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Zakynthos is one of the most famous Ionian Islands on the Aegean Sea, in Greece. This is a perfect yacht charter destination frequented by tourists from all over the world. Being the 3rd largest in the Ionian group, Zante is very popular along with Kefalonia, which is the largest of the Archipelago. Enjoy your Zakynthos yacht charter and visit Cephalonia, Corfu, Elis, Pontikos, Filippos, Brindisi, Kyllini, and Igoumenitsa among other coastal destinations.


The name of this Ionian Island originates from the Pre Mycenaean or Pelasgian era much like other names with the suffix – nthos. It is originally named after the son of general Dardanus. The Venetians who possessed the island from the late 15th century to the late 18th century, nicknamed the isle as ‘the Flower of the Levant’. It is also called Zante. With a beautiful coastline that exceeds over 120 miles, the island covers an area of around 400 square kilometers.



For holidaymakers seeking the thrill of speed and adventure, motor yachts from boat rental in Zakynthos services are the only way to go. These sea beasts can cruise easily at 25 knots on the sea and reach up to 43 knots which can take you island hopping in no time. These boats are also ideal for small, young groups who want to feel the fresh Mediterranean breeze on their faces.



Built for larger things in life, these multi-hulled vessels are what dreams are made of. The catamarans cruise at comfortable speeds and come with almost double the luxury of any other boat. Anything you’ve ever dreamed of can be on your catamaran charter in Zante. From indoor game areas to dining spaces and lavish bedrooms, these are the epitome of a profligate affair.



If wooden sail radiates against the background of the Ionian coastline and its light sand seashores have been your concept of an ideal excursion, then charter a sailboat with Your Boat Holiday. These vessels are for the romantic souls who believe in the slow pace of a luxurious life, imbibing every last bit of the Ionian scenic beauty.



We have designed two different systems for people of two different tastes. One is bohemian with the sailor hat handling the wheel all the way to their favorite island destinations. The other one is the man of luxury and sophistication who feels in control when handled by expertise.


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Zakynthos Yacht Charter Itineraries

From nearby islands and cities to visit like Corfu, Kalogria, and Ithaca, your trip map will have it all. Discover the beautiful Corfu or Palaiokastritsa beach or take a walk or have a picnic on the sands of Ithaca.

Boat Itinerary from Corfu


Day 1st Corfu - Day 2nd Paxos - Day 3rd Lefkas - Day 4th Lefkas - Day 5th Fiscardo, Kefalonia - Day 6th Fiscardo, Zakynthos - Day 7th Zakynthos, Kefalonia - Day 8th Ithaka - Day 9th Kalamos - Day 10th Meganissi - Day 11th Lefkas - Day 12th Lefkas, Epirus - Day 13th Paxos - Day 14th Lakka

2 Weeks Sailing the Ionian


Day 1st Lefkas - Day 2nd Meganissi - Day 3rd Syvota - Day 4th Fiscardo and Kefalonia - Day 5th Kioni, Ithaki - Day 6th Ithaki and Kalamos - Day 7th Kalamos and Syvota - Day 8th Syvota and Kefalonia - Day 9th Kefalonia and Zakynthos - Day 10th Skinari, Zakynthos - Day 11th Zakynthos, Poros - Day 12th Poros, Ithaki - Day 13th Meganissi - Day 14th Lefkas

Zakynthos Yacht Charter Top Destinations


Zakynthos enjoys the mild and soothing sea weather and cool winds of the Mediterranean. When you rent a yacht in Zakynthos, you enjoy the various picturesque terrains of the Greek coastal region. Hurry up and don't miss the Navagio beach: try out cave hunting, base jumping, and cliff trekking.


Enjoy your Zante Boat Rental

While the fluffy white clouds and silky beaches treat your thirsty visuals, our proficient experts will cater to your residential as well as cuisine needs. We will strive to make your crewed or bareboat charter in Zakynthos a cherishable lifetime memoir.


Zakynthos Yacht Chartering Experts

Our yacht charter experts know the Ionian group in the back of their hand. Their travel plans will make sure that you do not miss out on anything, no matter how short your stay at the Ionian Islands is. With Yourboatholiday, you will always know that you have kept a part of classical Greece within you after your private charter.