Get the best sailing in Tortola to add more fun to your Vacation!

When visiting the British Virgin Islands, Tortola is certainly one of the best destination choices. Being the largest Island and also most famous for the fabulous offerings it has stored for you! But, if you want to explore the heart and gem of this place, your first choice should be Tortola charter.

With the beauty of the sea unleashing it upon you and the refreshing air enchanting your senses, it is the best feeling that you can ever have! So, that there is no lag in the feeling, here are some suggestions regarding the best Charter Yacht for you to hire.


3 best Tortola charter that you should consider

Imagine waking up to the sound of gushing waves and a view of azure all around you. There are very few things in the world that will make you happier than witnessing the ravishing beauty of nature in the British Virgin Islands.

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When going to BVI, you certainly want to experience a luxurious feeling with a warm environment in Tortola charter. These Motor Yachts have everything stored for you to enjoy. There are exclusive cabins for couples as well. Not only that, you will get a complete crew service, exclusive fresh seafood and great wines to drink.

Some of the best Luxury Motor Yacht tortola-charter-picnic-yacht
Picnic (Luxury boat) for Tortola Charter

  • Berth: 4
  • Cabin: 8
  • Price: $42,500 to $46,000


Sorana (luxury boat) for Tortola boat cruise

  • Berth: 6
  • Cabin: 3
  • Price: $20,000 to $26,000 per week


La Dolce Vita (Luxury boat) for your Tortola BVI cruise

  • Berth: 8
  • Cabin: 4
  • Price: $45,000 per week

Some of the best crewed Bareboats are –


Lagoon 42 (Catamaran)

  • Berth: 9
  • Cabin: 6
  • Price: $6,646 to $8,553 per week


Lagoon 450 (catamaran)

  • Berth: 14
  • Cabin: 8
  • Price: $90,799 to $107,857 per week

Which is the best time to visit Tortola?

The perfect time for you to plan a vacation in Tortola is from November to February. During this time, the beach is at its best with natural vegetation and wildflowers. Along with it, all the water sports and activities also happen during this time. Moreover, you can see many aquatic animals and the territorial wildlife of Tortola.

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When you are traveling in Tortola, another vital means to enhance the glory of your vacation is by boat traveling. It will take you to different places where you can explore the largest island of BVI more closely.


4 places to visit in Tortola boat

If the yacht is where you want to stay in comfort and luxury, you can take their boats and must visit the following places:

  • Cane Garden Bay Beach

This place offers a great view with amazing cuisine. Don’t forget to try their native delicacy Mahi Mahi. Moreover, try some great cocktails while enjoying the beach breeze and treat your feet by walking on the soft sand beach!

  • Smuggler’s Cove

This virgin beach in Tortola will take you one step closer to the wild beauty of the Caribbean. If you love to row, a Tortola boat will take you to this virgin island. Though there is no bar or shack, if you love to enjoy serenity then yes, Smuggler’s Cove is the best place.

  • Beef Island

Once you get down from your luxury Tortola charter yacht in the cruise port at Road Town, it is time for you to take your boat and visit the Beef Island. The first thing you should do on reaching the beach is snorkeling in the crystal clear water. One of the best experiences you will ever have! Don’t forget to take a ride to the magic mangrove paddle.

  • Trellis Bay Market

Once you reach there in the Tortola boat, it’s just a few minutes’ walks from Beef Island beach, and here in this market, you can shop for some exotic beer. As there is no bar on the Beef Island beach, pick up some on the market and enjoy sipping it on the beach while tanning gorgeously.

Some more Tortola activities to do!

Let’s start with the amazing nightlife there in the Caribbean! Your first stop to party at Tortola should be Bomba’s, Surfside Shack. It is an extremely well décor place with gratifies and ethnic Caribbean designs. Moreover, you get some great music and a peppy crowd at the party. Some other places are – Pusser’s Road Town Pub; Quito’s Bar and Restaurant; Myett’s.

When talking about Tortola activities, no one should miss shopping. To start with – Stroll in Allamanda Gallery and grab some beautiful art. The next stop will be Arawak, which has a great collection of beach and sportswear; Lattitude 180 for accessories, and finally Best of British to get some amazing candies as well as chocolates.

While you are here, Tortola charter activities include some adventurous sports too like – Hiking, swimming, water skiing, etc. So, don’t miss on the fun and plan for the best trip ever!

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