Experience true beauty with the sailboat rentals in Antibes, France!

Sailboat rentals in Antibes of France is one very small but one of the major attractions in France. This is a Mediterranean resort situated in the South East of France. It has a major history that has shaped its cultural influence.

Though its existence goes as back as the Iron Age, yet it came into recognition with Roman rule. It was known as Antipolis then. With Roman rule, it reached a prosperous stage. And thus started doing great business with other places.

Very shortly after the Roman rule ended with Constantine! As a result Antipolis saw its decline. During 1481, Provence became a part of France. Antibes became a new attraction for the enemy. As a result it faced threats from all sides. In 1860 finally Antibes extended its own area. It expanded towards Cap d’Antibes.

Finally after World War I it started gaining a reputation internationally. And suddenly tourists started pouring in. The waters around Antibes are truly marvellous. This is absolutely why people must try from the various services of sailboat rentals in Antibes.

Best time to visit:

People often crowd up the place and love exploring the beaches around. Many companies offer services of motor boat rental in Antibes. It is absolutely what the tourists love.

Fall is lovely here. But then again it is for people who hate crowds. It has a warm temperature here. Of course this is one last opportunity when one can use the services of sailboat rentals in Antibes.

Time to avoid:

People must avoid visiting Antibes during the winter. Winters are not very cold, yet many sites are closed down. It is absolutely why hiring a motor boat rental in Antibes will also not work.

Places one must visit:

If people decide to visit Antibes then they must visit the following places:

  • Cathedral Notre-Dame: This is one no doubt the largest church here. Its magnificent entrance speaks of its glory. Its beautiful red walls are its USP. The artwork in this cathedral is definitely enthralling. There are 15 mysterious paintings here. All are based on 15 mysteries of Rosary. They portray Joy, Glory and Sorrow. There are five painting for each of these.
  • Cap d’Antibes and Juan-les-Pin Beaches: There are around 48 beaches surrounding Antibes. It is apparently why it has so many tourists as well. The Cap d’Antibes and Juan-les-Pin Beaches are two most interesting of them of course. There are around 13 beaches between them. People can easily use the best Antibes motor yacht charters in France to watch these.
  • Musée Peynet: While in France, people simply cannot miss on the satire. Of course they have a museum on it. Musée Peynet, has few of the best humorous paintings and drawings with them. They speak for themselves. If you want a good laugh and have a knack for intelligent humour! Then this is one suitable place for you.
  • Archaeology museum: People who have a knack for archaeological collections, will find this interesting. This is a museum that focuses on these unique collections of course. One must hire good sailboat rentals in Antibes offering this in package.


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There are many other beautiful places in Antibes. People will fall short of days in their trip visiting all.

Things to do in Antibes:

People can try the following activities for sure:

  • Diving classes: Special diving classes are held for the tourists here. People are taken deep into the water to experience the natural beauty here of course. Many good sailboat rentals in Antibes offer this service in their packages.
  • Visit Jazz à Juan festival: This festival is only held in the month of July. This is held in the memory of a famous Jazz player Sidney Bechet ever since 1960s. Great Jazz musicians come here every year in July to play their best.

There are various sports classes available for tourists here. Antibes respects various sports and loves showing off their sportsman skills as well.

Selecting the Yacht services:

The most common services here are the Antibes motor yacht charters. It is because water travelling gives a total view of this beautiful area. Choosing the best matters, though.

One must make sure that they are choosing the best sailboat rentals in Antibes. They must compare the packages and various services offered by various companies of course. Visiting Antibes must be a part of everybody’s bucket list.



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