Give your life journey the much awaited peaceful break in Stromboli

Stromboli is full of mesmerising activities and views on a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea located to the north of Archipelago Island. Many people are not aware of the three active volcanoes in Italy is sheltered in this small island with numerous people visiting to realise and encourage this driving beauty of nature to the core. Visitors love the journey of miracles of nature by means of sea and enjoy the extravagance time in the Stromboli yacht charter.

If you are jumbled about the finest habitation to sail this time, Stromboli yacht charter experience is a must answer for you!

How to make your Stromboli boat excursion a worth count?

Other than luxury yacht charter experience, tourists can enjoy their passion for water by enjoying following water sports:

Mt. Stromboli: A view you will never oversight to stopover

Mt. Stromboli is a popular volcanic mountain with continues eruption from 2,000 years by now. Tourists from all over the globe visit the beauty of this mountain and leave with incredible memories about how beautiful nature and universe can be. An effusive eruption occurred in the year 2002, which was the first time in 17 years straight. All its pebbles can be seen on the beautiful beaches falling underneath from the volcanoes.

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How to enjoy Stromboli yacht charter experience to the fullest?

Visitors can enjoy their journey to Stromboli, the most captivating of the Aeolian Islands, by enjoying their quality time and stunning nature by renting following yacht charters as per their expediency.

  • Crewed Motor Yacht Charters

Such yacht rental costs within the range of $30,000-$60,000 for a week. Crewed motor yacht serves justice to Sicily luxury yacht charter experience with its fantastic and friendly crew members to help you with every need to sustain royal experience.

  • Sailing Motor Yacht Charters

Being a sailing type yacht, yacht rental charges lies in the range $5,000-$8,000 for a week times. Such a Stromboli yacht charter experience will remain for a lifetime in your book of memories as you can learn how to sail on such charters.

  • Catamaran charters

This is one of the most popular types of yacht charters as it gives an immense opportunity to feel closely the beauty of water and black beaches. Crew available on such catamaran takes you to this incredible journey to experience the beauty of nature closely. It ranges from $20,000-$40,000 per week.

Beaches to visit on a luxury yacht charter: Stromboli boat trip

  • Forgia Vecchia:

One can experience the beauty of pebbles falling from underneath the volcano to this beach known as Forgia Vecchia. If you want to enjoy a peaceful and harmonious time of your vacation, you need to walk barefoot 300 meters from the Pier at the beginning of beach Scari; you will experience the beautiful time of your life under the sky of Forgia Vecchia.

  • Scari:

This beach offers a unique view of Strombolicchio located just below the area of San Vincenzo. The northern part of this beach provides an extension the Pier, here you can rent boats, and southern part is a long stretched beach with the Old Forge beach which is a mile away from the center.

  • Ficogrande:

So if you want to play volleyball along with some refreshments to cherish your day, you have to visit Ficogrande as it shelters the best environment with umbrellas and deck chairs facing towards the Strombolicchio. It is also known as a black beach with intense blue water surrounded everywhere.

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Soothing temperature to visit Stromboli

If you want to enjoy the summers on the coast of Stromboli, you should visit this place between June to September when temperature is maintained from 20-28oC and experience the time of your life along with luxury yacht charter.

Winters are not bad either. With temperature concluding between 12-19oC, you can enjoy the marvelous beauty of volcanoes around you.

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This time gives yourself the must needed break by visiting the exclusive beauty of nature through yacht charters experience that you never thought existed! You can enjoy the time of your life with the peaceful as well as luxurious features that will always be remembered in your good books. Give you dear diary a moment to cherish forever. Let the beauty of natural water and black sea exemplar the best vacation in Stromboli you seized so far.



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