Embrace Lifetime Caribbean Experiences chartering a yacht in Grenada

Where do you think the royalty and rock stars are headed for a sudden getaway? To their relaxing island homes in the Caribbean (Dubai and Bangkok have long left their lists)! In fact, the whole of the Caribbean can be a quite long list to sail down to.


Hence, in this article, you will get to know of a domain – which is a blend of English and French culture, a land of exotic plants and seasoned delicacies, Grenada! So, how about chartering a yacht in Grenada?

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Known alternatively as the Island of Spice, it provides a range of unspoiled cruising getaways for sailors around the world.

  • It consists of a set of 6 islands that are in the southeast section of the Caribbean with Grenadines and St. Vincent to the north and Trinidad Tobago in the south.
  • It offers a range of national parks, waterfalls, coral gardens, and water sports.
  • Be lured by the enchanting white sandy beaches and underwater paradisiacal scenario.

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Planning a trip already, are you? Well, scroll through and check out the places that you cannot miss!


Sailing itinerary for Grenada:

Day 1:

Take your luxury skippered catamaran from Port Louis Marina and travel in and around the horse-shoe shaped island of St. George’s, the capital city. Have dinner against the stone and brick buildings with smells of nutmeg and ginger wafting through the air.

Day 2:

Wake up and smell the aroma of coffee and banana muffins and chalk out your plan for the day. If you are going to visit the land – then anchor your boat and check out the Grand Etang National Park. After you are done, come back and ask your skipper to sail you to Grand Etang Lake.


Day 3:

A perfect day to utilize on board if you are chartering a yacht in Grenada. Sail down to Tyrell Bay and anchor amidst the fishing vessels. Now, bring out your snorkeling gear and scuba suits and dive down into the pristine coral waters for a date with the marine. Once you are back – gorge on to some delicious yacht special dishes as scallop tempura, rosemary and tomato sauce, panna cotta and hot chili glaze. Don’t miss out the local rum!!

Day 4:

Time for some more water activities! Sail down to the southeast coast of Grenada to the Hog Island. Home to the endangered white sea urchins, this has a variety of fishes and turtles for you to check out!

Once, you have packed up your lunch, head back straight to Port Louis Marina to end this trip.

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Which option to pick for chartering a yacht in Grenada?

Technically speaking, a skippered luxury catamaran is the most opted one by tourists. However, if you are looking for other options, here’s a list that you cannot miss out on!

  • Sailboats

If you are ready to helm the sails and are of the adventurous sort – sailboats are the perfect option.

  • Motorboats

Large area – a short time to spare? These are the perfect vessels that can cruise at a speed of 30-40 knots and give you a rush!

Contact our team of Charter Managers that can provide you the boat charter in Grenada of your choice. However, you just need to frame your sailing itinerary for Grenada in the correct format.




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