How Dreamy Can Yachting in BVI Get for You?

A kaleidoscope of transparent blue waters, unspoiled beaches having white sand and a spectacular snorkelling destination, yachting in BVI gets dreamier every time you visit.

If you are looking for true relaxation where your mind will be calm and away from the modern cacophony, then this is THE place to sail right now!

This sleepy mountain chain known as British Virgin Islands is a yachter’s paradise. With an area of 152 square kilometre and multiple ethnic groups to boast of, this chain of islands offers its visitors a sub-tropical humid climate which is timely moderated by the trade winds! Its azure skies, idyllic set-up, tropical gardens and rushing blue waves leave every traveller famished – wanting to delve deep into it.

When should you set sail?

An ideal time for you to avail a yacht charter in BVI is April with the hurricanes at bay and the tranquil waters prepping itself up for multiple water activities – snorkelling, kayaking and water-skiing.

Here are a few dreamy locations that you must anchor while yachting in BVI


When you rent a yacht charter in BVI to discover these islands – Tortola is your initial anchoring point. The take-ins? Cane Garden Bay, Long Bay, Frenchman’s Cay, Maria’s Bay – need we say more? From the authentic Caribbean dishes to the beer, it is this island’s understated beauty and the ancient ruins which will touch your heart.

Jost Van Dyke

Moving out from Tortola, take a visit to the Jost Van Dyke. Welcoming you with white sands and steep hills is the White Bay, sheltered by a protected barrier reef. Being the smallest of the lot, this offers you with its famous local rum, hiking opportunities and day-car tours.

With its prevalent Dutch culture still holding ground (the island is named after a Dutch ship’s captain), this little island is perfect for a day’s visit. Let the turquoise waters welcome you to its domain!

Virgin Gorda

Dock at the Spanish Town and settle down for the day within the Baths. This bay is distinctly known for its granite boulders which create specific snorkelling places and secret rock pools – a picturesque domain that will make you nostalgic of those old postcards!

If you are looking for a sports beach, North Sound is the one to check out. Offering a range of activities like hiking, skiing, parasailing – for the ‘not-so-adventurous kind’, this presents a trip via glass-bottomed boats to some of the secluded beaches.

Peter Island

As you sail down from Virgin Gorda, you will come across a series of small islets as – Ginger Island, Cooper Island, Salt Island and others. It is not only the largest private island of BVI but also has a rich history featuring pirates, explorers and slave traders. Specifically known for Sprat Bay and Deadman’s Bay, when you sail down here, it offers trails for hiking, bike ride, snorkelling and swimming opportunities.

Norman Island

Finally, as you decide to bid adieu to this domain, Norman Island with its anchorage opportunity is the one to check out. Make sure you reach this spot right in the morning and discover the caves which have stories to relive (locals believe that the Treasure Caves has hidden secrets)!

Yachting in BVI has its own charm. Moreover, now that you have the best spots with their details all laid out, bet you have already decided to sail away!



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