating the cost of chartering a boat in the Bahamas, we are ready to make concrete cost estimates, depending on the type of boat chosen.


Motor yacht

Cost of renting a motor yacht for a week in the Bahamas:

  • Yacht with maximum length from 55 to 60 feet: 15,000.00 USD / 30,000.00 USD per week + extra;
  • Yacht with maximum length from 62 to 70 feet: 20,000.00 USD / 40,000.00 USD per week + extra
  • Yacht with maximum length from 70 to 90 feet: 30,000.00 USD / 70,000.00 USD per week + extra
  • Yacht with maximum length over 90 feet: from 70,000.00 USD + extra



Cost of chartering a catamaran for a week in the Bahamas:

  • Catamaran with maximum length from 38 to 42 feet: € 3,000.00 / € 6,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 42 to 44 feet: € 4,500.00 / € 8,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 45 to 50 feet: € 6,000.00 / € 18,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length from 50 to 60 feet: € 8,000.00 / € 30,000.00 per week + extra
  • Catamaran with maximum length over 60 feet: from € 25,000.00 per week + extra
[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”How much does it cost to charter a motoryacht in the Bahamas?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Depending on the period of the year, duration and type of boat (dimension, year of built, equipment, etc) the cost to charter a yacht between 55 and 60 feet in the Bahamas is between 15.000,00 USD and 30.000,00 USD per week. [/sc_fs_faq]


Sailing monohull

Cost of renting a sailboat for a week in the Bahamas:

  • Sailboat with maximum length from 38 to 42 feet: € 1,500.00 / € 3,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 42 to 44 feet: € 3,000.00 / € 4,500.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 45 to 50 feet: € 4,500.00 / € 8,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length from 50 to 60 feet: € 6,000.00 / € 20,000.00 per week + extra
  • Sailboat with maximum length over 60 feet: from € 12,000.00 per week + extra

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Payment terms

In general, the payment terms required for the rental are as follows:

50% of the charter rate must be paid upon signature of the contract and the balance within 30 days before departure. Alternatively, 30% of the charter rate upon confirmation and 70% within 45 days before boarding.

Finally, in the case of full crewed charters, the A.P.A. is always due together with the balance (30 or 45 days before departure).

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