Here’s All You Need to Know about Cruising in Bahamas!


This very name makes your imaginations go wild as transparent blue waters, leisure times on beach and a good glass of chardonnay crop up.

Cruising in Bahamas is what you need if you want a relaxed vacation.


It is home to over 700 islands and 2400 cays. Sprinkling over 100,000 square miles in the Atlantic waters, this ecological oasis boasts of the clearest waters on earth to enjoy an incredible vacation.

Officially named as The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, this coral-based archipelago surges from the Atlantic Ocean. Stunning tropical features make it worth much more than just a cruising vessel stopover.

Bahamas! Vessels and places you can go for:

Vessels –

  • When it is about taking a luxurious cruising trip, what can offer better facilities than a catamaran with wide decks and private cabins available in sizes of 20 to 100 feet? Besides, they provide you with high stability when cruising in Bahamas, cutting through the westerlies. Their multi-hull built gives you a smooth sail even among the surrounding coral reefs.
  • Motor-powered watercrafts are some of classiest vessels in the world made for cruising with speed at 45 to 50 knots. Available in one or multi-cabin variants, these boats are a delight to sail in. You can hire them either for solo voyaging or with friends and family. Experience the sharp westerlies brushing through your face while speeding from one Cay of Bahamas to the other.
  • Bareboat sailboats are perfect for yacht charter in Bahamas if you seek this adventure. Make sure, you have your sailing license ready before opting for it. It is a mandatory safety requirement for availing bareboat services.

Places –

Nassau: This bustling metropolitan hub is the capital of Bahamas. It’s a striking example of Bahaman culture with all modern amenities available, unlike other islands and cays.

Shroud Cay: This uninhabited cay is the second destination on your itinerary while sailing on a yacht charter in Bahamas. Since anchorage is not allowed in the cay’s mooring areas; your vessel needs to drop anchor at this area. It is the northernmost cay of the Exuma Cays National Park.

Exuma Park: Exuma Park comes last when yachting in the Bahamas. It expands to over 100 miles and is the centre for a host of marine activities. Mornings are the best time for covering this sandbar, as that’s the time for low tide when you get to see most of the sand.

Basking in the glorious sunrise of the Bahamas as you lay relaxed on your deck soaking in all the Vitamin C, you need no more reason to be sure. This place is as enticing as it sounds and true to its heritage. The Bahamas have always been a symbol of style and panache as many celebrities dig this place for its calm climate.

There you are!

The Bahamas are a perfect destination to get phenomenal experiences of the tropical wild. So, book your vessel as the time’s ripe.



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