Emerald Coast Yacht Charter

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The Emerald Coast is a coastal area in North Sardinia, extending from the cove of Liscia di Vacca to the Cugnana Gulf, (15 Km North of Olbia). Great beaches, wonderful cliffs and luxury hotels, each one built in compliance with the Mediterranean nature. The Costa Smeralda offers elegant seaside holidays, the most beautiful in Europe. It is known for its translucent blue waters, considered as the finest in the whole Mediterranean and also for its dynamic and full of people nightlife, parties and music. Its origin have something fabulous: the Prince Aga Khan was madly in love with this land wild and inaccessible, that’s how there were born its project and its development in 1962 and the realisation of a destination full of personality. The Emerald Coast is legendarily beautiful and exclusive, but sail along the coast let you enjoy semi-deserted beaches and villages that time forgot.


Why charter a yacht in Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast is famous for its unique landscape heritage: the crystal clear water of the bay, the cultural and archaeological sites in Arzachena and the Sardinian typical wild atmosphere. The most beautiful and famous beaches of the Emerald Coast are Spiaggia Liscia Ruia, Capriccioli and the Spiaggia del Principe. The best way to enjoy its picture-perfect panoramas and limpid waters is aboard a yacht, sail or motor makes no difference, because the wonders and hidden corners to discover are simply unbeatable. Must to go places of the Costa Smeraldat: Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. Are you ready for your Emerald Coast Yacht Charter?


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Few and simple steps to let us find you the perfect yacht and the route for your Emerald Coast yacht charter, with all the extras you wish. Select the type of vessel(s) you are thinking about, the period and the area(s) you would like to discover. Or just tell us the type of holiday that will better accommodate you and your guests. We will find you the boat for your sailing holiday in Emerald Coast. Just one minute of your time to receive from our team your tailor made solution. The most desirable yachts in Sardinia are only available on Your Boat Holiday.


Emerald Coast Yacht Charter Experts

Our experienced and world travellers, expert Costa Smeralda Yacht Charter Managers visit and sail aboard our selected yachts regularly and are perfectly placed to offer you transparent, tailor and professional advice for your Emerald Coast Yacht Charter. Our twenty years of experience in yacht charters, developed in Sardinia, Italy yacht charter and the Mediterranean, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients, investing directly in our yachts and services.

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Top Destinations by yacht in Costa Smeralda


The choice of where to charter a boat is based on a handful of factors: your sailing skills, experience, wether you prefer to relax and sunbath on the yacht and take relaxed days trips or are you the adventurous type who enjoys being active while on vacation and thinks every day is a great day for a new adventure! Have a look at our most selected Emerald Coast Yacht Charter sailing destinations.

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Yacht Charter Itineraries in Emerald Coast

Once chosen the Emerald Coast as the destination of your vacation, deciding where to go is up to you. The options are endless and endlessly striking. You can choose to start from the northern area, with the perfect-picture Emerald Coast and its Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, or to reach the Maddalena Archipelago and sailing across the Strait of Bonifacio (Corsica). Or even to reach the Southern Sardinia, discovering Cagliari, Carloforte, San Pietro and Sant'Antioco Islands. And these are just some of the wonderful Sardinian destinations. Below our selection of suggested routes for your Emerald Coast Yacht Charter.

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Sardinia and Corsica Itinerary


Day 1st Portico - Day 2nd Bonifacio (Corsica) - Day 3rd Porto Vecchio (Corsica) - Day 4th Campoloro (Corsica) - Day 5th Macinaggio (Corsica) - Day 6th Saint Florent (Corsica) - Day 7th Calvi (Corsica) - Day 8th Girolata (Corsica) - Day 9th Ajaccio - Day 10th Propriano (Corsica) - Day 11th Santa Teresa di Gallura - Day 12th Maddalena Island - Day 13th Caprera - Day 14th Emerald Coast - Porto Cervo - Day 15th Olbia

1 Week in Emerald Coast


Day 1st Portico
Day 2nd Tavolara Island
Day 3rd Caprera Island
Day 4th Bonifacio (Corsica)
Day 5th Budelli Island
Day 6th La Maddalena Archipelago, visiting the Nature Reserve Area
Day 7th Olbia

5 Days Route in Emerald Coast


Embark in Porto Cervo Day 1st Porto Cervo Day 2nd Porto Rotondo Day 3rd Caprera Island Day 4th Maddalena Island Day 5th Cannigione Disembark on day 6th morning

When planning to rent a yacht in Sardinia for a week, there are numerous things to take into consideration. We will assist you, providing you all the solutions for your activities on board and on land: family holidays, celebrations, corporate events and more. We customise your Emerald Coast yacht charter, step by step, in order for you to live your best sailing experience ever in Costa Smeralda.