Exotic charter in Leeward Islands St. Martin

If you haven’t been to your dream destination, it is time to transpire your yachting dreams in memorable realities: don’t miss the ultimate news about yacht charter in Leeward Islands St Martin. This is because; there cannot be anything more exciting, more alluring than cruising with a St. Martin yacht charter.


Known predominantly to be a small landmass, this exquisitely picturesque islet finds itself on the Leeward side of the Caribbean Sea. Saint Martin belongs to the Northern Archipelago and is avowed for resort beaches, fusion cuisine, efficacious nightlife, and yacht sailing.

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Since the landmass shares two independent country borders of France and Denmark, there exists a fabulous combination of culture and traditions that St. Martin inherits. By staging a yacht Charter at the St. Martin, one can treat their senses with an experience of a lifetime.


Travelers on a St. Marteen boat charter will be able to witness the mountainous remnants of volcanoes carpeted to lush green rain forests, while a myriad of white-sand beaches and coral reefs awaits a visitor’s presence.

Sailing In St. Martin, Leeward Islands

St. Martin has a pleasant climate as compared to other Caribbean yacht charter areas with average year-round temperatures clocking at 80°F (26°C). This kind of weather makes it suitable for cruising and exploring the adjacent areas.


Yacht charters in St. Martin Leeward Islands predominantly dwell in short passages and easy navigations.  While one can choose to sail through spirited open-water passages and negotiating reefs, it depends upon the kind of expedition one wishes to strive for.

Attractions in St Martin That You Must Not Miss

  • Marina Fort Luis –

The visually appealing beauty of Marina Fort Luis makes most of the charters initiate from this base. If you haven’t carried along with your sunglasses, suntan lotions, hats, beach towels, deck shoes, etc. worry no more. There is an excellent joint of restaurants and shopping flea to get hands-on.


  • Grand Case

Coming to Marina Fort and if you don’t visit Grand case, you have missed a lot. This place is known as the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean and one of the best attractions in St Martin. Indulge yourself in snorkeling on the Creole Rock; the crystal clear waters and sun-kissed beaches are ought to entice you.

  • Orient Bay

Near to the Tintamarre portside is the Orient Bay that is blessed with a two-mile-long white sandy beach. Due to the well-protected reef, water activities are a huge favorite amongst the mass. Additionally, do visit Friar’s Bay. It has grandiose and colorful fishes dwelling in their natural environment.


  • Gustavia

If you want to explore forts in that harbor, Gustavia has the finest to show. Fort Karl, Fort Gustaf are some of the famous forts to be clicked on.

  • Anse De Colombier

This shallow reef can never disappoint you for it is excellent for snorkeling and exploring turtles, rays, dolphins, lobsters, and colorful tropical fishes too. Swimming with dolphins cannot be given a miss.


  • Philipsburg

The place is known as the lively Dutch capital of St. Martin. One can shop dead as it offers world-class duty-free shopping.

  • Road Bay

In addition to being one of the favorite moorings of the Leeward Islands, its vibrant colors, cobblestoned paths and whitewashed houses are hard to miss. The beaches are well decorated with lively restaurants and bars.

Thus, gazing at the sunset, sipping into the local rum, life cannot get better than this. Should you like to try some delectable, halt for lunch and try lip-smacking lobsters, crayfish, snappers that are fresh and aromatic!


Apart from that stated above, there are many locales to be explored. Several tour operators offer customized touring for the guests. Therefore if your bucket list says to explore Crocus Bay and Marigot, be it then! With St. Martin yacht charter unleashing the best places of this island is grandeur.

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