Exploring Sicily: Pamper Yourself with the Most Breath-Taking Cruise Ever

Have I introduced you to Sicily!?

Whether to adore quality time with your sweetheart or to relish solitude, yachting through Sicily islands has always been an elite experience. Encircled by several massive and mini islands in the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Tyrrhenian Seas, Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island. She invites voyagers with panoramic allure and hypnotising artistry of nature. Encompassing various dazzling formations and three reefs, these Sicilian islands are imbued with well-preserved ruins, never-ending beaches, turquoise adventures, mouth-watering Sicilian sea cuisine, enticing wines, and more.

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Let’s delve in these colourful reefs with a Sicily yacht charter. Set off your journey by exploring the archipelagos and indulge yourself with mind-blowing adventures.

April to early June would be the best time to get tanned or to cherish the clear skies, late September to October is also ideal. Line up a Sicilian sailing cruise to drift around the island chains around Sicily. 


Top 10 islands to explore in Sicily

  1. Lampedusa

Sail to the southwest part of this island with Sicilian sailing charter to answer your quest for diversity. Lampedusa, the last footprint of Italy before African coastline, has several caves and cliffs along its northern coastline and spread white beaches; greenish-blue sea has inculcated this place as one of the popular tourist destinations from Sicily.

  1. Linosa

Uncontaminated with a scattering population, Linosa is a green beauty with rocky ridges, situated at 31 miles to the north of Lampedusa. Indulge yourself with Linosa yacht charter to relish the tranquillity.

  1. Levanzo

With prehistoric traces of Palaeolithic and Neolithic cave paintings at Grotta del Genovese, Levanzo is worthwhile to stopover whilst sailing around the Mediterranean Sea along the north side of Favignana. Harness a sailboat charter Sicily and drift through the reefs. A few hundreds of people dwell in this land that faces a serene harbour. A Sicilian sailing vacation on this island can be the answer to your voyaging as well as historic thirst.

  1. Lipari

As remains of this island’s history, you can probe around Roman and Greek architectures and Museo Archeologico Eoliano that displays prehistoric elements of near about 4000 BC.

  1. Pantelleria

Closer to Africa, this volcanic island is popular for wines passito and moscato, crafted from Zibibbo grape. This is the largest Sicilian island, with its unique architecture of thick walls to deal with the challenging weather. Depending on the season, this architecture helps to keep the interiors cold or warm. Also, citrus and grapevines are cultivated in a special manner here. Add this to your Sicilian sailing holidays to experience this exclusive architecture.

  1. Favignana

To experience the contrast of blue and pink, visit this dolomitic island Favignana. Tuna fishing is the major occupation so you can start your day with a delicious tuna meal. Underwater sports like scuba diving and snorkelling have made this place a huge attraction.

  1. Marettimo

Relish your solitude with tranquillity; visit this small fishing village Marittemo, the remotest of Egadi Islands. The mesmerizing view of Punta Troia, the highland with an exquisite fortress can blow your mind.

  1. Salina

Along with the lushest Mt. Fossa delel Felci, Salina is one of the green islands in Sicily. Desert wine from dried grapes is the unique attribute of this island. For wine lovers, this can be a Sicilian sailing destination.

  1. Ustica

From the capital place Palermo, Ustica is placed at ferry distance duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes. With rocky ridges, highlands covered with flowers, small-scale vegetation and agriculture, Ustica is capably protected from environmental damages.

  1. 10.Vulcano

Adventure admirers must-visit Vulcano for its geological highlands, apt for hiking. Even though a smell of sulphur lingers, the famous mud baths and hiking spots attract numerous adventure lovers. With Sicilian sailing charter, enjoy various activities here.

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Cruise outings in Sicily

Outset your itinerary from the south coastline of Sicily to visit Linosa. Blazingly-coloured homes and volcanic attributes like craters, along with jaw-dropping beaches of black sand invite sea turtles to hatch in Linosa. This nestling season starts from May and continues till October. From hatching to the baby turtles’ first swimming through the coastlines, you can enjoy every bit of it in beaches like Cala Pozzolana.

