Eco-friendly Private Yacht Charters with Your Boat Holiday: How to Save Sea Turtles

The matter of sea turtles rescue from “human calamities” (threats like entanglement in fishing gear, plastic, and marine debris and so on) unfortunately it is now well known. For sure, everyone knows how dangerous this situation is, but it seems that this problem is not taken seriously as it should, despite the important and numerous information campaigns launched to prevent the extinction of the sea turtle and strongly supported by associations, such as the WWF itself.


Plan your eco-friendly yacht charter with YBH

Our will and our dream are that our customers (continuing to enjoy relaxation and fun onboard of first-class boats, with high levels crews, so maintaining our standards) devolve part of their sailing holidays to the preservation and prompt intervention of a protected species such as that of sea turtles.

For this reason, Your Boat Holiday is dedicating and is using its energies in this project: our intent is in fact to combine the pleasure of a boat holiday with being useful for such an important cause, such as emergency intervention and rescue of sea turtles.



Jump aboard and create your memories

Your Boat Holiday, the leading company in the organization of private yacht charters all over the world, is launching a project dedicated to the rescue of this fascinating species and the marine eco-system.

Your Boat Holiday is not only dedicating this article to the protection and extinction of sea turtles, but we chose, as “sea lovers” (we consider that sea a natural element that became our job out of pure passion), to make us an active participant, also involving our customers.

How to save sea turtles during your yacht charter and sailing holidays? Contribute to the sea turtles protection!

We encourage our clients and partners, and anyone who is sensitive to the protection of the sea turtles, to reduce marine debris and plastic use, to participate in coastal clean-up, supporting this global objective.

So, all our clients that want to join to this plan, they will also be able to turn their holidays in a moment of joy and at the same time safeguard, thanks to the support of partners who have been experts in this type of intervention for years.


Aid this cause with Your Boat Holiday because:

  • You will enjoy a memorable and unique experience;
  • You will discover the most striking destinations around the world;
  • You will join your sailing holidays aboard brand new yachts and boats in immaculate conditions, crewed by experienced and extremely qualified staff;
  • You will receive our 24/7 customized assistance and top-level services;
  • You will discover nature and the animal world like never before;
  • You will grow as a person and part of a community;
  • You will contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem;


Get informed about sea turtles rescue:

Now over 80% of sea turtles ingest plastic and waste or accidentally fall victim to fishermen and boats. In fact, it becomes increasingly rare to be able to admire specimens in marine areas where they used to swim.

Also, the marine turtle called “Caretta caretta”, typical species of Mediterranean Sea is in danger of extinction and there are now many rescue centers dedicated to saving this specimen.


How to join the project?

Send us an email at, give us a call or text (also on WhatsApp) at +393343600997.
Learn more about how to save sea turtles during your yacht charter and sailing holidays.

Who can join the project?

All those who wish, be the customers who wish to help or operators who want to propose themselves for such collaboration. This is a unique experience as a person and part of an ecosystem.

You will come back home after your sailing charter not only relaxed but satisfied and motivated. You will have the opportunity to share this adventure, in order to let people know more about this important cause and decide to participate to it.


What will be your real contribute to sea turtles rescue? How to help during your sailing holidays:

  • Clean beaches from plastic and waste;
  • Clean sea from plastic, waste, marine debris, etc;
  • Identify all specimens of sea turtles in distress, signaling their presence at dedicated rescue centers so that they can be rescued properly;
  • Assist in nesting areas, participating in wildlife scientific research;

What are the main nesting sites for sea turtles in the Mediterranean?

The main nesting sites for sea turtles when you enjoy rent yacht in Italy:
  • The stretch of coast between Condofuri Marina and Africo (Reggio Calabria);
  • Isole dei Conigli (Lampedusa);
  • Pozzolana di Ponente (Linosa);
  • Oasi di Vendicari;


Then there are other areas of spawning, always in Italy: Sicily, Calabria, Apulia, Sardinia, Basilicata, Lazio, Tuscany, Abruzzo, and Marche.

The main nesting sites for sea turtles in Greece:

  • Zakynthos (Gerakas, Dafni, Sekania, Kalamaki, Laganas and Marathonissi Island);
  • Kefalonia (Kaminia and Lepeda);
  • Peloponnese (Kiparissia and Lakonikos);
  • Rhodes;
  • Crete (Elafonissi, Retimo, Kommos and Canea);

The main nesting sites for sea turtles in Cyprus:

  • Lara Bay;


The main nesting sites for sea turtles in Turkey:

  • Cirali Beach;
  • Itzuku;




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