Explore Miami by touring with yacht charter on its seas: Miami by yacht

Miami is an unforgettable experience ranked high in many tourist blogs. Geographically, Miami lies on the southeast side of Florida Peninsula which makes it a treat for tourists planning on Miami by yacht charter.

Hottest places in Miami

  • Miami Beach:

If sunbathing, shopping, beach front restaurants are your idea of a vacation, then say hello to Miami Beach.

  • Art Deco District:

Visit Florida of the 30s with a trip down this district.

  • South Beach:

Flaunt that bikini body or those 6 packs at this beach which is simply teeming with tourists and locals.

  • Ocean Drive:

Ever get tired of walking; this oceanfront will put the pep back in your walk.

  • Bayside Marketplace:

Put those credit cards to work on the many one-of-a-kind stores here

  • Bayfront Park:

The electronically controlled Pepper fountain is a must.


These places are sure to keep you busy on your trip. However, if you are among the population who would rather snooze and cuddle in the lap of luxury then yacht charter Miami are the answer for you. With choices of boat rentals ranging from a party event to cruising around in the ocean, Miami offers something for everyone.

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There are many places to cruise in and around Miami with no fixed route. You could simply go in for a catamaran charter and go with the flow. The beauty of yacht is that you can fit the entire sight-seeing schedule within 4 hours, 8 hours or simply let go and take a week. Here is a picking of the best boat rentals and what it can cost you: 

  • 21′ Hurricane Sundeck is an ideal 4 seat Yamaha with around $500 for 4 hours and is comfortable for 7 people for an easy day tour around Brickell Bay
  • 26ft Sea Ray Sundeck for up to 10 people at around $1050 for 8 hours is perfect for cruising around Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay
  • 61 Viking Flybridge Motor Yacht is ideal for a long weekend around Florida Middle Keys at $3800 for 8 hours with a crew
  • Pontoon Boat in Miami is the current trend for parties. A half day rental for about 4 hours will cost anything from $300. You could also mix things up by renting Kayaks, Inflatable River Run Floats, and Snorkeling Gear.

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A good tip is to keep your eyes peeled for the various discounts or offers available which might give you anything from a free extra hour or the use of Jet Ski and kayaks.

Miami is a true bliss for a real traveler who does not plan but goes where his heart tells him to. However, if you are among the planners, then the below itinerary would do wonders for your stay. A Miami by yacht charter seating around 7 is recommended with this to allow you to make the maximum of your rest time which would be anything between $2500 and $4000 per day.

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An Unforgettable Journey: explore Miami by yacht charter

Sunshine 1 – Miami by yacht

Beautiful Florida will welcome you with cheerful arms inviting you to drop your bags off in a chartered yacht. You could start with a comfortable cruise from Biscayne Bay. The first day of any vacation should start with dancing and explore. Take a route around the Intracoastal Waterway looking out for the extravagant houses on Star Islands, Palm, Fisher and Hibiscus. Dock at the vibrant South Beach and spend the night dancing to Latin tunes or serenading your partner.

Sunshine 2 – Miami by boat

You might want to shake the hangover from last night. You could go to the Biscayne Key where you would be able to get a taste of history in the form of President Nixon’s vocational house. You could probably stop at Elliot key or any nearby reef. After taking in the beauty of the sunset you could ask for crewed yacht charter Miami to dock at Ocean Reef Club for the night.

Sunshine 3 – Miami yacht tour

Being the middle day of your vacation, it deserves to be spectacular. The day can start with enjoying a fresh and crisp morning on the golf course with some shopping or poolside adventures as the day passes. You could stop your yacht charter to take a tender towards the untouched Indian Key or simply pamper yourself and go snorkelling. For Dinner, Duck Key is a great option where you can make friends with the dolphins at the dolphin pool.

Sunshine 4 – Explore Miami by boat

Key West would be the agenda today with fun filled all day shopping and bar hopping. Make your evening incredibly bizarre with the famous ‘Green Light.’

Sunshine 5 – Miami by yacht

Your trip to Miami would probably be empty without taking part in the various water activities. Sand Key or Marquess Key is both spectacular spots to drop an anchor. You could take part in the incredibly fun water sports or simply wait for the sunset which is the best you would have ever seen. It is the Miami challenge.

Sunshine 6 – Explore Miami by yacht

A day to head back to the north and kiss many of the Florida Keys goodbyes. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to unwind on the deck under the clear blue skies with the gentle lapping of waters calming your nerves. You could cruise back to Miami on this day or wait an additional day and simply enjoy another night on your sumptuous boat rentals.

Is there any wonder that this city is termed as the most iconic in the United States? If you can’t visit this spectacular site, then you could lick your wounds by watching the stunning flick ‘Moonlight’ with 8 Oscar Nominations which is truly a Miami masterpiece. Go for yacht charter services and explore Miami in a new way.



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