Discover the Amalfi Coast: the spots not to be missed by boat

The Amalfi Coast, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is one of the world’s most beautiful places. We offer you a new perspective to experience it to the fullest: aboard a boat.

The great advantage of visiting the Amalfi Coast aboard a boat is reaching magical and hidden places that would be impossible to see from the mainland: caves, coves, bays, and small exclusive beaches that can only be reached by sea.

In short, visiting the Amalfi Coast by boat is indeed a privilege. Another advantage is that with the right itinerary and a good organization you can combine a cruise at sea with different stops on the mainland to admire the beauty of the place, feel the welcome of the locals up close and taste delicious dishes in the restaurants of the area, as well as breathe the intense scent of lemons able to envelop and bewitch every tourist.
In short, the best way to best enjoy this stretch of coast and draw all the magic it contains is to rent a boat and organize a tailor-made cruise on the Amalfi Coast.

Tailor-made Amalfi Coast Cruise

Each tour that Your Boat Holiday offers is made on specific customer requests. Many prefer to combine the sea tour with many land visits, while others decide to enjoy this paradise admiring it from the sea, for a day of pure relaxation. Diving into crystal clear waters and listening to the skipper’s captivating stories will make your cruise to discover the Amalfi Coast a magical moment that you will remember for a long time and in you the desire to return as soon as possible.


We offer you just a taste of some destinations that we recommend you visit at least once.


Sorrento is located in front of the bay of Naples, home of Torquato Tasso, known as the City of the Sirens, linked to ancient legends and characterized by breathtaking views. Diving into these waters will be a magical and carefree moment of your vacation, certainly a luxury that you will remember for a long time. Homer himself three thousand years ago praised the naturalistic and landscape beauties of the Sorrento peninsula, contributing to the birth of a myth that still today attracts and fascinates thousands of people from all over the world.


Traveling along the jagged coast by sea, you arrive in Positano. A colorful and picturesque town that takes its name from Poseidon and looking at it from the ocean looks like a mermaid lying on the coast.


On a day tour to Positano, we suggest you visit the Path of the Gods and the Emerald Grotto, two natural beauties that will leave you breathless; the onboard skipper is at your disposal to satisfy your every request.


After Positano, you reach Praiano, another pearl of the Amalfi Coast. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Marina di Praia, with its turquoise waters. Here the colors are intense and beautiful, the result of wild and uncontaminated nature.


The oldest maritime republic, a symbolic place of the Amalfi Coast of poignant beauty. Here, tasting a lemon sorbet is a must, like diving into the crystal clear waters. Getting to Amalfi by sea is an intense emotion.


The profound sense of Mediterranean architecture is revealed in its white houses hugging each other, in the alleys that immerse themselves in the cool shade of the porticoes. A perfect mix of natural and architectural beauties enclosed in this corner of paradise lying on the sea in a suggestive and almost fantastic way.

Vietri sul Mare

Finally, the journey ends in Vietri Sul Mare, the pearl of this stretch of coast which, with its blue waters of the gulf, sunny beaches, and coves, can steal heart and soul.

The true essence of the Amalfi Coast is savored aboard a boat.

The great privilege of visiting the Amalfi Coast aboard a boat is to reach magical and hidden places that would be impossible to see from the mainland: caves, coves, small beaches, and all those places that can only be reached by sea. Whether it’s the experience of a day or a week, you will fall in love with this corner of paradise and will want to return to see and experience the true essence of the Amalfi Coast for many and many days.

Catamarans recommended for charter in the Amalfi Coast:

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