Do the Unconventional While Yacht Chartering in St Vincent and the Grenadines!

Vacations should be something a bit out-of-the-box. Rather than doing the conventional hubbub, why not opt for a bit of adventure this time? So, if you are planning for sailing the Grenadines, then here are some cool stuff that you can surely go for this year.

Unconventional is the new normal – Yacht chartering in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  1. Owia Salt Pond

Hidden at the north end of Southern Caribbean, the Owia salt pond was formed from the lava of an erupting Soufriere volcano which met the sea and instantly cooled, thus, forming a bowl at the water’s edge. It has emerged as a natural swimming pool and is surrounded by lava rocks. You can dive into deep spots and jump off from mini-cliffs.


You can visit this place starting from Kingstown and go counter-clockwise. This salt pond resides below the cliffs surrounding this little village of Owia.

  1. Bequia

This island is also known as Nantucket of Caribbean; here you can witness the harmony of modern and traditional cultures. With right timing, you can enjoy Bequia’s Easter Regatta, an event popular on yacht charter St Vincent and the Grenadines calendar.

Marvell at the verdant hills from Admiralty Bay, one of Caribbean’s most protected natural harbours. Eastwards lies the Port Elizabeth, a capital by designation but is still a village of local sailors. Colourful wooden buildings remind one of traditional West Indian gingerbread architecture. Fishing by traditionally built boats is one way you can spend your time here. You may also like to visit the old turtle sanctuary 10-minute away from Port Elizabeth.

  1. Mustique

Southwards from Bequia, Mustique is a privately owned island known for its white sand beaches and lush vegetation. While sailing to Mustique, stop for a swim in Petit Navis, a small islet densely vegetated by coconut trees.

Mystique is a mix of luxury villas and lush tropical gardens with stunning beaches. Sprawling across 1400 acres, this island has over 90 palatial mansions that contract the lush natural backdrop this island. A horseback ride is the best way to explore this island.

  1. Blue Lagoon

When yacht chartering in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Blue Lagoon is an excellent location to start the sailing itinerary owing to the presence of a marina. It’s situated at the west coast of St Vincent, in the southern end of Calliaga city. Northwest from this cove, you will reach fort Duvernette, a 200-year-old architecture on a tiny islet with the same name. This islet is a volcanic plug and comprises hard columnar basalt.

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5.8 km. eastwards from the Blue Lagoon, you can find yourself amidst lush tropical plants and trees in Botanical Gardens. It stretches over 20 acre and houses native trees, shrubs & St Vincent parrot. Established in 1762, it is one of the oldest gardens in the western hemisphere which still contains Captain Bligh’s breadfruit trees.

Are you feeling rejuvenated yet? Then, start your sailing through St Vincent and the Grenadines yacht charter ASAP.



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