Embark on a Serene Sailing in Martinique this Holiday Season

History says that when Christopher Columbus first found this Island, it was called Madinina, meaning the Island of flowers: Martinica. Since then, it has been a witness to numerous historical events and stood as a symbol of the changing times, political alliances, wars, and an endless list of small but significant incidents.

Set sail to this South-Caribbean island on a catamaran, sailboat or motorboat and witness the stunning views that unfold.


Sailing in Martinique is going to leave you smitten by all its magnificence!

  • Its flawless beaches with black sand of the north and white sand of the south make for a perfect juxtaposition.
  • Its ecosystem comprising hot springs, jagged peaks, lush rainforests and brightly coloured coral reefs make for an enticing view.

Sailing in Martinique – What can you do?

  1. Motorboats provide the virtues of speed, thrill and simple handling. From a simple dinghy to a lavish cruising vessel, the options of motor yachts are plenty. These engine powered speed-crafts vary from 15 to 60 feet in lengths. Hiring them to sail around Martinique between January and March will give you endless ever-cherishing memory. Imagine speeding through the Caribbean waters with mild winds blowing at 10-20 knots amidst the surrounding brackish air!
  2. When it’s about a boat rental in Martinique, you can opt for a catamaran too. These sailing crafts are a manifestation of luxury with big decks and private cabins. They have an astounding size range with the basic starting at around 15 feet to the largest ones expanding to 100 feet. Its double hull feature joined by a frame distinguishes it from other boats.

Anchor in these places!


Fort-de-France is the capital of this Island. When you rent a yacht in Martinique, this one is a town you cannot miss. Here, be ready to witness the Great Diamond beach and the renowned Diamond Rock that rises from the middle of the Caribbean.

Basse Pointe

On reaching the Basse-Pointe port, get down and take a stroll around it. The land nurtures a fairly good number of coves in its lap. Besides, the wild nature with numerous harmless plants and animal species make jungle-walk a must-do activity.

Fonds Blancs

This place boasts of a spotless white sandbar. Through the turquoise water, you can spot the spectacular coral reef that surrounds it. While chartering a boat in Martinique, this place should not miss your itinerary for the wide variety of snorkelling options it offers.

Martinique is a true bliss when it comes to holidays. It houses around 400,000 people and has its main industrial sector predominantly on rum, sugar, tourism, oil refinery, etc. It is a mountainous island whose beaches are small, and some of them are a bit rocky. As you see the glittering town lights on this island, you will realise how serene the entire place is.

You must taste the local cuisine which is a fusion of French as well as Creole influence. The impeccable mouth-watering taste of these dishes is truly worth remembering!



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