Explore the alcoves of Sardinia with Tavolara yacht charter – the all-you-need sailing guide

If your next Sardinia catamaran charter will start from Olbia, Tavolara will be surely on your bucket list: Tavolara or popularly known as the Kingdom of Tavolara is a small island near the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. The kingdom is only about 5 sq. km. If you are looking to spend some quite time far away from hustle and bustle of the modern cities, then book a Tavolara yacht charter and travel there. The crystal clear waters will entice you to leave behind your worries while you sail around the island. Enjoy the pristine beaches of Tavolara or the quaint little restaurants around the beaches.

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If you are looking for a getaway to an island filled with exciting stories of adventure, then a sailing vacation in Tavolara is just the right one for you!


When is it appropriate to visit Tavolara?

Tavolara enjoys the same weather conditions as the rest of Sardinia. The climatic conditions are perfect for renting a Tavolara yacht charter and sailing around the island. The ideal season to sail around the island is from April to July and from September to October. The winds are favourable, with sunny skies above, so that you can dock at the port and explore the island thoroughly. You can even take part in activities like diving, hiking, etc. during these months.

How to get to Tavolara?

There are multiple ways to reach Tavolara if you rent a luxury yacht charter Tavolara. You can sail from Porto San Paolo or Olbia to arrive at this little gem of an island situated in south of Costa Smeralda. It’s a short distance if you sail from San Paolo and takes around fifteen to twenty minutes only to travel to this place.

However, from Olbia, it takes around an hour to reach this island through Tavolara Yacht charter.

Things to during Tavolara boat trip

Holidays are boring if you do not include some activities in your itinerary, especially if you have such a beautiful destination to visit. Your sailing vacation in Tavolara should contain:

  • The small island is known as a protected marine area and is famous for its diverse marine life form. So, it is essential that you explore the clear, blue waters and swim underwater with the sea turtles and the colourful fishes.
  • Explore the sandy white beaches and small coves in Spalmatore di Terra. Taste the local cuisine at the restaurants nearby.
  • Hiking is another thing that you must undertake when you are on this island. However, you need to be accompanied by a guide as it falls under the marine protected area.
  • Sail to the nearby islands of Molara and Molarotto and enjoy the majestic view of the ocean.
  • Take a walk on the lagoon and greet the waterfowls, really close up. If you are lucky, then you can even say hello to some Flamingos as well.
  • Taste the fantastic pizzas and focaccias made in the wooden ovens and taste the excellent local harvest from the sea, all on your yacht.

Some renowned dive sites are:

  • The wreck of Thalassa
  • Teddja Lisscia
  • Punta Filasca
  • Cala Corsi
  • Frana dei Mufloni

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Other places of interest near Tavolara

While Tavolara itself is quite beautiful, however there are similar quiet islands nearby to which you can sail to. All these islands in Sardinia have some unique quality which will certainly appeal to your aesthetic sense of beauty. These islands have been away from human intervention and are thus, right at the heart of nature. Book a luxury yacht charter Tavolara and explore nearby beaches of:

  • Cala Brandinchi
  • Capo Coda Cavallo
  • Porto Istana

Apart from these, there are several small coves and bays which you can explore while sailing.

A sample itinerary includes:

Book a yacht charter in Sardinia to embark on a three-day sailing cruise to Tavolara. Start your sailing from the port of Isola Rossa. The port is a little town situated between the Gallura and Castelsardo.

Sail through its blue sea to reach Porto Tavolara and anchor down there to explore this lovely island made purely of limestone massif. Do not forget to indulge in the adventurous history of the island that comprises stories of pirates, lost kings and conquests.

So, start planning your trip to Tavolara and explore this quiet little place, untouched by human developments. Go and book your Tavolara yacht charter now! The crystal, blue sea of your next sailing charter in Sardinia is calling you.



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