For the Lover of Life: Sailing in Italian Riviera…

Are you ready to warm up to Liguria‘s sun?

Take pleasure in the transparent Mediterranean waters?

Indulge in a relaxed and easy-going Italian space of life?

If yes, then you are a true love of life!

You get the welcoming warmth of Italian hospitality along with distinct regional cuisines in this part of the Mediterranean coast. You also get to witness the old world charm in the fishing villages of these coastal towns. The Med’s culture along with modern luxury and traditional charm give it a tempting touch, making sailing in Italy an amalgam of adventure and wonder: motor yacht charters in Sicily, enchanting boat charter in Amalfi Coast, adventurous catamaran rental in Sardinia and what about the Riviera?

Traversing these golden sand beaches seems quite an idea, isn’t it?

Moreover, if you are all sorted out with which vessel type to choose for yachting in Italian Riviera, then voila! You are good to go…

When sailing in Italian Riviera you can select –

  1. Crewed motor yacht
  2. Skippered and bareboat sailboat
  3. Crewed and bareboat catamaran

These watercrafts combine the majesty of the Med with the legacy of fluttering sails and masts. Choose whichever suits you the best.


Bask in the glory that is Italian Riviera…

  • Porto Mirabello

Your cruising dreams of Italian Riviera start with Porto Mirabello. The place is a well-sheltered marina with modern amenities located in the renowned Gulf of La Spezia. It is a part of modern history and was inaugurated in 2010 itself. The marina is in the shape of a peninsula with an area of 40,000 m2. It has a flourishing port with a capacity to host up to 1,100 yachts and boats.

The view of big yachts along with a blue expanse of water spanning miles makes Porto Mirabello the perfect destination to start your sailing in Italian Riviera.

  • Porto Venere

This rustic Italian town and a commune in northwest Italy is your next destination while yachting in Italian Riviera. Porto Venere has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild summers and winters. Hence, planning a cruise here need not be limited by the wraths of weather anytime. It is a part of the Ligurian Coast and is renowned for its Porto Venere Regional National Park. The town consists of 3 Italian villages and islands. It is also listed as one of the World Heritage Sites.

  • Lavagna

Lying on the curving stretch of the Italian Riviera, Lavagna is a port city that witnesses heavy footfall of tourists throughout the year for its moderate Mediterranean climate. Also known as Lavinia during the times of the Romans, this small city has witnessed a multitude of significant historical events. It had an interesting affair with pirates too when the Muslim pirate Occhiali sacked it in the 16th century.

  • Genoa

The capital city of Liguria region falling in northwest Italy, Genoa is resplendent with scenic natural beauty stretching around its pristine beaches. The illustrious history of this city makes it a host to numerous picturesque Piazzas, artistic churches and decorative palaces.

  • Varazze

Varazze is worth being the last on your sailing itinerary in Italian Riviera. This ancient medieval village dates back to the 11th century and has an ancient urban layout with characteristic lemon gardens and wide markets. It has created a congenial scenic view that rings well with the voyagers.

Rich in ancient Roman history, the Italian Riviera is a Mediterranean coast of undeniable beauty and authenticity. Plan for your sailing vacations in Italy soon!



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