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Greece is not only amazing with its ocean landscapes, buildings that is different and delectable food, but it’s also amazingly affordable. Things costs half what they do in other parts of Europe. As one of the continent popular destinations during the summer times, folks from around the world flock to its well-known islands for the sun, and to the cities for the history. We strongly recommend Greece travel. It’s warm; it’s cheap; it has delicious food, gorgeous isles, and friendly and energetic locals. It’s the perfect summer destination.


Athens, Greece has some of the largest group of Greek ruins and artifacts and is the primary stop for folks visiting the country. Yet, a city tens of thousands of years of age, is going to have a lot to do and this Greece travel guide can assist you to organise your journey across the city. The history and culture in Athens and the rest of Greece, are so charming.

Located in the Cycladic Islands and near Santorini, Ios has the most outrageous nightlife out of all of the Greek isles. There’s a lot to do on the islands in the event you don’t want to party, the but the reality is, 95% of people come here to party and also the average age is from 18 to 35. If you don’t desire to do that but still wish to see Ios, where it’s quieter it’s finest to go to the eastern area of the island. Don’t let Ios celebration reputation discourage you from visiting, it’s only and a lovely island chaotic June- August!

Sparta was the ancient rival of Athens and known for her fierce warriors (view the historically erroneous movie “300”). There is places to eat when you visit the city, excursions to take, and no shortage of things to do. I ‘dn’t suggest skipping Sparta – your visit here will be very rewarding and give you a chance to see Greece without the crowds!


Corfu stays most popular tourist destinations are ’sed by one of Greece. Situated in the Ionian islands group in the western part of the nation, it’s composed of an active nightlife white sand beaches, and stunning mountains. It sit by the beach and ’s very crowded with young backpackers looking to bash, especially during the summertime. Despite that, there are still many quiet spots to stay on the isle to avoid this setting. As it’s comparatively close to the ferry Corfu tends to be a popular stop for people coming or going to Italy. See Corfu should you get a chance! Temperate, multihued Corfu—of emerald mountains; turquoise waters lapping rocky coves; ocher and pink buildings; shimmering silver olive leaves; puffed red, yellow, and orange parasails; scarlet roses, bougainvillea, and lavender wisteria and jacaranda distribute over bungalows—could have inspired impressionism. Kerkyra (Corfu) is surely the lushest and, quite possibly, the most wonderful of all Greek islands. Blue waters lap rocky, pine-rimmed coves, and plants like bougainvillea, wisteria, and sweet smelling jasmine disperse over the countryside. Corfu is also believed to be the inspiration for Prospero’s island in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This northernmost of the Ionian islands that were important has, through the centuries, inspired other artists, together with conquerors, royals, and, of course, tourists.

Now more than a million—largely British—tourists visit annually, and in summer they crowd the evocative capital city of Corfu town (population 40,000). Because of this, the town has a number of resorts and trendy restaurants plus a sophisticated European ambience. You’ll locate all this, plus historical olive groves, pine-covered cliffs, and heart-stoppingly beautiful views of skies and sea. Corfu stays an enchanting mixture of simplicity and sophistication. The classical remains have endured from the tempestuous history in the island; architecture from the centuries of British rule, French, and Venetian is most clear, leaving Corfu and specially Corfu town of comparing design components, with a nice mixture. And although it was blasted during the Italian and Nazi occupation in World War II, the town of Corfu remains one of the most charming in all of Greece.


One of the principal tourist destinations in Greece, Mykonos brings families cruises, and honeymooning couples. It’s the priciest island in the Cyclades, but it’s tough to resist with its calm winding streets, little alleys lined with whitewashed houses overlooking a beautiful seaport, beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, and out of control nightlife. Mykonos is one of typically the most popular islands in Greece for a reason, perfect to enjoy Mykonos yacht day charter, week-end journey and weekly cruises. 

It was once home to the early Minoan civilization, which predates Greek culture and was once one of the very influential early civilizations in the region. Crete holds a special place and the capital of Knossos has some remarkable ruins. More than historical ruins however, Crete has old-time towns, great hiking, wonderful beaches, flavorful food and wine, and friendly, welcoming locals.


