Because everyone deserves a break with Ibiza yacht charters journey!

Be it any age group, Ibiza is a wonderful island that has every interesting activity for every group of people. From beautiful beaches to the mountains and valleys, every inch of Ibiza is a story in itself about the beauty and spectacular view for visitors. And if visitors plan sailing in Ibiza, then there is no other enticed adventure compared to the same.

But yes, before you plan your Ibiza chartering experience, here are some detailed information that will surprisingly make your trip a memorable one on this island:

Yacht chartering and sailing experience

Renting Ibiza yacht charters will uplift your vacation with adventurous segments which will always be with you in your memories. Yacht charters will also provide you an opportunity to engage in water sports like scuba diving and swimming along with enjoying the seasoning beauty of Ibiza waters.

As a matter of fact, visitors from all over the world come to witness and enjoy the trip with aqua leisure and yacht chartering. And with romantic and dreamy weather, you will enjoy tranquility in a yacht.

Sailing in Ibiza, on the other hand, is an adventure in itself that help visitors to test their skills of sailing in fresh waters. This adventure is a mesmerizing journey on waters that helps visitors to learn some sailing techniques and tricks.

Such chartering experience creates lifetime memories for visitors as they do not get such thrills and amazement in their regular lives.

Mentioned below are few options of sailboats and catamarans available for sailing in Ibiza:

  1. Catamaran Lagoon 380

Price: 1,900$ to 2500$ for 8 Hours (11 passengers)

  1. Catamaran Lagoon 400

Price: 3,500$ to 4,000$ for 8 hours (11 passengers)

  1. Sailboat Bavaria 46

Price: 1,200$ to 1500$ for 8 hours (11 passengers)

  1. Sailboat Sun Odyssey 34.2

Price: 850$ to 1000$ for 8 hours (9 passengers)

[Please note that these are approximate prices of renting yacht charters.]

Witness Ibiza’s Sunset!

While you enjoy luxurious Ibiza chartering experience, nothing can be more marvelous to see than sunset and sunrise in Ibiza. Besides its waters and beaches, this island is also known for its magical sky. You will watch some spectacular game of light and hues unfolding before your eyes. Generally, the epic sunset looks ecstatic from west side of this island. Other most popular spots in Ibiza to witness this phenomenon beyond the horizon are:

The best is exemplary when the green emerald flash is witnessed just after the sunset.

Parties in Ibiza yacht charters journey

Ibiza is also popular for the yacht parties that are most talked about. So what if you had a long day; it still has those parties to recollect! Enjoy perfect sunset followed by the yacht party that will end your day with perfect and most enjoyable Ibiza yacht chartering experience. If you do not party there, you will be missing a lot in that case.

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Your sailing in Ibiza, one of the most beautiful destinations in Spain, will be incomplete without visiting Ocean Beach Club in Antonio. You can enjoy most popular commercial music at Pacha in the town which is entitled as best iconic club in that area. You cannot miss charm of night life there while enjoying your soothing journey on yacht charters. And if you are one of those who like trendy spots rather than beach clubs, then Amnesia, Space and Privilege in Ibiza are few must visit destinations for you.

Best time to visit Ibiza

Ibiza is an island that welcomes all visitors whole heartedly in every month of the year. But with partying crowd and Ibiza yacht charters journey, the perfect time to visit this island is between June and September when visitors enjoy summers on this beautiful island.

From June to September, every day is pleasant when visitors can enjoy Ibiza chartering experience as well as parties at a magnificent level.

So, book your tickets now to experience lifetime opportunity and witness beauty of Ibiza because this journey will cover most of those pages in your dear diary.

While Ibiza has an approximate population count of 132,637, around 6 million tourists are responsible for keeping the island busy for most of the time. Submerge yourself in its rich heritage and beauty; revive with this amazing vacation on Ibiza yacht charters.



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