Get ready for your life changing experience with Capri Yacht charter

Who doesn’t like to spend some quality time in a peaceful ambiance of an island with an added persona of Capri yacht charter? If you are looking for such a vacation, Capri Island is top on the list of perfect destinations. Located in Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, tourists love to sink in this view of stunning nature when sailing towards this island.

Here are some interesting facts about Capri Island

  • Capri Island is part of the rugged landscape in Province of Naples
  • Main population center of the town is served by population of the Island
  • Ruins of imperial Roman villas are found in Capri Island

Best features of this Island

When you are visiting this Island and enjoying Capri yacht charter in this area, you must experience these best features:

  • Marina Piccola (Little Harbor)
  • Belvedere of Tragara
  • Sea Stacks
  • Anacapri Town
  • Blue Grotto
  • Roman Villas

Capri Yacht Charters: Best medium of having fun on the Island of Capri

Tourists can avail yacht charter from southern side of Gulf of Naples and reach the destination. One can choose from various other options of charters available as per the convenience of tourists.

Along with charter services and water taxi, you will get options as boat rentals in Capri that will help guests reach the charter.

Let’s discuss few points to conclude the best yacht chartering Capri experience of your life.

Hire a Private Yacht Charter

Many leading companies in this field of private yacht charter provide the experience of a lifetime for visitors to enjoy their qualifying time amidst marvelous surroundings of Capri Island.

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The Capri yacht charter services offer these following special features for special tourists in this region:

Ultimate comfort offered by crew

All staff and crew members of your boat offer ultimate comfort and a wide variety of food choices for their guests, to complement their tour with the perfection of hospitality. The luxury boat services offer sightseeing of these following places:

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Events and Weddings

The Isle of Capri is popular as a royal wedding destination to give your special day a moment to cherish unforgettable memories. Under the roof of natural beauty of universe and water patterns, what more could you ask for on your wedding day? The bride, groom, and all other guests would enjoy this glorious ceremony and keep those forever in their special box of memories.

For special events, the crewed yacht charter is required to accommodate at least 100 guests in the premises. Such an arrangement cost from $40,000 to 70,000 approx. for a weekly rental.

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Boat rentals to board yachts

With increasing number of events in the Capri Island, Yacht chartering Capri will also provide access to boats in order to board guests from the shore to the yacht charter. Such boat rentals in Capri fetch an add-on adventure for the guests without worrying about hiring a boat separately to board the yacht charter.

Boat rentals in Capri differ as per the duration. If you want to rent the boat for few hours, the company charges around 500$ for the same.

Mini Cruises

If you need a breakout for a romantic weekend, you can hire the mini cruise for an entire day or multiple days as per your choice. The crew members will always be present to help you serve the food and drinks for your romantic evening. Be a day out with your friends or a romantic evening with your partner; the mini cruises start the journey from Amalfi to the coast of Positano. You will cherish this moment with your partner and will remember this dreamy experience for the rest of your life.

Renting a mini cruise starts from 3,000$ and above depending on the number of guests on the cruise.

So, if you are planning a party cruise or a special event to celebrate, you know where to come! With ease of comfort and soothing environment, you will love the mesmerizing moment of your life under the incredible beauty of nature.

The island of Capri is undoubtedly an entitled place to self-realize your inner soul and true potential in life. Alone time with your thoughts or a romantic evening with your partner, yacht chartering Capri will give you a fascinating experience that you will never forget.

It is understood that daily schedule can invite stressful time in your life. But this is your opportunity to forget everything else and enjoy a beautiful trip to Capri. Book your much-required break under the persona of this Island and enjoy luxury experience of Capri yacht charter services.



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