Greece Bucket List

Greece and the Greek Islands have an irresistible mystique that is hard to explain. Perhaps it is the history, the marvelous climate or the warm hospitality of its people that portrays this image. For the sailing enthusiast, the Greece Bucket List is all the above plus the eternal intimacy between Greece and the sea. Sailing the Greek Islands conjures many positives: visions of deep blue skies, clear azure waters, breathtaking scenery, white villages, wonderful nightlife and dining in seaside tavernas. Rent a boat in Greece is not only possible but affordable. The Greek islands are an ideal place for summer holidays and the best way to explore them is by boat. Thanks to its climate, the perfect period to sail in Greece is from April to October.

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Visiting Cyclades you will see beautiful white stone walls that look as if they are a part of the hillside, as the most famous Santorini yacht rental and Mykonos yacht charter. The turquoises blue seas are a wonderful backdrop for all of this beauty when you are aboard. The Sporades is a great place to venture out in the sea. Admire the clear blue seas and the panoramic views of charming little villages. The clear, turquoise waters on the Ionian are well known throughout the world. The blue caves that can be found on nearly all of the Ionian Islands are worth a visit, which must be done by boat. Or the Dodecanese with the mild climate, soft breezes and bright sun on crystal clear water is a pleasure to sail in. You can take in all of the natural beauty that this area has to offer while you are on the sea.

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The wonders of Greece and its amazing archipelagos are countless. Traveling by boat through Greece’s natural beauties and amazing coastlines from the Northern part of the country to the Southern  was an amazing experience that we would recommend for anyone looking to add Greece to their bucket list. Have a look on our best sailing destinations memories and take notes!

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