Your next Sicilian sailing destination can be Lampedusa. Ingenuity towards hiking can also bring you here to accomplish the trails of Monte Rosso, Monte Vulcano, and Monte Nero – the three crowns of Lampedusa. Then linger to the taste of wine in Pantelleria.


Drift your vessel to Marittemo to find solitude. Next morning, serve yourself with a grand tuna fish breakfast meal at Favignana. Next destination is Ustica. You can go wild and seek adventure here.

Sail to Lipari to relish a fantastic combination of modernity with pastel-coloured houses, mud baths, hot springs and vintage artefacts such as a castle of 16th century and a cathedral built in the 17th.

Hook your sailboat rental in Sicilian Island of Vulcano and then glide to Levanzo to enjoy the prehistoric ambience. The destination would be Salina to enjoy the greenery.

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Private cruise line charters – Your latest sailing vessel

Sicilian islands provide you with numerous possibilities to glide upon the crystal blue-hued water. To help you experience the same, the Sicilian sailing charter comes with various motorised options.

To uncloud all confusions let’s discuss in details –

  1. Crewed yacht

A crewed yacht includes an adept captain or skipper, cabin co-workers, an excellent chef and various onboard associates. With a crewed vessel, you can appreciate the trade wind sitting on the deck and get amazingly tanned. Surrounded by blue, you can cherish some of the best Sicilian dishes made by the chef during your sailing trips Sicily.

  1. Skippered yacht

If you prefer to perpetuate your privacy, a skippered cruise can be the right vessel. Delve into the adventures with an able skipper and navigate around the islands, archipelagos, corals and hues.

  1. Bareboat yacht

Adventurous souls who wish to bestow time upon exploring bashing waves across the marine lines can steer the bareboat yacht. For experienced sailors, bareboat suits the best. Cherish your privacy while controlling the cabin.

Bareboat charters to sail your Sicilian trip

Bareboating imputes cruise without any crew or even skipper. Sailboats are majorly assigned as bareboat, but with valid powerboat license, you can experience the journey with a motorboat.

Bareboat Monohull Sailboats for cruising the Sicilian

To enjoy ultimate sailing adventure, monohull sailboats are majorly recommended for experienced sailors. Ranging from 1-5 cabins and 30-50 ft., you can enjoy cruising winds and high speeds.

Bareboat Catamarans for Sicilian cruising holidays

Catamarans accommodate comfort and privacy. A catamaran is suggested to enjoy the essence of tripping with friends or family. The architectural design lets it explore inlets. Sicilian sailing charters with catamarans are apt for abroad tours with a minimum duration of 5 days.

Bareboat Motor cruise for Sicilian voyaging

If speed is what you are looking for, then bareboat motor vessels are the answer. Navigate from reefs to reefs and taste various cuisines. With sailing certificates and deposit, you can charter this boat as per your trip duration.

Crewed sailboats for gliding over Sicily

For sailing the Sicilian islands and to enjoy diversity and tranquillity, you can choose a sailboat with a professional crew and explore your solitude. Coloured houses, prehistoric finds, hued beaches, and historical architectures are prominent in Sicily. As per your budget, reserve a cruise of your choice and explore Sicily to the best.

Types of motorboats for your Sicilian vacation

Crewed motor vessels for roaming the Sicilian

Pamper yourself with premium feel and friendliness with crewed motor yachts. Enjoy delicacies with exotic drinks and feel the wind relaxing on the deck by choosing this vessel for Sicilian sailing vacations.

Crewed catamarans for sailing Sicilian

Space, comfort, luxury, privacy are the lookouts for ultimate friends or family gatherings. Trip your Sicily vacation with exotic experiences of a crewed catamaran. Relax and sail across the turquoise whilst comforting yourself with trained assistance.

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The Sicilian islands are worthwhile to explore. Set off on your journey with your perfect Sicily boat charters and discover the picturesque beauty of inlets and islands.



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