Explore the best destination Ios on luxury Ios yacht rental: Complete Guide!

Ios, an island well-known for its beauty and picturesque appeal, lies at the east of Sikinos. This small yet magnificent island belongs to south Cycladic islands and is 22 miles away from Santorini and 40 miles from Mykonos. The landscape of this mountainous island is a real treat for all ages equally. The older ones prefer it for its peaceful bays, sandy beaches and blue waters. And the younger crowd additionally gets attracted to its super cool and amazingly glittering nightlife. But what everyone cherishes is their memories on luxury Ios yacht rental.

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History of Ios

Ios perfectly captures the classic Greek island essence. The island has been home to Patesgian, Dorians, and Venetians due to which it reflects such a diversified culture.

In 1960’s, hippies got a foothold in the island. And this explains why the island enjoys such amazing and wild nightlife.

The biggest fascination, till date, remains the tomb of Homer. And locating his tomb is enough to tickle your fantasy. The locals believe that it was Homer’s last wish to be buried here, since his mother belonged to the same place.


What to expect when mood is to moor?

Ios is exactly the kind of escape that you require from your daily busy schedule. The secluded beaches become the great destination for anchorages and yachting. One can drop anchor at any time one wishes to and take leisure of its unmatched natural beauty.

One could start by heading southwards, towards Manganari. It is a quiet, free of crowd, and stunningly beautiful place that is sure to awe you. One could easily find a luxury Ios yacht rental here and can get going for yachting.

Well, now if you are someone who likes to be around people and action in life, then Milopotas is what you are looking for. So, head towards west, and you will find a plethora of bars, pubs, beach parties, charter sailboats Ios, etc. So, get into the feel of the island and party!!

To keep up to your party self, another ideal location for you can be Ios main harbour. It provides a good shelter from the Meltemi. The water remains shallow, making it idle for Ios sailboat rentals. One can also find easy anchorages here and spend days on the same spot owing to its magnetic view.

If none of these appeal to you, you could always find your own charter sailboats Ios and find your own spot in this island that is waiting for you to be revealed.

Beaches for your surfer soul

If you are a water lover and wish to sail all your life, then you probably belong to Ios Island. The beauty of beaches here are sure to enchant you. And the most famous of all are Millopotas and Magganari.

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The biggest hit of these beaches are Ios sailboat rentals, surfboard rentals and yachts. And these activities have been attracting more and more tourists every year.

Weather and Authorities

Ios catches up to a high beat by the time sun sets. The place has a lot of clubs, bars, and party places due to which it becomes a necessity to have a tight police control. One must properly register one’s boat with the authorities. And since the police are extremely friendly, the procedure is not at all painstaking.

The weather is generally sunny and bright and the wind always flows in favour of water-sports.

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Other Attractions to enjoy via luxury Ios yacht rental

Apart from enjoying a holiday on beach, you can always visit an award winning archaeological site. It is situated in Skarkos, north of Ios port. Apart from that, visit Chora, the main town, for some cultural enrichment all by your yacht.

And when it’s time to satisfy your hunger buds, you could choose among various international cuisines lined at your chartered yacht’s chef’s table. However, do not forget to try their famous grape wine and Greek cuisine to enrich your experience.

Undoubtedly, the best way to explore the magnificent beauty of this place is by embarking on a luxury Ios yacht rental. The spindling windmills, blanket of olive trees, and the hills with cliffs reaching out to the shore is an experience worth having. This out-of-the-storybook scenery is waiting for you. As they say, some beauties are to be experienced, not explained! So book your yachting trip to Ios now, and enjoy your share of glory in this stupendous location, just few nautical miles away from Santorini and Mykonos.



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