They’re emblematic of Greece. This really is the place, if you’re trying to find an intimate holiday. Don’t lose watching the sunset at Oia, visiting the numerous historical sites, or investigating the vineyards. I found Santorini to be touristy but surprisingly inexpensive and, once you get out of the town, it’s not difficult to escape the crowds. I ’m a big fanatic and favor this isle to nearby Mykonos.


Zakynthos, or Zante, is one of the popular and most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. Located south of Kefalonia, it really is world renowned for the intense nightlife, making it a frequent destination for the youth as well as the crystal beaches. Navagio is the popular beach of Zakynthos island, with the gold sand and also the blue waters that are exotic. Don’t miss a boat trip to the Blue Caves and also Navagio during your Zakynthos vacations. Excellent beaches in Zakynthos Greece are also Vassilikos, Gerakas, Spiantza and other areas on the southern side. Because of their soft sand and clean water, these beaches are used as breeding spots for the loggerhead sea turtle called the Caretta Caretta.


There is simply no better method to experience the isles of Greece than on a private Greek yacht charter. Almost 300 islands are scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas … each one teeming with history, enchanting mythology, romance, glowing faces and welcoming arms. Until you’re under the allure of the Greek people, you never have discovered the true significance of hospitality.

The Cyclades chain of islands, close to Athens, is a great itinerary choice for your first-time luxury yacht charter that is Greek. Seaside villages that are whitewashed climb up the hillsides that are sundrenched creating postcard scenes which have enticed artists and travelers for centuries. Ancient history is all around as you cruise from port to port seeing the lazy charm of Naxos and Paros; the ancient ruins of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo; and the jet set playgrounds of Mykonos and Santorini. Wine and cuisine making also reach artistic highs on the Cyclades and archaeological sights abound.

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Greece Travel Guide Sailing Itinerary

Day 1st – Board your luxurious Greek yacht charter in Piraeus, the port of Athens. Sail to Kythnos, an off-the-beaten track isle with anchorages of white, sandy shores and crystal clear water. Merihas is a scenic port with intriguing taverns and cafes. You also will find the ruins of town and an ancient citadel.

Day 2nd – Serifos: Churches whitewashed houses and windmills scattered across the hillside with some of the prettiest scenery in the Western Cyclades. You can go to the remains of a Venetian castle plus a stroll to the top of the hill offers a panoramic view of the nearby islands.

Day 3rd – Pick Your Own Island in the Sun: So many islands to choose from – Sifnos for seashores, Folegandros for hamlets that are lovely, Sikonos for quiet, or Ios for beaches.

Day 4th – Santorini: Sailing into Santorini is a geographical wonder. The isle is a mammoth volcano that juts out of the sea with jagged cliffs draped in autumn colours of golden, red and rust. Two Cycladic villages nestle into the peaks overlooking the caldera… a flooded crater that is certainly the island’s harbour. The primary village of Fira is perched 600 steep steps up from the seaport. Many excellent restaurants and shops. A driving tour of the island brings you to archaeological ruins, a winery, and tired countryside. Actually one of the most amazing areas on Earth! 

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Day 5th – Two isles divided by a narrow channel. Antiparos is best known for its famous cave of seashores and stalactites. Paros also has a lively seaport with nightlife and good shopping and excellent beaches. Lovely landscapes with small churches, monasteries, and houses with rolling hills and lush valleys dappled by that quintessential Aegean sunlight.

Day 6th – Leto, the pregnant mistress of Zeus, was blown onto Delos, giving birth to Apollo under a date palm and escaping the wrath of Zeus’ wife. Delos instantly became the spiritual and political center of the primeval world. The primeval ruins on this island have been compared to Pompeii (Amalfi Coast, Italy), not for architectural likeness, but for the completeness of early life that they depict. It really is a tiny island with the remains of a great civilisation. All of it can be explored by foot.

The center of the town beats around the old fishing port, now throbbing with designer boutiques and fashionable bars. The hundreds of winding, thread needle streets look as though they’re sculpted into the rock. Cars are prohibited, and wandering by foot is a must. You will discover a myriad of stores with leather, jewelry, folk art, crafts, and interesting museums. By day, Mykonos is bright and breezy with excellent sandy beaches. During the nighttime, it dances to the beat of bars and discos open until the early hours.

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Day 7th – Kea: A picturesque island with wonderful bays with fruit trees running to the sea. This island is close to Athens and is a relaxing end to an incredible voyage.

Day 8th – Piraeus (Athens): Disembarkation

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