Heart pounding and unbelieving journey of Mallorca yacht charter

If you want to experience scuba diving adventure, yacht charter can make it possible for you. Entitled as one of the best in Mediterranean, sailing in Mallorca will take you to the world of beautiful meadows and sparkling scenes!

Weather conditions for sailing in Mallorca

If you are planning for a Mallorca yacht charter, you need to be regulated by weather conditions of navigating in this Island:

  • Because of sunshine for more than 300 days in a year, this island is entitled best for sailing experience.
  • Between March, June, and September-October, one can experience dominant wind coming from north of Balearics.
  • Southern shore of Island witnesses dominant warm breeze in summers.
  • The flow from western side of Island is encountered from Gulf line.

Mallorca Sailing Requirements

Following are the requirements of sailing in Mallorca while you plan for charter journey:

  • Requirements for skipper:
    • ICC certification from US sailing association
    • IPC certification from US Sailing association

So make sure, you choose for best and most reliable skipper for your memorable yacht chartering Mallorca journey.

Must visits while sailing in Mallorca yacht charter

  • Cabrera Archipelago National Park

When visitors take off from Mallorca towards the wind tides of Ibiza or Formentera, mentioned national park is a must visit on the same way. Visitors will encounter spectacular beauty of underwater meadows with groupers, octopi, dolphins and even loggerheaded turtles. There are around 30 species of endemic plants and other rare species of corals and fish. The area of this park covers a total of 10.021 hectares.

  • Port Andratx:

This port shares a popularity of the harbor with classic reputation and appearance. If you want to stop over at night with few drinks and enjoy some party time, you will have to visit this port while yacht chartering Mallorca. With the presence of celebrities’ Italian style villas, this is a fishing village with the fashionable resorts.

  • Sa Rapita:

Sa Rapita is entitled as the biggest beach in this region adorned by the white sands and crystal clear water. If you need a peaceful time with self and beauty of natural life, this is the best place for you to visit during your charter. Pine forest and sand dunes are the best features of Sa Rapita. The clear water of this region is shallow and hence, perfect for less adventurous adults and children to swim. If not anything, you can also engage in beach sports.  

How to start your Yacht Charter journey?

The yacht experience of this Island starts at heart of Palma De Mallorca which is 8 km away from the airport. If you are traveling from the UK, your flight duration will be 2 hours. Your journey will then originate to explore every segment through yacht chartering Mallorca experience.

If you are an experienced sailor, then you do not require an introduction to the ancient beauty of the town of Mallorca and vineyards with orange groves. All these enhance beauty of this island to a mesmerizing level.

How much to spend on yacht charter journey in Mallorca?

Following is a list of popular selections of Mallorca yacht charter to cherish your experience along with the approximate price of renting the same.

Sunsail 36i

Type: Monohull Yacht with 3 cabins

Price: 1,229$ for 7 nights

Sunsail 444

Type: Catamaran with 4 cabins

Price: 4,000$ for 7 nights

Sunsail 47

Type: Monohull with 4 cabins

Price: 2,700$ for 7 nights

If you are a new visitor to this island, you will leave this place with a promise to visit here again.

Mallorca yacht charter experience will bring immense opportunity to witness the natural beauty of biggest beaches and national park. Such an experience will always be counted as memorable memories when you will go back to your daily life. It will not be wrong to say that this destination is the best excuse and vacation spot to get away from your scheduled life and everyday troubles into a much-needed break. Recognize adventures associated with Yacht charter journey.

Don’t you want to feel this magical journey of yacht charter? The vacation to Mallorca is an astonishing experience that will leave you speechless with unforgettable memories of your life.

Every bit of this feeling is possible when you visit this island and experience the magnificent yacht chartering Mallorca.



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