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Sailing is the art of controlling a sailing vessel. By changing the rigging, rudder and dagger or centre board, a sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails in order to change the direction and speed of a boat. Although sailing as a means of transportation predates history, sport sailing—or yachting—seems to have originated in the 17thcent. in Holland. From there it was introduced into England (c.1660) by Charles II, and eventually spread to the American colonies. Then, as now, it was common for sport sailors to join together for social and recreational purposes in groups known asyacht clubs. The world’s first such club was founded (1720) at Cork, Ireland. The oldest continuously existing club in the UnitedStates is the New York Yacht Club (NYYC; founded 1844).

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-The costs of cruising Sailing Boat are almost nonexistent

-Nature is your neighborhood

-Entertainment, sport and relax at the same time

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– Bareboat

The term bareboat charter signifies an arrangement for the hiring of a boat or ship without crew and the people renting the boat from the owner are responsible for appointing the crew and making other arrangements.

– Skippered charter

Skippered yacht charters are designed to assist those with little or no sailing experience to sail without the responsibility of being in charge. The skipper is provided to sail and be responsible for your yacht, with you assisting and learning from them. Read more…

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-Sun lotions

-T-shirts & Shorts

-Boat & walking shoes

-Hat and sunglasses

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The choice of where to charter a boat is based on a handful of factors: your sailing skills, experience, wether you prefer to relax and sunbath on the yacht and take relaxed days trips or are you the adventurous type who enjoys being active while on vacation and thinks every day is a great day for a new adventure! Have a look at our most popular sailing destinations.

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