Fethiye Yacht Charter

When looking to travel around the temperate waters on a yacht charter, the island of Fethiye appears to be a prime choice. Bounded by the Mediterranean Sea on one aide and the Black sea on the other, Fethiye serves to be a tourist hub for travelling enthusiasts from around the globe. In fact, a significant reason for this popularity is the presence of numerous small to big islands that surround its white sandy coastline.
Sea fearers in this area quench their voyaging thirst by visiting the island trio of Fethiye Adasi, Kizil Adasi and Tavsan Adasi. A long term Fethiye sailing rental, however, may take sailors to Gocek Adasi, Domuz Adasi and Tersane Adasi.
One can visit this Turkish coast between May and October when bright sun rays in combination with cool breezes make for the ideal temperate climate one can dream of. Moreover, being inhabited by not more than 200,000 inhabitants, one can embrace the Mediterranean galore.


Luxurious cabins, sunny decks and saliva tinkering food – that is what makes for a perfect motor yacht voyage over the Mediterranean waters. Bring your friends and family as our crewed vessels take you around the Adasi group of islands with Fethiye’s white washed houses embellishing the backdrop.


Catamarans are double-hulled vessels which are meant to traverse though rocky coastlines and rough seas. A catamaran’s wide decks and ample living space provides reasons enough to hire them for a boat rental in Fethiye.


If you want to experience your Fethiye sailing experience on a silent note, then sailboats will be your best friend. With their long mast and taunt sails, these vessels are ideally meant for languid voyages over the turquoise Meds. Moreover, its underlying cabins can also accommodate 8 – 10 occupants with ease.


In contrast to other sailing destinations, bareboats are extensively popular when going for a Fethiye sailing rental service. The Eastern trade winds in combination to the El Nino flowing from extreme west, turns this Mediterranean archipelago into a sailor’s paradise. Expert and intermediate sailors feel privileged to pick up their anchors and dictate terms with the sailing wheel in their hand.


Our Fethiye Yacht Services

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Fethiye Charter Itineraries

At Yourboatholiday, our team will ensure to prepare a customized sailing itinerary including the best and your preferred places to visit.
A sailing charter in and around Fethiye predominantly begins with Ece Marina situated on the southern tip of the city. Sailing North West, one will reach Fathiye Adasi which will be followed by Kizil Adasi Tavsan Adasi to the north. From here, one may sail to Katranicik Adasi or drop an anchor at hachihalil Adasi. Final destinations lining up your sailing frontier will be Tersane & Domuz Adasi.

7 Days Boat Itinerary in Fethiye


Day 1st Fethiye – Cold Water Bay
Day 2nd Cold Water Bay – Butterfly Bay
Day 3rd Butterfly Bay – Gelemis
Day 4th Gelemis – Kaputas Beach
Day 5th Kaputas Beach – Kalkan & Lycian Coast
Day 6th Lycian Coast – Oludeniz
Day 7th Oludeniz – Fethiye

Sailing Fethiye & Gocek


Day 1st Gocek
Day 2nd Tersan Adasi
Day 3rd Cap Creek
Day 4th Fethiye
Day 5th Karacaoren Buku
Day 6th Butterly Bay
Day 7th Gocek

Fethiye Sailing Rental Top Destinations


Fethiye Yacht Rental Experts

We, at ‘YourBoatHoliday’, are bringing to your service our impeccable sea fearers who will strive to fulfill every desire of yours while on a Fethiye sailing rental. Bask in the temperate glory as our crew guides you along the meandering coastline and treat your eyes to the lush green foliage lining upon white sandy coasts. However, book a vessel in advance as peak seasons are close-by and demands are on the rise. Experience the best of Fethiye with us at YourBoatHoliday.