Dubrovnik, the liveliest city in Dalmatia: let’s discover the Revelin Culture Club

Regardless of whether it is morning, afternoon or evening, the city of Dubrovnik is always full of life and fun, not only during the summer season but also in the low season and in winter. All kinds of parties are organized throughout the year: on the beach, on the city’ streets, in the squares and inside buildings.

Obviously, in Dubrovnik there is no shortage of clubs and nightclubs that throng with partying people at night, when even the last bar has lowered its shutters.

Nightclubs have been created almost everywhere: on terraces under the stars, on cliffs overlooking the sea, underground discos and even created inside caves.

Among the numerous nightclubs, the most important and famous is the Culture Club Revelin, the flagship of Dalmatian nightlife and perhaps of all Croatia.

Here are the reasons why those enjoying a yacht charter in Croatia should head to Dubrovnik and party at the Revelin Culture Club!


Dubrovnik, lively city!

In a quiet location where the day seems to pass slowly and relaxed and the night seems to take a long time to arrive, sunset is the time to start preparing for the long night.

Much of Dubrovnik’s nightlife takes place in its historic center, full of bars, clubs and restaurants, events and leisure seekers. It is the ideal place where the residents of Dubrovnik flock during the evening hours and on weekends, while during the summer they are also joined by the numerous tourists who flock to bars and open-air clubs.

Most of the more luxurious hotels in Dubrovnik have their own nightclub where live music is played and themed parties and a host of events with local and international DJ’s are organized.

The city is equipped with multiplex cinemas and also open-air cinemas, there are bars and cafes in every street or square, and then the indispensable and splendid wineries where you can taste regional wines while an expert sommelier tells you about their origin.

Among the areas most open to nightlife, the bay of Lapad also shines, the ideal place for swimming, sunbathing or simply to drink a good coffee by the sea during the day, during the evening and at night the main pedestrian street is completely closed to traffic and crowded with people looking for cafes, restaurants and playgrounds for children.

Lapad Bay is also a great place to enjoy the sunset on Daksa Island and the beaches along the coast.

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Revelin Culture Club, the best of nightlife in Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik proposes itself more and more as a destination dedicated to the holidays of the youngest and most active, offering them a very wide panorama of night clubs made up of many clubs and countless discos. One of the most important and popular nightclubs in the city is the Revelin Culture Club, which attracts just for its wonderful location. This nightclub was built inside a monumental fortress and is even equipped with a large terrace from which you can enjoy a spectacular view over the entire city of Dubrovnik. It is a unique place of its kind, which blends two contrasting dimensions: during the day the fortress houses an archaeological museum, while in the evening it dresses up and offers loud music, with a selection that ranges from Croatian folk music to house genre passing through electronics and dance.

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The right place to have a night

In the summer, the outdoor fun on the streets of Dubrovnik can last until 02:00 in the morning, after which the city falls asleep. The opening hours of the venues are in fact regulated by strictly city legislation and vary throughout the year. In general, bars can stay open until midnight outside the tourist season and until 02:00 in the height of the summer season.

But the fun doesn’t end there. After the closing of the bars and restaurants the evening (or night) continues in one of the Dubrovnik clubs:

The best is undoubtedly the Revelin Culture Club. The perfect combination of spectacular setting, first-class design and DJ’s from all over the world brought the Revelin Culture Club to the fore in 2017. Today it is considered among the top 100 clubs in the world and the first among the clubs of Dubrovnik.

With themed nights ranging from student parties in the winter to international electronic music events in the summer, Culture Club Revelin attracts all lovers of big parties and is open until 6am.

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A crazy location!

The Revelin Fortress was transformed into a club in 2011, with its thick bare stone walls, arches and tall rooms creating a perfect party space.

This one-of-a-kind location has expertly combined its traditional architectural features with a state-of-the-art sound system and playful touches including CO2 cannons, confetti drops and a stunning AV system.

In addition to a large dance floor, the exclusive VIP area offers a level of comfort away from the crowds and the right amount of privacy.

This combination of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a unique historic building with world-class club features has attracted DJs from around the world, the likes of Fatboy Slim, Paul van Dyk and Claptone, while an impressive cast of resident DJs keeps the crowds dancing all year round.

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