Discover the Tropical Wonderland via a Catamaran in the Caribbean

Sailing along the Caribbean islands is a dream every traveller weaves. The exquisite creations of Mother Nature, cool tropical breeze, jade-hued sea, warm glow of the setting sun coral define a Caribbean sailing vacation rightly. You can best explore the protected coves, hidden beaches, small beach bars and tiny villages only via a catamaran rental Caribbean. Aptly called floating resorts, these catamarans embody luxury and comfort.

Services of catamaran charter Caribbean come are offered with all amenities for a luxurious sailing. Most yachts are from Tortola (British Virgin Islands) or St. Thomas.

If you are willing to spend a vacation full of adventure, then sailing is always your answer. Geopolitically, these islands are considered as sub-regions of North America. They consist of 30 territories with mainland regions sectioned differently.

Sailing to the Bahamas:

Located towards Florida’s southeast, the Bahamas offer an incredible experience for the travel enthusiasts. With innumerable cays and 700 islands to explore, it promises of peace and serenity. The coral reefs there constitute of the world’s quarter of coral treasures. There are excellent diving sites available where travellers can explore underwater caves, coral reefs, train wreck of Abacos, and more.

Next, anchor your catamaran Caribbean in Marsh harbour located in Great Abaco. Deserted beaches and hidden coves of Green Turtle Cay, and the Elbow Cay are the best places to explore nearby.

Want some surfing experience while on catamaran sailing vacations Caribbean? Once again, Elbow Cays and Great Guana Cay offer perfect spots in the Caribbean.

Martinique: The Paris in the Caribbean:

Aboard your catamaran rental Caribbean, explore the northerly neighbour of St. Lucia, Martinique. The white sandy beaches, beautiful villages and the beachside French style eateries are the major attractions. The itineraries, however, vary with changing weather.

  • It is better to sail early morning. Le Marin is a 7-hour sail away. On the way, nautical tourists can relax on St. Anne beach.
  • Fort-de-France is near the sea itself. After exploring the fort, tourists can start sailing to Grande Anse d’Arlet where they can enjoy snorkeling.
  • On third day, they can come back to St. Lucia.

Sailing across Grenadines:

Catamaran vacations Caribbean start from St. Lucia coast to Malgretoute beach. Following the sea route to Bequia, the stretch is 36-mile long. You can also take your chartered catamaran can travel to St. Vincent from there and anchor for that day to relish Young Island’s splendour.

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Exploring hidden gems of the Caribbean:

Therefore, catamaran sailing vacations Caribbean will offer you opportunities to create unforgettable memories. Cruise along Caribbean shorelines for a week and,

  • Explore the creole villages
  • Explore lush tropical rainforests along the shores
  • Relax in pristine beaches
  • Snorkel in barrier reef, etc.

You can avail either crewed or skippered catamaran rental Caribbean as per your requirement. You can also charter a bareboat vessel; however, for that, you must have your sailing license and considerable experience to have a safe voyage.



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